the perfect couple

you see one day it started off as a normal day for me but little did i know that it was going to be the best day of my life.


3. The text that changed my life

So i woke up for school and there was a really long text message with jake saying

"maddy i dont want to wreck anything we have but i have feelings for you

im in love with you, you light up my days when you talk to me you mean

everything to me i can never lose you it will kill me if i do i cant do it without you

your my world your the light in the darkness i love you

please be my girlfriend i promise you i will never hurt i will look after you

i will be your forever boyfriend one day we will get married i love you i love you  i love you

just reply when your ready ill wait forever for you


I texted him when i read it and i was like jake yes i love you too i have ever since i layed eyes on you i just didnt want to wreck our friendship because i didnt want to lose you

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