the perfect couple

you see one day it started off as a normal day for me but little did i know that it was going to be the best day of my life.


2. The shock of a life time

So as my week passed with the boring holiday we texted each other back and forth non stop, mum thought i had a boyfriend but were only friends. he asked me how far away i lived from him i sighed and said 6 hours, i could here the doubt iin his voice. i had a fight with mum on the way home because she wouldnt let me see him before we left i hated her for it and se took my phone off me for a whole week. The only thing i wanted to do was text him or call him but i couldnt. i was soo sad that week all that would make me better was to talk to him. i think i have feelings for him but i couldnt tell him i didnt want to wreck our friendship so i just left it. As the week went by soo slow i finially got my phone back and i turned my phone and i had 30 missed calls and 300 text messages. He told me that he was having a bad week and that he didnt want to be in the world anymore. i screamed and i called him there was no answer, so i tried again and again and still no answer i cried and cried and cried. I thought that he was gone i was just thinking that if i dindt scream at mum i could off been there for him and i could of comforted him. Two days later he calls me and i cry and scream at him and tell him i thougth he was dead and he said he was sorry, i could never hate him so i told him that it was okay i was just worried sick about him. I really wanted to tell him how i felt but i couldnt.

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