the perfect couple

you see one day it started off as a normal day for me but little did i know that it was going to be the best day of my life.


5. The risk

I was so angry about it all so i got my phone packed my bag and walked out. I only had $300 and i had to live off that im not going to be able to do it. So as i jumped on a bus i felt a tear roll down my face becasue i was giving up on my life for a boy. As i sit on a bus and then change bus after bus to get to where he lives i sit down on the cair at the place where we met. I didnt even tell him i was coming, what are my parents thinking, are they  worried, i think i want to go home. I didnt care did it, all i thought about was myself and my heart, did i think about how this is going to impact jake im soo stupid for doing this. Thankgod my aunty lived in Cooma otherwise i would be practually homeless. As i knocked on her door, the look her face gave off. She hurried me inside and said your parents are worried sick why would you do this. I did it becasue i wanted to follow my heart, i wanted to see my true love. So i picked up my phone and dilled his number and he answered almoest instantly. I said ' im in cooma if you want we could hang out". He was soo excited i could hear it in his voice, so we met at the coffee shop.

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