the perfect couple

you see one day it started off as a normal day for me but little did i know that it was going to be the best day of my life.


8. it was such a DRAGGG

So as Jake said  goodbye multiple tears ran down my face and we has the last hug he turned around starting walking waved goodbye, Blew me a kiss and said he loved me. So as i sat at the Shuttle Bus station looking at my phone i look up and there he is. it was the biggest smile ever. I was soo glad i could get one more cuddle even if it was only a little one But it all had to end as my came, We said goodbye again it was terrible. So on my way back to the accomodation it felt like the longest trip ever it was soo terrible. It felt like a 4 hour drive even tho it was only 40 minutes. So the next day it was time for me to go back to my real home, it was a 7 hour drive and on my way homevit really started to hit me, it was terrible, one of the worst feelings ever. On my way home i cried soo much, I hope nobody noticed. I called jake and he said that he'll be with me again  some day.

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