the perfect couple

you see one day it started off as a normal day for me but little did i know that it was going to be the best day of my life.


7. goning insain

im missing him so much it drives me complety insane. it feels like half of me is missing, it feels like my heart is broken but i know that we will be together sooner or later. it just hurts soo much. So i went to school today and i got a note saying that there will be a ski trip and i was soo excite maybe jake could come and see me. as 2 months pass its time for the trip. im soo nervous its insane. As im at my ski lesson jakeey comes and he was standing right in front of me and he didnt even know it was me. But ofcorse i fell over. He gave me the best cuddle ever. it made me feel so warm. the night before the ski trip happened went soo slow it was such a drag and i was soo nervous but then the next day that i was jake was soo fast its like i blinked my eyes and it was over

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