Finding Life

A 16 year Old moves to another new school. Just like any Other high school, you would be alone if you were the 'Newbie' As people called it. But soon enough she would find her place in life.


1. Chapter 1


New School


As I walked into the school, heading the office, to get my new papers and School Schedule, I knew that This place would be just like any other. My Father and I Just moved to the Town, that they call Colwyn Bay. It was a pretty small town, And the most of it was only trees, Rivers and people. Actually I didn't Know why people would move here. Nothing going on and everything was so small. But i guess that I mostly just thought like that, was because I came from a big city.

As I walked Trough the hall, people were talking, kissing and fooling around. I guess just regular Teenage stuff. I finally found myself stopping at a door, were Big gold letters were forming a word, Office. I walked trough the door, holding my back pack strap, as I walked to the desk. A lady with Brown curled hair sat at the other side, as I was standing there. "Excuse me" I politely said, as I tried to get the woman's attention. She looked up at me and smiled. "You must be Mrs. Fladers?" she asked, as she quickly pulled out a drawer, and took some papers out of it, before she again closed it. "Yes miss" I said, still holding on to my back pack strap. She handed me the papers, as she wished me got luck, and hoped that I would get a great first day. I quickly said thanks, and headed out to the hall, where I was set to find my Locker. After searching the hall ways In about 5 minutes I finally found the one, with the numbers 243. I opened it with the number code written on my paper. I took of my jacket, and stuffed it in there, before I closed it again. 

I could see that people were going into their classes, so I decided I would do the same thing as the others. I opened the door into the room with the number '6' On it, and walked in. Everybody turned their heads at me. Properly because there weren't many people coming to this town. "You must be Andrea Fladers, Nice to meet you. I am Mrs. Richmond, and I will be your English teacher. You may take a seat. " The woman, who i guess was my teacher, said as she pointed out on a chair. I walked Awkwardly to the seat and sat down, as I slowly slipped my bag down beside me. I turned my head, to see that most of the classes heads were pointing at me. I looked at them, and they turned their heads. I could feel that this was going to me a great day, or let me be honest with you. It would properly not.

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