Geek Charming ~Marcel Love Story~

Marcel was the school's nerd. Veronica was the school's mean girl. Christina was the second most popular mean girl the school had. She was Veronica's best friend and they did everything together. Marcel has had a crush on these two girls for as long as he can remember. But the only problem is: the girls only date jocks and bad boys. Christina develops feelings for Marcel after she is forced to do a project with him. Then she develops feelings for Marcel after hanging out and shares secrets she hides from Veronica. Will Marcel and Christina make it as a couple in the cruel place they call school?

I know Veronica is really Zayn and he's a guy but please go along with this story it will help understand and yeah :P


2. Christina

Hey guys I'm Christina! I'm the second most wanted girl in school and on the cheerleading team! Here are some things about me if you must know.

I'm eighteen.

Senior in high school.

Dad owns a popular makeup company.

I'm super rich.

I only date badboys and jocks. 

And yeah that all for now. Bye loves! 

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