Geek Charming ~Marcel Love Story~

Marcel was the school's nerd. Veronica was the school's mean girl. Christina was the second most popular mean girl the school had. She was Veronica's best friend and they did everything together. Marcel has had a crush on these two girls for as long as he can remember. But the only problem is: the girls only date jocks and bad boys. Christina develops feelings for Marcel after she is forced to do a project with him. Then she develops feelings for Marcel after hanging out and shares secrets she hides from Veronica. Will Marcel and Christina make it as a couple in the cruel place they call school?

I know Veronica is really Zayn and he's a guy but please go along with this story it will help understand and yeah :P


3. Chapter One


"Marcel baby time to get up for school." Mum poked and prodded me. I opened one groggy eye and yawned, then groaning and turning over. 

"Mum I can't go to school." I remembered the black and blue eye I received from the school badboy, Louis Tomlinson. 

"Oh my baby Marcel! It'll be okay! The bullying gets better and lightens up I promise." Mum hugged me and examined my eyes. "It's still swollen. But you'll manage. It's not like you to want to skip school. Think about your permanent record!" 

She was right. Everything I worked for would be ruined because I missed one day of school. My perfect attendance would be ruined and I wouldn't get another award for it. So I sat up and smiled at Mum.

"Okay I'll be down in a few." She kissed my forehead and left. I sighed and pulled a sweatervest over my head and my everyday attire. My nerd glasses were placed upon my nose and I smiled in the mirror. I still had to be careful with my bruised eye and the glass. I combed my hair back and then brushed my teeth. I never ate breakfast but when I did it was just strange. 

"Mum I'm off to school! See you when I get home!" I waved to the kitchen where Mum was and left. it was normal for me to use proper grammar and also very important. But I was bullied for it. 

At school, the hallways were filled with sweaty jocks and sweaty cheerleaders who just got done banging in the janitor's closet. There were other nerds but not as much of a loser as I am. And then there are the mean girls who are so hot but won't even touch me. And lastly, the middle class kids. They aren't popular but they aren't rich. 

I always sit alone for lunch with everyone walking right by me like a ghost. One of the school's mean girls, Christina walked by me. Hand in hand with the school bad-ass, Louis Tomlinson. I sighed and shook my head. She shouldn't be with him. He's bad news and smokes and drugs and everything. He has sex with every girl he can find. 

"Hey Marcel. You got the homework from last night in Miss. Mullins' class?" One of the jocks asked me and handed me a piece of blank homework paper.

"Yeah. I have it." I ripped the sheet of paper out of my backpack, ripping it in half. "Fuck." I cursed and everyone laughed at me. I smashed my head into the lockers. I looked up and a thin crack was right in the middle of my glass. I groaned and that made the jocks laugh even more. 

"See you later Marcy." They pushed me to my locker and walked off, going to harass someone else. I sighed and took my glasses off, walking to class like a blind person. 

Well all my classes sucked. I got a detention for fist fighting a jock and then for not turning in my homework that I ripped up by accident in my backpack. So here I am, being scolded by the principle, Mr. Harvey. 

"Marcel, what on earth were you thinking? Fighting a jock? Why would you start something that bloody? You broke his nose." See, the jocks were worshiped by Mr. Harvey and the school board because they were the best at sports and got the school going far. So being me as the quiet one after the fight, I couldn't find words to tell the story so the jock I fought turned it into something like I started it. He was the one who threw me into the locker!

"Mr. Harvey it wasn't my fault!" I sat up quickly.

"Marcel, you were on top of him beating his face in. He was screaming! How am I supposed to believe you?"

"I can convince you, sir." This was my chance to get out of trouble.

"You got five minutes." Mr. Harvey set his watch and pointed at me. "Go."

"I have never gotten into a fight before in my life! I get good grades! I'm the quiet one! Whenever you come into class to check on teachers, I'm there and you praise me for being good! If you were me, you'd understand my whole life story. It's not easy being me, the nerd, the one who is hated, gets rejected, and can't get a date to any dances." I slumped down into the chair. Mr. Harvey stared at me and then smiled. 

"Good point Marcel. I can look through on the cameras. But until I do, you have detention until Wednesday. That's two days to go from now. You can write an essay about discipline and how fighting is bad. Wednesday night is the football game between us and the Eat Side High School. I'll let you go to support if you can finish your essay." 

I wasn't exactly a sports person but I'd go all the time to show support for my school. But then it hit me. "Sir, don't I need a date to this football game?"

"HA! Another challenge! Listen Marcel, you're a good kid, very charming and smart. Just be yourself when you ask a girl to the game. Trust me, if they don't like it, it's their loss. You're dismissed. Go home and get ready for tomorrow. You got a long essay ahead of you." Mr. Harvey stood and started locking the school behind me. 


How was that guys? You like it?

Please tell me how you felt about it because I feel like this story is going to be good!

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