Trouble Makers, Cameras and Six Packs - a Beau Brooks ft. Janoskians fanfiction

Sophie Dylan gets transfered for drinking on school grounds, and feels more than reliefed that she's escaped that rat hole of a school. She's ready to start over from scratch and she quickly gets a new group of friends - who call themselves "Janoskians" - as well as a huge crush on a certain Mr. Beau Brooks who's got the body of a greek god.


1. New start

Hey you guys! :* First I'd like to say thank you for giving my story a go, and second I'd like to apologize for my shitty English - as it is not my main language. 
Enjoy xX


That's right, I got kicked out of school for drinking one. fucking. beer on school grounds. Unfair I know! It's not like I was the only one doing it, or the first time we've done it, I was just the only one to get caught. 
Screw that! To be honest I don't even care, and I think my parents are the only ones who do care. I mean my friends and I already got tired of each other long ago, but that's not something we'd talk about, we'd still hang out together. Just none of all that deep talking and caring-about-each-other part. 

I see this as a good thing, and I think it was meant to be. I need a new start - new friends, new teachers, definitely! And yea, a new start.

Private school really isn't for me.

The new school is a big public school - not like my old one where everyone knew each other and people would basically supervise your every move. Beside no one could ever keep their mouths shut about anything.


It is my first day, and I get out of bed and take a shower. I look out the window, to see if my parents' cars are gone - which they are. I turn on some upbeat music, and put on my usual make-up - mascara, eyeliner, blush and lip gloss. Then I straighten my hair, and put some hair spray in it and tousle it a little bit to make it wilder and not so perfect. My hair is a light, almost golden, brown with natural highlights.

It's hot outside as usual, so I put on a short white tank top with the words "Why not?" on it, that shows off my flat stomach. I don't mind. I put on some denim shorts and my vans, and then I take my purse and get into my car. I got it just two months ago when I turned 18 and I it drives like a dream! 

I put on my Raybands and start the engine.

The school parking lot is already almost completely crowded when I make it there, and I have to drive around searching for a empty spot for awhile. 
After parking my car, I sigh and make to the entrance of the school and quickly find the prenciple's office. 

"Hey, Sophie Dylan," 
A wrickled woman, with alomst gray skin, who is sitting in the corner behind me, calls me over and she scowls at me over her glasses. 

"You are the transfered one, am I right?" I nod, rolling my eyes at her. Yea, like you haven't read my file. I bite my lip for not saying it out loud. 

"Right," She gives me a look that has a hidden warning to it, and then she hands me my schedule and a couple of other papers. I take them without a word, and turn my back to the woman and walk towards the door.

Just as I am about to reach out for the door handle, the door opens, and my body collides with a rock hard chest. I look up at the guy, and he smirks at me. He's wearing a snap back, and a tank top that shows off his muscular, inked arms. 

"Hey, didn't see you there," he smirks again, and looks into my brown eyes with his very, very green ones. 

Before I can even say something, I hear the woman from before shouting his name.

"Beau Brooks!" he raise his eyebrows at me, suggesting what a pain this woman is. 

I lick my lips. He's hot.
"Somebody's in trouble," I whisper in his ear as I step aside so that I can leave.

I feel his eyes on my bum as I  walk away.


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