Trouble Makers, Cameras and Six Packs - a Beau Brooks ft. Janoskians fanfiction

Sophie Dylan gets transfered for drinking on school grounds, and feels more than reliefed that she's escaped that rat hole of a school. She's ready to start over from scratch and she quickly gets a new group of friends - who call themselves "Janoskians" - as well as a huge crush on a certain Mr. Beau Brooks who's got the body of a greek god.


2. My kind of people

Some geek from the student council shows me around. He's beyond shy, has big thick glasses and he grunts when he laughs. I just follow and nod without really paying attention.

I walk into my first class, and the room is almost empty even though there is 2 minutes till the class starts. That would never happen at a Private school.

I spot the guy from earlier, who is sitting in the farest left corner with a bunch of other guys, having a laugh about something. 
Two of them must be twins, they look almost the same, only thing to tell them apart is that one of them is wearing a beanie, and the other has a piecing in his lip. The guy sitting next to "Beau" has piercings and tattoos as well. 
Another, dark haired, guy comes and joins them and they greet him, "James!". 

Then Beau notices me entering and sends his friends' a look. They go quiet and Beau smirks and calls:
"Hey new girl, join us," 

I sit down on the empty spot next to Beau.

"So, you transferred or?" He asks, looking directly into my eyes.
His brown hair falls down on his forehead, and he adjust his snap back. 

"Yea," I say like it's no biggie. 

"What did you do?" The twin with the lip piercing joins in. He has dark, and a little curly, hair and and brown eyes.

"Drank a beer.. - Private school," I smile confidently and roll my eyes, and I can see how I'm already approved in their eyes.

"You have a name?" Beau takes a sip of his water bottle, while the others study me.

"Sophie Dylan," I lift and eyebrow at the others, and they introduce themselves.
The twins are Beau's younger brothers - the beanie-one is Jai and the other one is Luke. The guy on the other side of Beau, with the many piercings is Daniel - or "Skip" and the guy who just joined them is James. 

"Why are you guys in the same year?" I look at the brothers, and Luke answer, placing his hand on Beau's, very tanned, shoulder.

"Beau needed and extra year in kinder garden" they all laugh - including Beau, who empties half of his water bottle in Luke's hair. 
Skip laughs hysterically while clapping his hands and the others cheer like wild animals. 
They seem like my kind of people.

The class is boring, and I for sure isn't the only on not pay attention.
The teacher doesn't introduce me for the class or anything, which I didn't mind.

The boys show me around a bit after class and then we attend class again. 



After school, Beau pulls me aside and hands me his phone. I type in my number and hand it back to him. 
Seconds later I hear my phone buzz.

Nice to meet you Sophie Dylan :* 

I read the text and look up at him faking an unimpressed look. He smirks.


When I get home, i go to my room and listen to some music, and finally then I answer Beau. 

- Yea you too :*

I catch myself staring at my phone, waiting for his reply, and I throw it away from me on my bed. I don't wanna be all desperate. 

Though I can't think about anything but his green eyes and his broad shoulders all day, and when he finally text me back, I can't help but smile. 

- Should hang out sometime ;)

I don't answer right away.

- Definitely ;)


When my parents get home, they are beyond excited to hear about my first day in public school. 
I give them short answers not really wanting to talk to them about it. 

Our relationship isn't the best you could have. I'm an only child, and they are always trying - sometimes too hard - to be protective and setting limits, but in the end there are no consequences when I cross those limits. So why should I not? Honestly I don't think they care.

We fight alot, but I always win in the end. I think they are torn between loving me and thinking that I'm a brat. 

I just wanna live my life they way that I want to live it. 
That's why I'm not home alot, I'm out most of the time - especially when they're around. 

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