Don't you be my HeartBreaker

They lived next door from eachother for 16 years, there families are very close. Justin knew ever since he was a baby that Jessica was the one, he kept his cool most of the years but just recently he admitted that he loved her but Jessica didn't want him because.....he's a HEARTBREAKER!!


1. Friendship

Jessica P.O.V

I heard a knock on the door it was 3pm and I was still in my night clothes, as I got up to see who was at the door I noticed that whoever it was already let themselves in... It was JUSTIN! ~Justin is my next door neighbor for 16 years, our families are really close we've known each other since we were in diapers~  "WHAT THE HELL JUSTIN"  I yelled at him as he stared at me like I was some kind of crazy person.


Justin's P.O.V

As Jessica yelled at me I couldn't help but stare at her she was so beautiful, her hair was all messy and wild like as if she just woke up. and her eye liner was dripping down it was all was mess but that didn't matter I loved her and I wanted her to know that, its been 16 years and Jessica still doesn't know my true feelings for her. I know she was the one for me ever since I could remember. I WANTED TO BE WITH HER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! Before I could react to saying anything I kissed her, but she pulled away. I didn't understand why?! We clearly had sexual attraction, and we've known each other all our lives  what was her problem?


Jessica's P.O.V

Justin kissed me! he just out of know where put his lips on mines I mean Justin was very sexy and everything he has abs and was every charming, when he kissed me my legs got weak and I wanted it to keep going but Justin is known for having girlfriends and breaking their heart after he get what he wants...I wasn't going to let that happen with me!


"Justin I think you should go" ~ Jessica

"No, Jessica I want to be with you. I always have"~ Justin

"We can never be together, you're a ....Heartbreaker"~ Jessica

I didn't know what to think...did Justin really change? did he really want to be with me out of all girls in this town?

"Please Jessica you gotta believe me" ~ Justin

I thought to myself for a little while then I looked up at Justin, his eyes looked so serious

" Justin please don't break my heart I've been threw enough heartbreaks"

Justin's P.O.V

 I held her after she said " don't be my heartbreaker" I know that I had some bad relationships in my pass and yes I 'm a douche for that but Jessica is the only girl that i have eyes for i will never breaker her heart. I just hopes she believes that. 



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