A global war is raging. It's happening in every town, every street. It's happening to you.
One button, that's all it took. One button to end sanity. One button to change life as we know it.
In the beginning, the corporation, Itech, ruled the world. A silicon chip was placed in every 15-year-old's head. A great idea at the time. Your mind could travel the world, and the seven sees, while you were still sitting on your couch at home. It could cure all illnesses, and give you all the knowledge you could ever need. It also turns you into a different person, a person incapable of feeling emotion. It takes most of the humanity away from people.
But what happens when they get switched to overload?
Runner up in The Eye of Minds comp :)


2. Chapter Two-Daniel

  Like all Itech workers, Daniel wasn't chipped. Two years ago, on his fourteenth birthday, he had been taken from school to work in Itech headquarters under the orders of Dorothy Jones, the manager. Even as a modest child, he couldn't help but feel pride. He had been handpicked by the most intelligent people in the world. But now, he sometimes wishes he had just been chipped and been able to live the rest of his life without a care in the world. He spends his entire life in a virtual reality, a virtual reality he invented. He called them the Realms, places your chip could take you to while your physical body stayed where it was. As they are his invention, he spends his life perfecting them and creating more. But no matter how well he makes the Realms, they will never be reality.

  So far he had created nine hundred and ninety nine realms and was almost finished his one thousandth. It's a realm based on his favorite childhood book series, The Hunger Games. It's a virtual version where everyone can be the hero, and you can risk your life without a chance of death. He was quite proud of this one, it being his one thousandth, and all it needed was a little extra detail before it was transported to everyone in the world over the age of fifteen.

  He tapped a few keys on the screen before him, and the Realm lens he uses, takes have of him to an imaginary universe. All he needs to do is make sure the Reaping scene is properly programmed, and the realm can 'go live'. He programs himself to be wearing a crisp blue shirt and black pants. As he only uses one lens, half his mind is back at Itech HQ. He taps away at the keyboard, creating the final details needed in this realm. He transforms Effie Trinket into a proper capital citizen. He creates a background as close to nature as he possibly can. Once he is finally pleased with it, he 'returns' to the modern world. He attaches a memory stick to the computer and downloads the realm so he can send it to the all the silicon chips in the world. Once the file has been fully downloaded, he slips the stick in his pocket and leaves the room, heading towards Juliette, the Itech manager's office. Juliette still sends shivers down Daniel's spine, and leaves him fearing the next time he will have to meet her. He knocks hastily on the door.

  "Come in" she replies, her French accent immediately clear.

  He steps into her office and stares her straight in the eye. Her blonde hair is combed back in a ponytail so tight, it must keep her in constant pain. Her eyes are always narrow and full of hatred, even when her tight, red lips are pulled back in a smile.

  "Ah Daniel, do you have the realm?"

"Yes," he replies meekly, fumbling his hand around in his pocket, before handing her the memory stick. She snatches it from him, and walks over towards a large machine, her heels clicking with every step. She then jams the stick in a slot and laughs.

"Perfect," she whispers to herself, a smile spreading across her face. But there was something Daniel didn't like about that smile, it never reached her eyes. Before he could say another word however, the arrow on the safety dial switched to overload.

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