The Boss

This is the diary of a London career girl. Scarlett Jones. Regrettably single and most mornings hung over she decides to get her life on track and begin a diary with two simple resolutions. One: Loose 20 pounds. Two: Find the perfect man.


3. granny pants

Very bad start to the year. Have been seduced by informality of messaging media leading into flirting with office scoundrel. My Boss. Solution, will persevere in the resolution to find a nice, sensible man and put a stop to flirting, first thing tomorrow.

Good plan.

*start to a new week- work- stop flirting is a work in progress*

Today I walked into work on time, modelling the same length skirt that the boss seemed to but seemed to not approve of and a see through top, I'm not flirting I am catching attention.

I made sure I walked right past the windows of Harry's office, brushing my hair out of my face. 

He was holding a meeting, he was the only one standing in the room Oh how I do like a man in charge... Stop Scar.

'Stick to that wonderful plan of yours'.

I could feel his eyes on me as I passed. I smiled as I made my way to my desk.

Opening my locked screen, what a surprise a message from him. Let's hope this isn't about my skirt.

"If walking past office was an attempt to demonstrate skirt, I can only say that it has failed miserably"

I replied, making sure I stuck to my plan.

"Shut up please. I am very busy of importance
P.S how dare you sexually harass me in this impertinent manner"

He replied.

"Message to Jones:
Mortified to have caused offence. will avoid all non-PC overtones in the future. Deeply apologetic.
P.S Like you're bra.

I looked over at him and he winked.

But I mustn't read too much into it though.

"Here comes the bride, here comes the bride" I daydream to myself at my desk.

I just imagine me and him at our wedding after party and him doing his speech just before we cut the cake "and it all began of course with some very irresponsible e-mailing over Scarlett's non-existent skirt"

STOP Scarlett, "Where's plan of your's gone, hm?" my sensible side of my conscience asks me.

As I collect my coat from works' sweaty cloakroom, I make my way from the hall to the lift, I press the floor I am going to as another workman enters.

Along with... Harry. Lord.

Just in time he gets into the lift just as the doors get ready to close, but he has to hold them open as Perpetua coos to him out of breath "Harry, the New York office called". 

"Er.. yeah, tell them I'll get back to them." Nice try Perpetua. Wait? he wants to be in a lift with me. 'Shut up desperate' I tell myself. 

He probably needs to rush of somewhere so he has to take the lift instead of the stairs.

The lift bell rang when the man left Harry spoke huskily "Jones?" This was until he was interrupted by Mr Fitsherbert entering the lift. 

Harry greeted him and he nodded replying  "Evening Harry". He probably needs to get somewhere quick I thought to myself.

I was proved wrong when the he stood by the side of me and discretely yet cheekily placed a hand on my bottom just as the lift's bell dinged once again. 

My eyes widened as he tried to act casual keeping the unexpected position of his hand.

"If you've got a moment I'd like a word before you leave tonight styles." Mr Fisherbert said as he left the lift "Yeah certainly" Harry replied.

Just as we left the lift Harry turned and said to him "I'll see you in a sec".

"Excellent, and Brenda"

"Yes" I sighed, will he ever get my name right?

Harry walked away as Mr Fitsherbert spoke, this better be quick.

"At the Kafka's motorbike thing tomorrow, I thought it might be fun if you introduced me before I introduce the manager" He got a lot closer to me "It would give it that lovely... sense of occasion" He said before looking at my chest then my face rather too close.

I nodded and replied "certainly sir" before turning away rather disturbed from the plump old man checking me out.

As I walked into reception some one spoke which made me jump "Brenda" I turned as Harry lightly grabbed my arm to turn me further into him.

I laughed at his cheeky attempt to mock Mr Fitsherbert, his own boss.

I stepped back as he came a lot closer "What are you doing tonight?" Is he asking me on a date?. Where's the old Mr Styles gone I thought to myself.

Taken a back by his question, I answered sticking to my plan. 

"Well, actually.. I'm busy." Of course I'm not but every singleton knows how to play hard to get, though I can't flirt it can't happen he isn't the good type.

"Right...that's a shame, I just er, well I thought it would be a charitable thing to take you're skirt out for dinner, fan it up a bit" He is so cheeky. I want to melt right there.

"oo" I replied trying to sound interested not giving him an exact answer.

"Maybe you could come too" I giggled to myself but he stayed in role and didn't laugh at his own joke which I liked, maybe he isn't so arrogant after all?

"What about tomorrow?" He surprisingly asked. Wow eager.

"Noo, I can't possibly, tomorrows the launch" I said proving him wrong.

"Ah, yes course" He looked at the sign advertising tomorrow's book launch we're both attending "has to be the worst book ever published" I laughed lightly in response.

"Well in the end that's not the best advertising line I would have gone for" I cheekily criticize him.

I swoop my bag over my shoulder and walk away from him. Go Scar!.

"The next night?" He asks just as I am about to leave.

I don't turn to answer I just say "Let's see shall we?" I walk out the exit door grinning widely and walked away proud with what I just said. "Night Harry" I confidently said.

*That evening- Usual drinking sesh with besties... once again*

"Right, no pressure Scar but you're whole future happiness depends on how you behave on this one social occasion" though sometimes a drama queen, I depend on Jude to get me through relationships.

"Right, what shall I do" I am intrigued whilst holding my lit cigarette.

"First, look gorgeous" Jude told me.

I will-wax everywhere, moisturise, paint every nail on my body,  roller my hair, wear make up and smell irresistible I thought to myself.

"Two, then totally ignore Harry and suck up to famous authors" can't be too hard I thought.

Tom told me step three "Darling, simply... ooze intelligence."

"Introduce people with thoughtful details for example, Sheila this is Harry, Harry this is Sheila. Sheila enjoys getting drunk and has awful body odour, Harry enjoys publishing and happens to be my future boyfriend" I shake my head at Shezza's honesty.

*Back at flat getting ready for launch*

Hmm.. major dilemma. Thongs or granny pants. I'm normally all about the comfort but when there's Harry to think about?.

I made my way through the city of London, to get to the launch. I wore a tight black dress unfortunately with the granny pants.

*Arrived at launch*

Okay okay, ooze intelligence. Ignore Harry. 

As I entered I caught eye contact with Harry, he scanned my body, biting his bottom lip. But sticking to Jude's advise I turned in my tracks away from him.

I strode up to an intellectual looking bunch of men. Must be authors. Suck up, suck up I thought.

Already half way through conversation I decided to join though I had no clue what they were talking about I laughed when they laughed.

Then more mouthy one of the lot asked "What do you think?" Oh bloody hell Scarlett what have you got yourself into?!

So I replied "Err... Do you know....where the toilets are?" They all looked dumbfounded which is what I expected.

Stay calm, can't get any worse.

So I just turned and walked away as non of them replied and I took a glass of champagne from a canapé whilst lighting a cigarette on my way.

"So how are you?" Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into a corner.

I decided to remind him of how he was with me at the Turkey curry buffet. "Well apart from being very disappointed not to see my favourite reindeer jumper again well." He just smirked.

"Oh this is Natasha, my old work college I brought with me" Harry said. My throat went dry, why would he bring a woman with him when he asked me to go out with him?

"Natasha is a top internee and specialises in family law" He gloats.

"Natasha, this is Scarlett, she works in publishing and used to play naked in my paddling pool" I stood with my mouth open, I wanted to slap him, is this all because I refused his offer of going on a date with him?

He sips on his red wine as I hesitate and take a long drag on my cigarette.

"How odd." Natasha gives me a glare which is happily returned by me.

Leaving the awkward conversation, I go to introduce Mr Fitsherbert to the audience as he wished which I am dreading because me and public speaking do not get on well. 

Blowing into the microphone to test whether it was on it wouldn't turn on as everyone gathered so I decided to shout "Oi oii." to get everyone's attention.

Oh dear lord Scarlett, this isn't even starting well.

"Sorry the mic's not w-working, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the launch of Kafka's Motorbike, the Greatest book of our time" Everyone claps and I continue to shout due to the un co-operative microphone.

"Anyway, what I mean is, er, welcome ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming to the launch of one of the top... 30 books of our time" I saw Harry shamefully laugh in the audience. Oh god I'm nervous.

"Anyway.. at least the top thirty, and here to introduce it haha... properly is er, the man we all call Mr-Mr Fitsherbert er.. b-because that is his name." Scarlett you are so embarrassing I tell myself.

As Mr Fitsherbert steps onto the stage, I step back so he can speak "Thank you Brenda" Grrrr. "Let's just switch this on" He said talking about the mic, oh my gosh I forgot to turn it on. 

I saw Harry try not to burst into laughter by covering his mouth tightly.

I stood by the bar, where I belong and usually found with a cigarette and a glass on white in my hand. I was disappointed and embarrassed with myself.

I felt a hand on my hip a familiar voice whispered from behind "Jones, sod em' all, it was brilliant, just a firework of intelligence" Harry mocked.

Not making me feel any better about myself, I was angry about him bringing another woman but now he has made me angrier. I turned abruptly to face him.

"Oh yeah, well you didn't make me feel any better earlier, where's Natasha gone hey?" He seemed surprised by my reaction.

"A-are you jealous" Harry laughed. 

"What no, you would think that because you're just so arrogant aren.."

"She's my cousin Scarlett" he interrupted me, laughing slightly, putting his hands in his pockets.

"Ah..... right. Okay" I recoiled into my shell I just made a fool of myself even more. Oh gosh what do I do now?

He saved the moment and the awkwardness by complimenting me "You look really sexy in that dress tonight Jones." I shyly smiled at his politeness.

"I think I'm going to have to take you for dinner whether you like it or not, okay?, C'mon get your stuff". He pressed his hand to the small of my back taking me to the cloakroom.

My plan is out the window....

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