Some love

A girl Christina, that has never been popular or loved, that was bullied and insecured suddenly finds herself in a big spotlight when she meets Harry Styles.
She never thought she deserves a life she was getting in to, but Harry convices her the opposite.
More in the story;)


1. Prologue

I heard a loud bump next to me and looked up to see what it was. Surprise surprise, it was my bully, Beth and her 'friends' again bumping in my open locker as usual. ''So what's up today Christina,?'' I heard Beth. I didn't want to say anything, it only got worse. I grabbed my pens and notebooks for my next class and locked don my locker, without even looking at her. ''Oh so now we aren't friends anymore?'' she said with annoying voice. ''Beth, we were never friends,'' I said calmly. My eyes rolled when she started laughing with the creepiest laugh school could hear:'' Oh of course. Now, let's see what you have brought today.'' She reached for my notebooks and I knew what it would happen if I haven't moved. ''Not today Beth, not today,'' I shouted, turned around and walked away. I was so scared that she might come after me, but all she did was screaming:'' Okay you little fat cow, I'll get you after school!''

I felt happy, I finally stood up for myself. I wasn't worried about 'after school' meeting, because there's no way she will torture me and ruin my life ever again.



I woke up on a lovely morning and smiled, because I knew it was holidays. I couldn't ask for more than a life without school. Without Beth. I got up and went straight to the bathroom where I did my hair in a high ponytail and dressed up loose gray shirt with a little bear on it, and a black shorts which were my favourite. I don't wear makeup so often so I was quickly ready and headed downstairs where my family was. ''Good morning,'' I said to them, thinking good morning it really is. Didn't get a response, but that wasn't important now. I got some cereals, took the nearest spoon and went to our backyard where it was my spot. A comfortable chair which I loved.

I checked my Twitter and there was nothing going on. Texted my best friend and she didn't reply in 5 minutes so I decided to go read something.

After about 10 minutes a phone rang and it scared me so much I jumped. ''Oh my god where have you been, I sent you two messages,'' I complained. It was my best friend Maddy. ''Stop it, I was doing something important,'' she said with a high voice of enthusiasm. ''What is it? You sound excited??,'' I wanted to know immediately!

''Christina... Buckle up,'' she said slowly. ''WE'RE GOING TO MEET ONE DIRECTION NEXT WEEK,'' she screamed in my ear and soon after I realised what she said I screamed too. ''OH MY GOD, really?'' I couldn't believe. ''How IS THAT POSSIBLE?'' I was curious.

She explained how she won tickets to meet them, on some radio show. Us and some 4 other girls will meet them.

''I can't believe. I will finally see my boy Harry,'' I almost whispered. ''Yes Chrissy, you will,'' she responded. '' Too bad he won't even notice me, when you'll be with me,'' I frowned.

''Oh come on Christina, you're gorgeous. Maybe you have a chance?'' she said. 

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