Some love

A girl Christina, that has never been popular or loved, that was bullied and insecured suddenly finds herself in a big spotlight when she meets Harry Styles.
She never thought she deserves a life she was getting in to, but Harry convices her the opposite.
More in the story;)


2. Not so happy shopping

I don't quite remember how some of the week was because I was too busy with thinking about the meeting with Harry. Well, with One Direction. I've been waiting two years to see them and I know I've waited for too long and all and uh, clear your head Christina.


As I was sitting in front of my computer, daily scrolling through Tumblr, my phone rang and I answered in a second:'' What's up todaaay?'' Yeah, I was a little over excited that week. Maddy was used to it, so that wasn't a problem. ''Well girl, today we're going shopping! I have to get those new black jeans with that that silver belt, I have to! And that shirt and leggings I saw yeserday in the magaz-'' I interrupted:'' I get it, I need something new too. When are we going?'' I asked then.

So it was all set up, we were going to meet in one hour at our favourites stores that stood one next to another.  I dressed up in a green top that was a bit loose and a pair of black leggings, which I hated but I was too happy that week. My hair were naturally curly so I just let them fall on my shoulders and put a pair of sunglasses on my head so it would held those little curls back. I looked alright.


''Chrissy you have to try this on,'' Maddy shouted across the store. I nodded and came closer to see what she was holding. ''You have to wear this to the meeting, I'm telling you!''

I shook my head and nervously smiled at her:'' Are you insane? There's no way I'll fit in this one. It would fit you, not me.'' She frowned and threw that blue dress at me and showed me to the dressing room. I guess I really needed to try it on.

'' I'm stuck,'' I said while she was waiting. ''No you aren't, continue,'' she insisted. I wasn't really stuck. I dressed it up and looked myself in the mirror. I actually for once, didn't look terrible in a dress. I looked pretty. I smiled a big time. '' I'm coming out Maddy, prepare yourself,'' I joked.

''Wow Christina,'' she said when she saw me. ''Your eyes shine out with that blue dress,'' she noticed. I had blue eyes if you haven't guessed.

''So, how in the world did you get this cow into a gorgeous dress like this, which by the way doesn't look gorgeous on her,'' I heard a voice and a giggle behind me. It was Beth and her 'slaves', who else. ''Who told you to come here and mock?'' Maddy defended me. Thank god I had her in high school with me. I felt a tear coming down my cheek. ''Oh now we're crying? I missed your red face,'' Beth said arrogantly. Once she made me cry in front of the whole class and my face turned red, nobody forgot that. I ran back into the dressing room and collapsed. I heard voices defending me but I knew Beth won again. She and her words.

After a while they went quiet, and the lady that worked there chased them out. ''Are you okay?'' Maddy asked me and sat down next to me. I was still dressed into that blue summer dress. ''Sorry, I thought I'll manage,'' I apologized but she shook her head :''Don't apologize! Look I tell you, we'll bring that selfish goat down.'' I laughed at the words she chose.

I got up and said:'' I'm buying this dress Maddy.'' She was glad and so was I. I mean, I needed to look good for my boyfriend. Oh I mean Harry.


I cheered up after we got to the mcdonalds and bought some mccafe. Old happy Christina was back and we laughed and waved to strangers. It was all fun until I got home. 

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