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A girl Christina, that has never been popular or loved, that was bullied and insecured suddenly finds herself in a big spotlight when she meets Harry Styles.
She never thought she deserves a life she was getting in to, but Harry convices her the opposite.
More in the story;)


3. Meeting so far so good

I got used to all the fighting we had at home, to all crazy things my parents have done. I heard screaming and breaking noises. '' It's 2009 all over again,'' screamed my mother. My parents got divorced that year but came back together in 2012. I was happy I had no siblings because it would be different and harder. ''And your fault it is, again,'' my dad attacked.

I shut the front door quietly and ran to my room, past the room with fighting. I tried calling Maddy but she didn't pick up. I needed to talk to someone or do something else. So I threw all pillows off my bed and punched my bed. I was clearly mad, not at bed for sure. When I finally got over the fact my parents divorced and separated, they came back together. I just wanted to scream, but I was quiet for mums sake.



''Will you wake up in 5 seconds? It's only three hours,'' was the first voice I heard - after my ringtone, that told me it was Maddy - when I woke up on the 'meeting' day. I jumped out of my bed and jumped back on it right after. ''I know, I have to get ready, byes,'' I shouted and hung up. After all I really needed to get ready. I was thankfully wide awake of the excitement.

I felt good. I mean, in two weeks I had my 18th birthday. It would all turn well if my parents wouldn't fought but I forgot about that while putting on a little mascara. I spent 1 hour doing my hair. I curled my hair a little more so it fall down equally. Put a blue bow on my head and slipped into the dress. I looked very simple although I had a dress. I smiled and thought that no one will ruin this day for me.

I walked downstairs and today mum looked happy. ''Oh, so it's the time to go hunny?'' she smiled at me. I nodded and smiled back. ''You look stunning. I can tell they will like you,'' she also said. I just nodded again and made a doubtful face. ''Who's driving you there?'' she asked and I told her it was Maddy's mum.

Soon I was standing in front of a black car that was waiting for me. Car's window opened and I saw Maddy's head sticking out and telling me to come in quickly. It was a half an hour drive there, and we still had at least hour and a half so I had no idea why she was in such hurry.

I sat next to her and we were quiet for a little, though I could see hers leg twitching of nervousness. We arrived there and I saw those 4 other girls that were also here to meet them. I didn't know any of them and I let out a sigh of relief. ''Shit, this is actually happening,'' she whispered to me. I closed my eyes for a second and got out of the car, Maddy following. ''Call me to come pick you up girls,'' her mum said. None of us had driving license yet though, and I felt a bit uncomfortable when I saw all those girls that looked more like one direction's age and clearly had licenses and owned a car. ''Hi,'' I shyly said and give them a little wave. They looked nice, none of them arrogant or snobby. ''Hey,'' they said back. ''I'm Christina and she's Maddy,'' I introduced us, cause Maddy wasn't going to, I didn't know why. ''And I'm Laura,'' said a girl with long dark hair. '' I'm Maria,'' said the other with a gorgeous pink scarf I first noticed. '' I'm Gemma,'' said of them, the only girl that seemed too confident about herself. The last one was Holly and she had the kindness smile. ''So, who's girls are you?'' asked Laura. ''I'm Harry's absolutely,'' I shouted and Gemma glared at me which was a bit surprising. Laura was Liam's girl, Maddy was Niall's of course, Maria loved Louis, and Holly was Zayn's. Gemma clearly didn't want to participate in our conversation as she stood back from us and still looked at me, her corners of mouth slightly lifted up, as she was mocking  me or my appearance. We chatted a little and giggled, talking about their tour.

''Oh you all came girls,'' we heard a voice behind us. Some middle aged woman with red hair showed up and told us to follow her. We we're all excited, probably all ready to scream until that woman that introduced herself as Mrs Royce, warned us about it and said it's not appropriate and it would ruin the whole meeting. So I promised I would be quiet when talking to them, specially Harry. I might cry, or shed a tear.

''Oh they've arrived,'' I heard Louis's voice and looked up. There they were. All five of them, all suited up looking good with a big smile. ''We were waiting,'' Harry winked. We all sat hi.

'' So this is supposed to be a meeting right?,'' Zayn said and Holly looked like she could turn into a melted puddle. We nodded and Gemma said:'' It is. I guess we came here to get to know you all.'' And she winked at Harry. I heard Liam's laugh in the background.

''Would you take pictures first,'' Niall asked and we agreed. And so it was, every girl took a picture with each one of them and then all together. It was exhausting to be honest.

As Harry stood up by me to get out picture, I realized how small and chubby I looked compared to him. I had to get noticed by him, even a little. ''Isn't this exhausting for you?'' I asked him while his hand was on my back and made me shiver. ''It is, but there's not a thing I wouldn't do for my fans,'' he said nicely and smiled at me. ''Would be take off your pants?'' I heard Gemma joining us in OUR conversation. Harry laughed:'' Well I think that already happened on a concert.'' I nervously laughed with him. '' I'm Christina, but you can call me Chrissy,'' I introduced to get his attention. '' And I'm Harry,'' he joked, still looking into my eyes. ''Oh my name's Gemma,'' she said with pride and winked again. That's when I remembered Harry's sister was Gemma and that's why this girl thought she has more chances or something. Like Harry would date a fan.

He gave her a slight smile and that was it. He clearly didn't like her attitude, but he managed to be cool around her, because she was pushy and annoying all around. I took a picture with the rest of the group and chatted with each a little. ''How is Perrie?'' I asked Zayn. He nicely said she's been alright, touring with Little Mix and I've told him I loved them also. He said he'll tell Perrie about me so that was really awesome and kind.

After that we all sat down on white couches that were set there. ''Would you wanna have a quiz or something?'' Louis suggested. Some of girls said yes, but I was quiet. I was observing Harry that was so close to me, knowingly he was closer to Gemma. That stupid rat that acted so foolish. So girls started to ask them different questions and they were answering. I didn't pay attention much and Harry also didn't look to be so that into it. I asked some questions of course so I wouldn't go out unnoticed and all shy. '' Would you date a fan, Harry?'' I slowly asked and looked at him, raising my eyebrows. '' Well,'' he took time:'' If a fan would be so beautiful and easy to talk to, like you are, I would.''

That shocked me. I didn't expect this at all. I felt an elbow hitting my ribs, it was Maddy. ''Oh, I think I should say thank you,'' I replied. All the girls had those naughty smiles that made me giggle. ''No need to thank me,'' he said. Gemma looked defeated and she dropped her jaw. ''What about the rest of you?'' Maddy then asked. ''Even if not single,'' she added when she saw Louises face that said oops I'm taken. They all somehow agreed they would if a fan wouldn't be that crazy fan some are. And Niall added that a girl he would date, would have to be a fan and support him and we laughed.

I needed to go to bathroom but it would be really awkward to say that. I couldn't hold it anymore so I said:'' Excuse me, I have to go to lady's room.'' It was a nice way of saying I have to pee. They didn't flinch and looked disgusted or anything. '' I'll show you where it is,'' I heard a voice while standing up from the sofa. It was Harry. Just what I hoped for.


(Heeey this is the author speaking, yep me and I wanted to say that thank you you read this, I know it was a long chapter but I hope you still liked it. It would mean a lot if you'd maybe favourite the story and fan me, that way you would be notified when a new chapter arrive if you like fanfiction so far! I would love to see your feedbacks and all comments which would help me on writing more. Thank you again<3)

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