Some love

A girl Christina, that has never been popular or loved, that was bullied and insecured suddenly finds herself in a big spotlight when she meets Harry Styles.
She never thought she deserves a life she was getting in to, but Harry convices her the opposite.
More in the story;)


4. ''Is that true?''

''I hope this isn't awkward for you,'' Harry said while walking. I giggled:'' Well it really doesn't happen often that a guy walks me to the restrooms.'' He laughed. ''It's here,'' he pointed to a door with a big sign that said TOILETS. ''I think I wouldn't miss it If I went alone,'' I teased. He winked at me and I opened the doors.

''What is wrong with me? Since when I'm all flirty? Oh god,'' I whispered to myself, my face in my hands.

''Uhm hi again,'' I awkwardly said to Harry that was surprisingly waiting for me outside. ''Hello, hope you're good now,'' he joked. I nodded and we headed back to the others. Harry gently pulled me by my waist so I had to walk faster.

We sat down and girls eyes were on me, they probably thought we kissed or something. I wish.

''I think our guys have to go now, Simon is very impatient,'' I heard Mrs Royce say. ''Really? It's fun here,'' Louis complained, but she nodded feeling sorry and they all stood up. ''It was really nice to meet you all,'' Liam thanked us nicely. We thanked them back for this amazing day.

Some took their pictures once again and gave their twitter names so they would follow them, but I thought it's all a little prank and they wouldn't but I still gave it away. ''What's your Twitter name,'' Harry asked me and I turned around from Niall. ''Oh it's @chrissyparker1D, It's silly I know,'' I blushed. ''I like it,'' he smiled.

And so Maddy called her mum to come and pick us up right after guys waved us from their black car and drove away. ''Oh my god Chrissy. Oh my god again,'' she screamed. ''We just met One Direction! I met my future husband,'' she was all excited. ''Yeah yeah Maddy, at least you have some chances,'' I agreed. ''Oh again. Stop it. Didn't you notice how Harry was looking at you? How he showed you the restroom? Meanwhile Niall just smiled at me,'' she counted down the facts. ''Did he really? Maddy how,'' I didn't know what to say. ''He always looked at you when you looked away. He tried to not to be seen, but we all knew. We talked about it when you two left,'' she continued. I gulped.

''Tell me everything, now,'' I demanded.

''Listen. When you two left Louis first said what's up with harry, that he never does that. Liam just laughed, you know him and his reactions told us everything,'' she told me. I raised my eyebrows all confused. ''Well there's something between you, isn't it?'' she giggled at me. ''What? Of course not,'' I denied.

''Zayn was just nodding all the time. And then Louis shushed us and said Harry clearly likes you,'' she said and my jaw dropped to the ground. ''OH GOD, STOP LYING TO ME IT'S NOT TRUE,'' I shouted and I felt tears in my eyes. ''Why are you crying?'' she asked me and grabbed me by my shoulders.

''Don't mess with me,'' I said. ''I'm not. Why can't you believe me? You're beautiful, he saw that,'' she told me, but I refused to believe anyway. ''Maddy, no one ever liked me before, why would Harry?'' I was casted down.

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