Bed Of Broken Glass.

We aren't perfect,but we make it work.
We fight a lot,but she knows I love her.
We love each other more than anything.
I'm just scared one day she'll find some that treats her better.
I guess I don't know my own strength.-Harry.


2. Party.


We arrived at the party at around 12:30.I called Harry before we left telling him that we'd be arriving shortly.

I don't know why but it sounds like Harry is engrossed in the thought of me.We just met but when he answered the phone it only took one ring for him to answer,He's called me beautiful three times since the fight and he wanted to take a picture with me.

Shut up Nessa he's just a nice guy.Why can't you ever let someone be nice to you without putting a wall up.

I shook it off and sighed.

"Whats wrong?" Issac asked.

I looked over at him.His big brown eyes were shimmering in the street lights.

"N-nothing.I'm just second guessing my outfit is all." I lied.I didn't want to get him involved with my childish debates. 

Issac chuckled."No worries.You look beautiful." He patted my knee and then went back to his driving.

"Beautiful.Just like Harry keeps saying..." I rested my head against the car window.It was cold.Credit to the chilly midnight air.

"Well he seems like a nice guy. Maybe he just wants to compliment you. Also I heard that he's quiet the womanizer."

I wanted to stick up for Harry but even I know how he is with women.Or at least I think I do..

"Besides,He's right. You are quite the looker." I smiled and punched his shoulder.

"On the contrary I think i'm the opposite."

He pulled up to a rather large house.

"That's because you are a difficult woman." I shook my head.

"I am not!" He raised his eyebrow.I think I just proved his point. 

I unhooked my seat belt and hoped out of the car.Once my foot hit the ground It was like a jolt of energy had hit me.

"Jesus,Could the music be any louder?"

I giggled."You know its a good party when you can hear the music from a mile away."

We walked up the pavement and knocked on the door.lights were swarming everywhere and the music seemed to get louder and louder.

The door opened and out came a intoxicated teen,Well known as Niall Horan.

"Hey! Your that guy that was fighting earlier. Wassup man!" 

His words were slurred.He looked over at me and smiled.

"You're the girl that Harry won't stop talking about!" He got closer to me and squinted his eyes like he was trying to get a better view of something.

"Yep he's right. You are pretty."

I smiled."Thanks.." I knew something was up. Why does Harry talk about me?

We followed Niall through the crowd. I felt the heat from dancing bodies around me. The mixed smells of alcohol and weed filled my nose. To be honest, I am not a party person. I partied a little during high school but not much.

Issac put his arm around me. I could hear the music thumping through his chest.

"Ok, Harold!" Niall said hanging onto Harry." Here is your women of the night!"

Niall stumbled to the ground. Harry and Issac rushed to his assistance. "I'm ok guys." He slurred.

"Mate, You need to lay off the booze." Harry said. Niall started to laugh.

"Yeah! When I stop being Irish I'll stop drinkin'!" He said sarcastically. He took a sip of his beer and walked away into the crowd of people.

Harry sighed and looked over at me. "Hey! You're Vanessa? Yeah? " He tried screaming over the blaring music.

"Yeah! And you're Harry,the boy that won't shut up about me!" I chuckled. Harry looked confused for a minute but then laughed along.

"I guess I have been blabbing about you haven't I...?" He sighed. " Oh well! A pretty face should be talked about by everyone!" I could smell the alcohol on his breath."How bout we get a drink or two in ya?"

I nodded,"Yes please." Though I'm not the party type I am most defiantly a drinker. It runs in my blood.

Harry poured some Jack Daniels in some shot glasses and handed them to me and Issac.

"To Isaac. He is one bad ass fighter!" He said smiling. We all clicked our drinks and gulped them done. I took in the whiskey making my face tighten."That is some good stuff!"

 Harry moved closer to me,Grazing my hand. "So? Come here often?"

I raised my eyebrow."This is my first time here so no." I laughed. I knew he was trying and I found it very adorable.

"Oh! Right..." He blushed and ruffled his hair."um..wanna dance?"

I knew he was embarrassed so I followed him to the crowd of dancing teens.

It was a very up beat song so I just danced on him. I felt his strong hands glide up and down my sides. His body was close to mine,grinding on me.

"How about we get another drink?" He said yelling over the booming music. I agreed and went over to the 'bar' it was more like a kitchen table with bottles all over.

We took some shoots with the boys until we could hardly stand. I was a giggling mess and my vision was in and out. I remember walking over to Harry and staring into his gorgeous green eyes.

"Why don't we get out of here?" He asked. I bit my lip and nodded.

Thats all I remember.

 (Sorry I took so long my computers broken so im doing this all on my phone .-. Oh well hope you liked it and I'll update ASAP. ❤️)



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