Bed Of Broken Glass.

We aren't perfect,but we make it work.
We fight a lot,but she knows I love her.
We love each other more than anything.
I'm just scared one day she'll find some that treats her better.
I guess I don't know my own strength.-Harry.


1. Fight Night.

I woke up in his arms.The night before racing through my head.His arm was wrapped tightly around me.

I turned facing him.His eyes were wondering his dreams underneath his eyelids.I kissed his forehead and got out of bed.I grabbed on of Harry's shirts and walked down the steps.

The house was still for once.No noise,no yelling,nothing.I liked it better this way.I poured a cup of coffee and walked out on the deck in the back.

I loved mornings.When no one was awake.It was only 6:30,Harry wakes up around 8-8:30.

I love Harry,I really do.But we're not your average couple.Every couple fights,but not like us.Every couple can get mad at the other,but we take it to the extreme.

You wouldn't believe the Harry Styles would ever hit a women.But neither would I...

I usually start the fights and he's the one to end them.No one knows about us though.They don't know how we fight or how we act when no ones around.

Me and Harry met at a fight.We we're both sitting next to each other rooting for different people.We had a good night that night.


I sat there rooting for the best fighter in the ring.He was my favorite fighter and also my good friend.

"Come on Issac!" I yelled.A group of guys came to sit next to me.I didn't really care because I was to focused on the fight.

"Ugh! Our guys losing!" I heard a irish voice shout over the others. I turned to my left and saw a big group of boys.I think I saw them before.I shrugged it off and went back to the fight.

Issac was winning so I threw my arms up in victory."YEAH! ISSAC!" I screamed.He turned around and pointed at me with a wink.

I smiled and gave him a thumbs up.

"So you're friends with him?" I heard a husky british voice say in my ear.I turned and saw a tall brown hair man with a beaming smile.I smiled back.

"Yeah.For about 3 years I guess." He nodded.

The bell rang and the fight was over.The ref came into the middle of the ring and took both opponents hands.

"Our winner of the night is..." Both opponents faced down at the ground."Issac Firo!" I jumped up in joy.I put my hands to my mouth and cheered.

"Great...Just our luck eh?" A Irish voice sighed.

The guy that was talking to me earlier looked at me again."Well I guess you win..." He chuckled.

I nodded."Issac is undefeated." He smiled.

"H-hey..I never caught your name." He said.I smiled and he bit his lip.

"Vanessa Williams." I said holding out my hand."And you?"

"Harry Styles." He said taking my hand and kissing it.

I blushed,big time...

I felt someones hand on my shoulder.I turned and instantly smiled at my friend,Issac."Hey squirt!" He said giving me a sweaty hug.

"Ew! Keep your sweat to yourself!" I wiped my face off.

"Heh,Sorry I was just you know beating the shit out of a guy but you know.Anyway,I think you should come her more often,I'm starting to think you're my lucky charm."

I smiled."I do have some irish in me." 

I saw Harry come next to us and smile."I saw you fighting out there,man.Pretty cool." Issac smiled.

"Thanks,man.You're not from around here,are you?" He shook his head.

"I'm from Britain,But I'm on tour with my bad and we wanted to see a good fight tonight." 

I raised my eyebrow."A band?" I knew him from somewhere..Maybe this is where I knew him.

"Yeah,To think you knew us.I'm Harry from One Direction." My heart stopped.How could I not know?

"Oh yeah! I've heard of you guys. Proud of you guys." Issac said patting his back."Ness knows you guys too.Surprised she hasn't said anything yet."

Harry smiled and winked at me making me blushed.

"Me and my friends wanted to know if we could take a picture with you?" Issac smiled.

"Sure,To think it'd be the other way."

All the boys came around and I took the picture,They wanted me in the picture but I'm better behind the camera then in the picture.

Harry took his phone back and smiled."I'd rather have a picture with you..." He whispered.I blushed.

He grabbed me by the waist."Pose,Love." He said and I smiled quickly.Thankfully it came out ok."Beautiful." He said with a smirk.

His dimples could be the death of me.

"Hey!" One of the boys said.I looked over and saw Louis smiling."We're going to a party.How about you and your friend get ready and head over?" I smiled and nodded.

"Of course." Harry handed me his number and winked.

"I'll see you there,Beautiful."

(A/N This is a dark harry sort of story! I've been wanting to write a story like this for a while so here it is! I hope you liked it so far and we will continue next chapter at the party ;) ) 

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