The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


11. ZOO!

Next Morning: (Still Abby's Pov)

I woke up with my book on my chest. I checked the time, and it was 8:15. 45 minutes to get ready. I looked in 'my' closet, and looked through my clothes. I picked out white jeans, and a see through light baby blue top. It had no sleeves, and it tied at the bottom. I brushed through my hair, and straightened it. I kept it down. I alsp picked out some sequenced flip flops. I put on a little cover up and some lip gloss. By the time i was done, it was 8:50.  I went downstairs to see Lou, but no Lux. "Good morning." She said. i said it back, and poured myself some cereal. "Is Lux still sleeping?" I asked."Yah, but you'll be able to hear through the moniter when she wwakes up, so you can just go get her then, cause i have to get going." She told me kind of in a hurry. "Okay, see you later." I told her. "K, have fun." She told me. "You too." then she was gone. I sat their eating my cereal for a bout 5 minutes.  I pulled out the panfleet and looked at the Zoo, and for the directions. Its about 1o minutes away from here. I hear Lux making a few noises through the moniter. So i go upstairs and find her sitting their playing with her blanket. "Good moring Lux." I said in a baby voice. "G'morning." she said. I pick her up and we go downstairs. :"are you hungry?" I asked. She just nodded. "Cereal." She said. I put her in her high chai and our a little bit of cereal in the tray. She doesnt eat it with milk. She finished eating and i got her out. "Lux should we go to the Zoo, and see animals?" i ask. She nodded. We go up to her room and pick her out some clothes. Of course they were pink. I grabbed my bag and my phone. I grabbed her baby bag and we left to my car and i got her in car seat.  Then we dtarted driving. I really needed coffee, I  looked around for a coffee shop or Starbuck or sometthing. I found one, its really little. I found place a park, and got Lux out of her car seat and we went inside. We got in their and the smell of coffee was so strong. I ordered. While we waited i just looked around. It was really small, it was cute. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I kind of jumped. i turned around and it was Niall. "Hey their stranger." He said to me. "Hey." i said to me "What're you doing here?" He asked. "I was just getting a coffee, and then im talking Lux to a Zoo.." i told him. ."Oh cool." He said. "What about you.?" I asked. "Um, nothing really just getting coffee." he said. "Well are you doing anything after that?" I asked. "No. im not." He said quickly. "Well if you want you can come to the Zoo with us,?" I asked kind of confident.  "Yah, sounds fun." He said with a smile on his face. "So , um do you wanna ride with me, or do you wanna follow behind.or something?" I asked. "Uh, how bout i just ride with you guys, that okay?" He asked. "Of course." I told him. "Your order is ready!" I heard someone scream behind a counter. I walk up to the counter and grab the coffee. We all walked out of the little coffee shop, and i could tell Niall was confused, he didnt know what car was mine. I giigled. "Its this one." i said pointing to a blue Toyota. He laughed for a second, and nodded. I got Lux in her chair, and Niall got into the passenger seat. I got in, and started the car."Nice car" He said. I laughed. "Not really." I said to him. We both laughed. "Here, this is the one we're going to, have you ever been there?" I asked handind him the panfleet with the Zoo on it. "No, i havent, but it looks nice." He said.I smiled. I turned on the radio, and we just saqt their in silence for a bit, while i drove. We were like 5 minutes away, now. We finally broke the silence and we talked the rest of the way there. I did like him... A lot. I mean whats not to like about him. I know nobody's perfext, but he's pretty close. We got there, and i found a pretty good parking spot. It wasnt that busy. Niall got out and got Lux out, too. I grabbed my phone and my bag and got out. Lux was holdong onto his hand. We started walking to the enterance. This was a free Zoo, so we didnt have to pay. "Will you take my hand, too pwease?" Lux asked me with her innocent look. I laighed and took her hand. So now she was holding on to me and Niall. She was right in the middle. "Can we pway jumping game." She asked. I looked at Niall, and he nodded. "Sure" Niall

and i said, almost at the same time. Lux giggled. "1..2..3 JUMPP!" Lux yelled and jumped when she yelled 'jump'. We had o lift her up when she jumped, so she would really high. We did that about every 10 seconds. It was kind of cute. She stopped, and had a wide smile on her face. "MONKEYYYYYSSS!" She screamed. She ran over to the monkeys and tried to talk to them. I laughed. "She's so cute." I said to Niall. "I know." He said. He looked at me with a big grin on his face. i couldnt help but smile back. He was so cute. "what?" I asked giggling. "Nothing.:" He said with the same grin on his face. "NIALL" I heard someone scream. "NIALL HORAN" I heard agin with a different voice this time. "NIALL WHO IS THIS?" "NIALL IS THIS YOUR GIRLFRIEND" NIALL" NIALL HORAN OVER HERE!" We heard a bunch of people scream. Their were flashing lights everywhere. It was the Paparazi. "Oh my god, im so sorry. I didnt know they'd show." Niall said to me. Niall picked up Lux and grabbed my hand. He was walking fast. We took some back way. We got to my car and we stopped. Still hand in hand. "Im so sorry about that, really."  He said looking all upset, and i didnt like that. "Its okay, its not your fault." I said to him trying to comfort him. We let go of each other hands, even though i didnt want. I think he was worried  they woiuld find him again. He put Lux in the car and we got in. I started the car and drove. "I really am sorry, i know i probably ruined your day at the Zoo." He told me. "Niall, really it's okay, and you didnt ruin it, it was fun. It would of been boring with out you." I told him with a smile. He smiled back and i think he was starting to blush, but i really wasnt sure. "Lux did you have fun?" I asked her. "YESS! Thwank you for taking me." She said. "You're very welcome, and wasnt it better with Niall?" I asked. "Yes it was." She told us. Niall smiled.  "So should we go back to the coffee shop?" I asked assuming Niall's car was there. "Uh, yah." He said. We all talked the rest of the way there. Wee got to the coffee shop and said our goodbyes. "We should do something like this again sometimes." He slipped in before he shut the door. I smiled, "Yah, definetely." I said to him. Then we left. I think his last comment made me blush, and i dont think i could blushing the whole way 'home'


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