The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


13. The Interview

Liam's Pov:


We were all talking about Niall and how he's in 'lovveeee' with Abby. He's up in his room now. He tries to denie it, but really everyone knows he likes her. "And did you see him blush?! haha, okay yep and he doesnt like her." Louis said laughing, We all laughed. Except Harry. "Well, maybe he doesnt, and he's  hanging out with her to be niice! Ever think about that?!" Harry snapped. "Woah, calm down, mate."  Zayn said, "Sorry." Harry sighed. "It's just.."Harry said. "You like her." Louis cut him off. "Yah we know." Louis said. Me and Niall have always been close. We're like brothers. I mean we all are. But i mean like Niall and are like close brothers, like twins. I cant explain it without making it sound weird. "Bro, maybe you should let Niall get the girl, for once." I told him. "But.." Harry trailed off. "Yah, you should, you always get the girl." Louis said. "Fine." Harry said with a sigh. With that he left. "Well that was harsh." Zayn said.


Next Morning: Abby's Pov:

It was a Monday morning, and Lou had work today. Which means im gonna be playing princess all day.  It was 8:00 now. I didnt wanna get up. Ihad toi though, i had to get ready. Lou leaves at 8:30. She has to get there early for a few weeks, or something. I picked out my clothes. I put on 'holy' jeans and a cami tank with some weird desighn. I got my make uo on and went downstairs. "Good morning." i said to Lou and Lux. "Good Morning." Lou said to me. Lux was too distracted by kid show she was watching. "So , i have to go to work, but i only have to, for about an hour." She told me. "Oh okay, why is that?" I asked. "Well the boys have an interview to go to, this morning. You should watch it, it'll be on channel 4, at 10:00. I'll be home around 10:00 , so we'll watch it with you." She told me. "We'll?" i asked. "I'll bring the boys, they're not doing the interview live, their doing at 9:00 and then they're gonna play it on TV at 10:00" She told me. We usually do that after an interview. We go back here and watch it.She told me."you're with them a lot arent you?" I told her smiling. She nodded and giggled..After that we could grab some lunch?" She asked me with a smile on her face. "Yes." I told her with a smile. "okay well i gotta get going, see you two in an hour." She told us.I nodded. "Lux, what do you wanna do till mommy gets back?" I asked Lux in a baby voice. "Can we twake pictwures?" she asked. i laughed. "Of course!" I told her. I grabbed my phone and my laptop. I didnt know what she wanted to take pictures on to i just grabbed those. I took out my phone and we took a bunch of pictures. Then we went to my laptop, and took a lot more. They're were silly ones , and cute ones, and funny/weird ones. When we were done i changed one of the silly ones to my screen saver on my laptop, and on my phone a funny/cute one. We took pictures for half an hour. Didnt seem that long. Just 30 more minutes than Lou will be home."What should we do now?" I asked her. "Ummm, we could...." Lux stopped. I could tell she couldnt think of anything. "How about, we play with you toys.?" i asked. "YESS!" She screamed. She ran over to her little music set. Lou was talking about how the guys got her that for her birthday. Their was a little guitar, a little drum set, a microphone, and a little piano. It was cute. "I play the drums and you can sing and play guitar?" She asked. I nodded. "What should i sing?" I asked. I used to sing to her all the time whenever i saw her. I liked to sing, buti dont think i sing that great. I giggled at my thoughts. "How bout... ONE DIRECCTION!!" She said. "okay, what song, and i'll see if i know it." I told her."Live While We're Young?" She asked. i think i heard that one on the radio a few times. I knew a little bit. "Can i play the song on my phone, too? So i dont forget what to sing?" i asked her. She nodded. I searched up the song on my phone. I ofund and played it, she started playing the drums , and i started playing the guitar. It didnt sound anything like the song, but she was having fun, so it didnt matter. I started singing, but not inmy real voice. "STOPPP!" She yelled and then started laughing. We both stopped and i stopped the music on my phone. I started laughing. "whats the problem?" I asked laughing. "You didnt singg in your real voice." She told me. I was surprised at how she remembered, "Haha, okay i will." I told her. We stated again, and i sang in my real voice. Finally it was over "YAYYYY!" She screamed and gave me a hug. We both started laughing while we were hugging. Then Lou walked in with the boys. They all started laughing. Probably because we were on the ground hugging and laughing. "Why, hello there." Liam said laughing. We stopped hugging and Lux said "LIAAMMM!" And jumped into Liam's arms. "Hey." i told them. "So are you gonna tell us why you were on the ground laughing?" Louis asked. "Abby and me played band." Lux told them all excited. They just looked at us confused. Then laughed. "I pwayed the drums, and Abby pwayed the guitar and sang." She told them. They laughed. "You sing?" Harry asked me. "No." I told them and laughed. "Well, you play guitar?" Niall asked. "No, not really." I said then we all laughed."What'd you sing?" Liam asked. "LIVE WHILE WE"RE YOUNG!!" Lux screamed. They all laughed cause i sang their song. "Well, now we gotta hear this!" Zayn said and they all nodded, and laughed. "Haha, NO." i told them. I smiled. "You're weallllyy good, though." Lux said. I laughed and shook my head in disagreement. "Dont we have an interview to watch." I asked trying to change the subject.  They laughed, and nodded. "This isnt over." Harry told me. We all laughed. We walked over to the couch. We all sat down, on two seperat couches of course. I sat inbetween Niall and Harry, and Lux was on my lap. The show just started.

(KEY.. So you dont get confused(: )

Interview lady = IL

Zayn= Z

Liam = LI

Harry =H

Niall = N

Louis = Lo

IL - Every body Welcome ONE DIRECTION! She introduced them. The camera pointed to the big couch they were on. The audience weent crazy. Thank you - they all said.  IL - How are you guys?  Good - they all said. IL - So i hear you guys movie is coming out soon? She told them. LI- Yah, we're really exicted about it. Liam told them. They all nodded. IL - And you guys new song 'Best Song Ever.' . She told them. LO - Yah, it did, and the music video did too. Louis said. IL - Yah, the music video was amazing, i watched it and im not gonno lie, i had few laughs every now and then. They all laughed. NI - Yah, it was really fun to make. Niall said. Z - REALLY fun. But the guys wont stop calling me Veronica. Zayn said. Everyone laughed. IL - Well, I guess you're stuck with that, Veronica. She told him. They all laughed. "HEY" Zayn said. They all laughed even more. IL - Well lets change the subject! She said and everyone laughed. IL - Well whats all over Twitter right now, is this girl. She told them. They showed a picture of Abby on the screen. H - Yah, She's one of our good friends, and she's also Lou's Neice. Harry said.  IL - ohh, Well whats been trending all over Twitter even more, is #Nabby. They laughed. It wasnt really a cute couple name. But whatever. They showed a bunch of pictures of Abby, Niall, and Lux from the Zoo. She looked at Niall, then back at the camera. IL - We'll see whats going on with 'Nabby' after this comercial break.

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