The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


19. The Horror movie..

Abby's Pov:


"Well, Niall wanna show Abby where she'll be staying?" Louis said. "Sure.. Come with me." Niall said with a smile. He grabbed my stuff and started walking. "You know i can carry that, you dont have to." I told him. "I know i dont have to, but I want to." He told me smiling. I started to blush, i could feel. God I blush too much. We started walking again. "So, thats Louis' room" He said pointing to a door. "Thats Zayn's. Thats Liam's. Thats Harry's. Thats mine." He said pointing to the doors. "And.. this is yours." He said as we walked into the BIG room. It was really nice. The walls were painted white, their was a queen sized bed in the middle of the room. He showed me the closet and the also BIG bathroom. "Well, You like?" He asked with a grin on his face. "I love." I told him. "Do you need any help unpacking?" He asked. "Nah, i think im good. But if i do, you'll be the first i ask." I told him. He laughed and nodded, Then he left. I set my suit case on the bed. I ant believe this. Im staying with One Direction for two weeks. I know i was never really a 'big' fan (Only cause i never really had to time to listen to their music) but still.. Its just way different. I think i like it. I head a knock. It was Harry. "Hey, we're all gonna watch a movie later, wanna join?" He asked. "Uh, yah sure. " I told him. I smiled. "Great. Do you like horror?" He asked. "Who doesnt?" I told him. No. No i do not like horror i should've told him. Who doesnt? I DONT. "Ya, know i may have only known you for 2 weeks, but your a bad liar." Harry said. We both started laughing. "okay, fine horror may not be the best for me. " I told him. "Well, if you get scared, ill be by you to protect you." He told me. He smiled showing his dimples. I laughed. "Thanks, I might take you up on that." I told him. "Good." He said. Then he left. Oh god. Did i like him too? I mean i always thought i liked him. But I dont wanna like both of them. I cant like both of them. If what everyone is saying is true, that Harry and Niall both llike me... No i cant. What if i end up dating on of them? What if i get them into a fight? Ugh. This is so complicated. I REALLY like Niall. Thats what i know for sure. Nothing for Harry. Now i just gotta keep telling myself that.. I snapped out of my thoughts and started tp unpack. After about 2o minutes i finshed and went downstairs, to find the boys sitting on the couch. "Finally.. Now canwe watch it?" Louis said. "Oh, sorry did i keep you guys waiting.?" I asked. "No, yo-"Harry said but got cut off by Louis. "YES." Louis said. They all gave him a look. "Well atleast he's honest." I said smiling. They all laughed. "Well c'mon, and we'll watch the movie." Zayn said. I didnt know wherre to sit. I saw an open seat next to Niall... and an open seat next to Harry. I walk over to the empty seat by Niall. I hope Harry wasnt mad. "What movie?" I asked. "Paranormal Activity." Liam said. "Hope you like Horror/" Zayn said. Harry looked at me, and we both laughed. "Okay, well ill take that as a 'yes'." Zayn said. The movie started. Its been a little bit through it and i've been pretty good about it so far. I might not be scared. A little longer a scary part comes on. And of course i get scared. I jump and lean towards Niall almost on top of him. Everyone started laughing. "Are you okay.?" Niall asked smiling. "Yah, im just over here, to make sure you werent scared.?" I told him. "Abby, sorry to tell you, but you're not a good liar." Niall said. They all laughed. "Yah, I heard." I said and looked at Harry. We both started laughing. I moved off Niall, and back to my original spot. The movie is still going, and it gets to another really scary part. I flinch a little. I dont think anyone notcied except Niall. He put out his hand for me to hold. I instantly grab it. He looks at me, and we both smiled. By the time the movie was over, i was still holding Niall's hand. "Should we watch the 2nd one?" Louis asked. "YEAH!" Zayn said. "Abby are you up for it?" Niall asked. "I could barely keep myself from screaming on this one, and you guys want me to watch the second one? Sure why not.." I told them. They all laughed. "Livin' on the wild side, i see." Niall said. I laughed. "Ya, know thats me." I said.  We all laughed. We watched the second one. I dont think it was that bad, cause i got to hold Niall's hand the whole time. Thats really what i was focused on. "Well, I dont know about you guys, but im really tired. Louis siad. It was about 11 P.M. I was tired too. We all agreed, and decided we were gonna go to bed. We all started walking up stairs, I turned to Niall. "Thanks. I dont think I would've made it through that second movie, without you." I told him. "No problem. I didnt mind." He told me. He was blushing a little. I walked into  'my' room and got into my pajamas. When i was done, i laid down on the bed. I couldnt stop thinking about Niall. He' s all i could think about. I finally, slowly fell alseep.



A/N : Sorry about the short-ish chapter. I'll update again SOOON(: If anybody wants to be Harry's girlfriend, you can still ask me if you want to. commment on the comment section your Name and your Description. Thanks!. And for all the poeple who have said something about being about Harry's girlfriend, Thank you sooo much! Im gonna figure out who it is soon! I just wanna give other people a chance(: But you only have a few days, before I say who it is. Thanks, and keep reading(:


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