The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


15. The Buisness Trip

Abby's Pov:

With that the interview ended. All i could think about was Louis said to me. It was really awkward. Its even more awkward considering im sitting right between both of them. "So who would you pick?" Louis asked. "You're gonna make me pick between them?" I said to Louis. "No!" Niall and Harry said. "You guys know you want her too, if she doesnt it will kill you guy's." Zayn said. "Well what if she doesnt like either of us.?" Niall asked. I wanted to tell him that i did. I did like him.. But i think i might have a little feelings for Harry, too.? I really didnt know. But i did like Niall, for sure though. I dont think i could even pick. Like what if i picked Niall, and Harry hated me, or i picked Harry and Niall hated me. Ugh! I would date either one of them actually, i just dont know..  It was silent for awhile.. "Well Me, Abby, and Lux are gonna go get some lunch. You boys wanna join.?" Lou asked. "Yeah, than we can see if theirs a 'Nabby' or a 'Habby'.." Louis said.. "Oh god.." I muttered under my breath.. I think they heard cause they started laughing. As we walked out, Niall grabbed me.. "Im really sorry about all of this." He said. "Dont be, its not your fault." I told him. "Are you sure, cause all this Nabby, Habby stuff has g- He said but i cut him off. "No really, i dont mind." I said then slipped in a wink. Then walked out the door. I hope he knows i like him, now. I feel bad, i think he thinks I dont like him. ..But i do... Ugh this is NOT easy.


We got to a resturaunt and ordered drinks. (Not alcohol, cause of Lux) "So Abby when are you gonna tell us?" Louis asked. "Ya, know how bout we just wait for all this to just go away.?" Liam said. "Oh god are you jealous too. Their can not be a 'Habby, Nabby, Labby,  thing!" Louis said. "What're you talking about.. Im dating Danielle."He told him. "Oh yah.. nevermind then." Louis said. "Could these names get any weirder?" I said. We all laughed. "Okay, well can we not talk about this 'Nabby, Habby' thing for atleast 5 minutes?" Lou asked "I need to talk to you guys.?" Lou said. "okay, go."  Liam said. "Well i have to go on a little business trip, management wants me to practice my make up and hair a bit more, but for girls, cause they want me be more people's stylist." she told us. "Where?" Harry asked. "L.A." She told us. "California?!' Niall said. "Good Job, You know where L.A. is!" Lou joked. "For how long?" I asked. "2 weeks."She told us. "Lux is gonna stay with her grandparents. "Im sorry, You're gonna have to go back home." She told me. Well this is depressing. "They told me this morning.. I gotta leave tomorrow." She told me. I could tell she was upset. "It's okay. I understand." I told her. "No, its not okay,though. You were supposed to be with us for a few months, and you only got to stay for like 2 weeks." She told me. Im starting to feel bad. "No, really i understand. Its not your fault." I told her. "Well , why doesnt Abby just stay with us?" Zayn said. "YAHHHHH!!" Louis screamed. They all nodded and agreed. "Yah, cause thats gonna help this 'Habby, Nabby' thing go away." I said sarcastic. They all laughed. "No really, you should, ya know untill Lou gets back. Then you can still spend time with her." Harry said. "You should!! I mean if you want to." Lou said. I want to... but i mean i dont know.. "Well what about my parents? They think im gonna be with you and Lux. Ya know, people they knew for about 10 years, Not with 5 GUYS they dont even know.." I said. "Well, you dont have to tell them dont you?" Zayn asked. I laughed. "Honey,you dont know her parents.." Lou said. "Yah, i was surprised they even let me come here.They probably have a tracking device on me. Everybody say 'hi'  cause they can hear us right now." I told them. They all started laughing. "Live on the wild side!" Zayn said. I giggled. "Fine.." i told them "But if my parents find out and get mad at me when i get back, i making them call you , Zayn." i told him. "YAYYYY!" They all screamed "You're coming!!" They screamed again. "Yahh..But arent like the 'paparazzi' gonna like notice?" I asked. "Well does it even matter any more? You're already famous!" Louis said. I gave him a confused look. "Ya know , Nabby, Habby?" Liam said. "oh right.." I said. I honestly dont know what is gonna happen. but I'll take my chances.

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