The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


14. Team Nabby Or Team Habby

Comercial  Break.. Back to Abby's Pov:

We all laughed. I turned to Niall "Nabby?" I asked laughing. "The fans make up weird couple names."  He told me laughing. "Its not that bad." Liam said.  But he wass laughing too, i wasnt sure if he was serious. But that was a really weird one. I stopped laughing. They all noticed and turned to me. "Whas wrong?" Zayn asked. I paused. "IM ON TV!" i said prabably too excited. They all just started laughing. "Congrats." Louis said. "You are known as Nabby." He said laughing. We all started laughing. "So what're you guys gonna do about this 'Nabby' thing?" Harry asked. I looked at Niall. We both looked confused. "I dont know.?" We both said at the same time. "Well..." Harry started to ttalk, but Louis interupted. "SSHHHH ITS BACK ON!!"

Interview. (Nobody's Pov)

IL - So guys, is their even an 'Nabby'? She asked them. They all looked at Niall as if they were wating for him to talk. N- Me and Abby are just freinds. Niall told them. IL - So their is NO romance between you two? She asked him. N- Nope, and shook his head. We're just friends. Niall told them. LO - But theirs gonna be. Louis added really fast looking away. IL -Really.. So their is something between you tow, but their isnt. She asked. NIall gave her a confused look. N- What? Niall asked confused. LO- Yes thats correct. Louis said butting in again. IL - What do you buys think of this? She asked. H - I dont think their is anything going on. Harry said to everone. LO - Or maybe their is, and Harry's just jealous. Louis said really fast not looking at Harry. H- I am not jealous. I just out my opinion out their. IL - Ooh. Well something's definetly gonna happen with this girl. Nabby or is Habby? We'll talk more after this comercial break.


Abby's Pov:

I swear we all had our mouths open in shock. The guys were too, and they knew what they said.  Im all over right now. This is the next big thing. Habby or Nabby. Wow.. What if they do actually like me. Both of them. "What just happened?" Lou asked. "I dont know" Niall said. I just sat there. I looked at Niall. He looked back at me. Then we both burst out laughing at the same time. "What's so funny?" Louis asked us. "I really dont know." We both said. "Umm."  Liam said to us. "This is just so different." i told them. "What do you mean, love?" Zayn asked. "well i mean this stuff is about Me, Niall, and Harry. andd this 'thing' has been oing on for a little while, right." I said. They all nodded. "Well if this has been going on for awhile, why is this the first day i heard about.?" I asked. Louis started laughing. "I dont even understand half of this." I said to them. They all started laughing. "Do you need me to explain it to you?" Louis asked laughing. "How about i tell you." Liam said. I laighed "Yah, go ahead." I told him. "Okay, well where do i start.  People say that you and Niall are together, and you guys are Nabby. But then poeple think you and Harry are together, which is Habby. Yah?" Liam said to me. I understoon it clearly, i just dont understand why people think that. "Here, now listen to mine. So basically, Niall and Harry both like you. And um you gotta pick which one you of them you want, beacsue they both want you, understood." Louis said. Everyone started laughing, except me, Niall, and Harry. "Whats so funny?" Harry asked. "We're all laughing cause its true." Zayn said. All 3 of us said and "NO" and shook our heads. "Come one Abby, you know its the same way for you." Lou said. "Oooooohhhh." Louis, Zayn, and Liam said in unison. I think i started blushing, but so was Niall.. Finally the show was back on.


IL- So we're back nd we only have a little time left. Like3 minutes, and we still dont know about Nabby or Habby their is none. Harry and Niall said.Z - "Well, than why are you so defensive about it?" Zayn asked. IL - Now Zayn thinks theirs something up. Everyone laughed. Z - laughed i dont thinks somethings up, i know somethings up. Everyone laughed. "Theirs not." Niall said. IL- Liam do you have anything to say about this? SHe asked him. L-  Theirs nothing left to say. Liam said laughing. Everyone laughed. "Well thats all the time we have, and still dont know the story of Habby Or Nabby. You get a chance tp vote who would be better together. Tweet us #Nabby or #Habby Whos side are you on?   Team Nabby or Team Habby.?

 The Interview was over.

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