The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)



1 Week Later (Gissel's Pov)


It was Sunday Morning, and i just woke up. Tonight was my first time going clubbing, and im going with Harry. Last week me and Harry became a 'thing' I really like him. We also went on a date, too. Then me and Abby went to the Mall. Perrie couldnt make it, because she had to go back on tour. But it was still really fun with Abby. We became good friends, like i thought. My thoughts got interuppted by my alarm clock. I guess i forgot to turn it off. I quickly shut it off, and got out of bed to eat breakfast. I quickly made some eggs, and ate them quick. When i was done i took a half an hour shower. That may seem long, but its not for me. When i got out, I went to pick out something to wear. I dont need to get ready for the clubs untill about 8-ish. So I just put on some grey sweat pants, and a baggy sweatshirt. I just whipped my hair into a bun. I picked out what i was gonna wear tonight, so i save some time. It took me about 20 minutes, but then i got it! I picked out a red short dress, and some black heels. I laid the dress down on my bed, and put down the heels. I cant wait till tonight. It was only around 2. Time goes by way too slow. I decide to go get some Starbucks. I was in a coffee mood. When i got back, I decided to clean up a bit. Thats how bored i was. So bored, that i was gonna clean. I cleaned my WHOLE apartment. By the time i was done it was 4:00. Only if time could go by faster. I sit down on my couch, all tired from cleaning. So i decide to watch a movie. I put on my favorite movie Beautiful Creatures. I've probably seen it 135473892 times. But i dont care. I love it. When it was done, i was starving. So i got up made something to eat. Once i was done, it was 7. I had an hour left. I'll get ready now. I walked upstairs, and did my hair first. I curled it. That took me about half an hour. Next i did my make up. I put on some cover up. Then some light eye shadow. Then some eye liner and mascera. To top it off, some lip gloss. Once i was done i slip on my dress, and put on my heels. Then i hear a knock. Yes! it was Harry. Finally! Time to go clubbing! I run down to the door, and open. "Heyyy." i told Harry, probably a little too excited. "Hey." he said back, grinning. "You.. look beautiful." He said blushing. "Thanks." I said blushing. "Not too bad yourself." I told him. Shortly after that we left. I didnt live far away from he club. We could've walked, and got there quick. After the 3 minute car ride, we got there. Once we got in there, we danced for awhile. Then we both got thirsty, so we went to the bar area. Harry gotta beer, but i gotta soda. Im not much of a drinker. After that we went to go dance again. We danced for about 20 minutes, till Harry went back to get another drink again. I danced by myself, while he was gone. I really didnt mind dancing by myself, i was having fun. After about 15 minutes, Harry still wasnt back yet. So i went to go see what was taking him so long. I walk over there, and see Harry sucking some girls face. I was shocked. I didnt know if i was about to cry, or go punch that 'skank over there. I walk over there, i couldnt watch this anymore. "HARRY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" I shout at him. He looked at me surprised. "Sshhh dont yell. You're hurting my brain." Harry said about to fall out of his chair. Great, He was drunk. I look over to the girl.... It was Lily. My best friend. She knew i was with him. I had a few tears in my eyes. "How could you." I told her. She wasnt drunk. I would be able to tell right away. "Gissel-" Lily said, but i cut her off. "Im leaving." I told both of them. "Gissel wait."Harry called out after me. "No! We're through, Harry." I told him looking him in the eye. With that, I left. I walked home, since it wasnt far, and i dont have my car. I cant believe Harry would do that to me. I cant beleive Lily would do that to me. We've been best friends for years. Once i got home, I went straight to my room, and went to my bed. I didnt change or nothing. I just went and laid down in my bed, Crying. I soon fell asleep.

~Next Morning~  Still Gissel's Pov:


I woke up late this morning. Around 11. I was still upset about last night. I checked my phone. 12 missed calls. 7 from Lily, and 5 from Harry. Im not calling them back. I cant speak to either one of them right now. I dont know if i can find myself to forgive them. I hop out of bed and realize im still in my dress and everything from last night. I go to take a quick shower, and get changed into some jeans, and a plain black tee. Once I was done, I hear a knock at my door. Please dont be Harry, or Lily. Please dont be Harry, or Lily. I answer the door and it was Abby. Thank god. "Hey." She said with a smile. "Hi.." I told her,  giving her a fake a smile. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. She must know about last night. I hug her back. Once we pulled apart we walked over to my couch, probably to talk about things. I had tears in my eyes already and we havent even talked about things. "I heard about what happend." She said. "And im really sorry." She told me giving me a sympothetic smile. "Thanks... How do you know?" I asked. I mean Harry was drunk. I know he probably doesnt remember anything from last night, but still i cant just forgive him. "Last night, some girl walked Harry inside. He was drunk as could be. Then she explained everything to all of us, because we worried why you werent with Harry, and she was." She said not taking a breath. "Oh.."I told her. I was still shocked by all of this. "Did she tell you that she was my BEST FRIEND?" I told her, shouting the ending. I was very angry. "Im sorry, i didnt mean it to come out like that." I told her. "No, dont be sorry. And no she didnt tell us. Thats horrible! Im soo sorry." She told me. I started tearing up more. "Thanks. I'll be okay.. Eventually."I told her. "Ya know, he feels horrible about it. He wanted to come down and talk to you. But i thought it was better that he didnt. He actually got mad at me. But i mean i know it would be hard for you. " She told me. "Sorry.. he got mad at you." I told her. "No, dont be. Thats not the point." She told me. "He should feel horrible! and i know he was drunk, but i just... cant forgive him right away. I mean.. its too hard." I told her.  I probably wasnt making any sense, but she nodded in agreement. "No, i totally understand.." She told me. "Thank you.. for being here. Ugh! I feel horrible!" I told her. I just want to go cry. "I know. And thats why i brought over some movies we're gonna watch, and some popcorn." She told me. I smiled. "You're an amazing friend." I told her. "I know." She said laughing which made me laugh. She quickly put the popcorn in the microwave, and put in the first movie. She grabbed the popcorn and we started watching the movie. After about 3 movies, someone knocked at the door. I was about to get up, but then Abby stopped me. "I got it."She said and got up. I was worried it was Harry or Lily.


Abby's Pov:

Me and Gissel both heard someone knock on the door. I stopped her from getting up. "I got it." I told her. I went to go answer the door and it was that girl from last night that brought Harry home, that is also Gissel's best friend. She just looked at me before she walked in. I followed her. I didnt know what to say to her. The front door is in the living room, well i mean you can see  the door from the couch. "Gissel look, you dont know how sorry i am. I know that Harry and you are together, and i shouldnt of dont that. I just couldnt help myself, i didnt know what was going on.. and i just.. I dont know. But please, please forgive me." The girl said to her. Gissel looked pretty shocked. I just stood there, probably looking like an idiot, i jsut didnt know what to do. "No, i dont think i can." Gissel told her. "Gissel. It didnt mean nothing. I didnt mean it, and he didnt either. Come on we're best friends. We cant just not be friends over one stupid kiss. Im really sorry." The girl said to her. "No, I cant forgive you. Now please just leave." She told her. "Uhh! How can you be so selfish! Jeez! Why cant you just be like a normal friend and forgive me." The girl said to her. "Jeez, a little harsh dont you think." I butt in. "Stay out of this!" She girl yelled at me. "SELFISH!? HOW CAN I BE SO SELFISH!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! AND WHY CANT I JUST BE A NORMAL FRIEND, DONT YOU MEAN YOU!! A NORMAL FRIEND DOESNT GO KISS THEIR BEST FRIEND'S BOYFRIEND!! GOD I CANT BELIEVE YOU!! YOU'RE SUCH A.. BITCH!!" Gissel yelled at her. I was shocked that she would say that to her. But then i was happy that she actually got the nerve and stick up for herself. "ME A BITCH?! HA! COME ON WE ALL KNOW YOU'RE THE BITCH IN THIS ROOM!" The girl shouted back at her. Oh god, this is becoming a big argument. They kept shouting back and fourth to each other. I tried to stop them a few times, but i think i just made it worse. They were still arguing. Then out of no where, the girl slapped Gissel. I sighed in shock! I didnt see that coming. Then i saw Gissel come towards her and slapped her back in the face. Oh god this is getting worse by the second. This girl is really making me mad. Just as i was about to break up their fight, the girl pushed Gissel, and she fell over. "What the hell!" I shouted, Then out of nowhere i punched the girl right in the face. I surprised myself. She hit me back, and i did the same. This got into a BIG fight. I dont know who was winning. She had my hair in one of her hands about to pull it but then i smacked her. Of course she smacked me back. Then it got worse... "You're such a bitch!" She shouted at me inbetween the hitting. I finally could make out a word. "At least im not a whore!" I told her back. That made her really mad, considering she punched me in the face. We scrathed, punched, smacked each other a few more times, untill someone ran into the apartment. "STOP IT!" A few voices said. Then someone grabbed my waist and pulled me back and same with the girl. It was the guys. They were all here. Niall was holding my waist and Louis was in front of me, trying to calm me down. God all i wanted to do was punch her some more. Liam had her waist and Zayn was infront of her. I noticed that my lip was bleeding, and my eye was bruised, and a few scratches on my face. I saw that she had the same though, too. I know im supposed to be the 'responsible' one, but i just really want to hurt this girl. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Louis screamed. Harry was helping up Gissel, but she looked pretty pissed. "That girl over there is starting fights!" I yelled back. "No, that bitch is the problem!" Tha girl yelled pointing to me. That just made me even more mad. I tried to get out of Niall's grip, but he was too strong. "LET ME GO! IM LEAVING!" The girl shouted. Liam looked at Zayn, than Liam nodded. They both walked the girl over to the door, then shut it. I dont even know her name... and i really dont want to. I dont know how Gissel is friends with her.. Well was friends. Finally Niall let go of me. They led me and Gissel to sit down on the couch. I probably looked horrible. Like i said, my lip was bleeding, still, their were scratches on my face and arms, my eye was bruised, and my hair was all messy. I was breathing heavy, and still angry. "What happened!" Liam asked. I looked at Gissel, i really didnt wanna talk. She told them everything that happened. Liam kept asking me questions. Like 'whats gotten into you' and what were you thinking. You could've gotten hurt..'  and other things. He's acting like my dad. "Sorry.." I mumbled. I really didnt care, and he had no reason to be mad at me. I was just defending Gissel, and myself. He sigheed. "Are you okay?" He asked. I smiled. "Yeah." I said. "Good, cause you really kicked ass!" Louis said, making us all laughing. I notcied Harry, he couldnt stop looking at Gissel. I could tell she was trying not to look at him. The rest of the guys noticed them too. We had to get them back together. They are both perfect for each other, and they know that.


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