The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


24. FAIR

Zayn's Pov : (Next Day)


I woke up from the sound of my phone ringing. It was Perrie. I got an instant smile on my face. I havent talked to her in like a week. She's been on tour. I click 'Read Now'

To: Zayn

Good Morning. My next concert isnt untill a few day, and we arent that far away from London right now. So, i talked to my manager and he said i come see you! Miss you lots! Perriexx

From : Perrie

YEESS! Finally! I've missed her so much. I instantly text back.


To :  Perrie

Good Morning! I miss you so much too. And yes, you should come to London! Theirs this Fair going on today, we could go there with the guys, yah? Zaynxx

From : Zayn


She text back fast.


To : Zayn

Yes, that sounds great! Ill be at your flat around 2? Is that okay with you?

From : Perrie


To : Perrie

Yes, thats perfect. See you than. Zaynxx

From : Zayn


That just made my whole morning. I know i shouldnt be this excited, its just that we're really close, and not talking for as long as a week is pretty hard. I got out of bed, and it was 9:27. I better tell the guys. Oh and Abby. Perrie would wanna meet her. I walk down stairs to see the Louis, Harry, Liam, and Abby down stairs talking well arguing about something probably really stupid. "NO! PANCKAES ARE WAAYYY BETTER THAN WAFFLES!" I hear Harry shout. Yep they were arguing about something stupid. I hear some talking back. I interupt them by telling them they're both the same. It took a few minutes, but they got over it. "Wheres Niall?" I asked. "He's still asleep." Liam said. "Im surprised he didnt wake up from you guys shouting about how pancakes are better than waffles." I tell them. "WHAT! ARE YOU SAYING PANCAKES ARE BETTER!!" Louis shouts. "WELL THEY ARE!" Abby shouts back. I sigh and walk into the kitchen and make some toast. I can still hear them yelling. Its like they're all 5 year olds trapped in older bodies. I finally hear them get quiter, maybe they stopped. "You guys done with your little argument?" I asked. They all laughed, and Harry nodded.  I sit down and we try to find something to watch. "Oh, yah. You guys we're going to that fair downtown. K?" I told them. "Sure. But why?" Harry asked. "Perrie is coming." I told them with a smile. "I thought she was on tour?" Louis asked. "Well she is. But she doesnt have her next concert untill a few days, and she's not far from London right now. So yeah."  I told them. "Wait, who are we talking about?" Abby asked.  I laughed. "My girlfriend. Perrie Edwards. She's from Little Mix." I told her. "Really? Little Mix is amazing. I have their new album." She told me, "You better." I told her laughing. Making the others laugh. Our laughing soon get interupted by a very angry and tired Niall. "How loud can you guys get!?" He asked, We all started laughing. "Well good morning, Sunshine!" Louis said. He sighed and walked into the kitchen. Why am i surprised? I watched him as he grabbed a bowl of cereal. We all started laughing. "Whats so funny?" he asked, "Nothing..." Abby said laughing. He came to the couch and watched the TV. "Oh, Niall we're all going to the Fair today, and so is perrie." I told him. He looked at me confused, probably cause she was on tour. Then he just nodded. "Harry, you should take that girl you always talk about." Louis said. Harry started blushing. "I dont always talk about her." He said back. Liam laughed really loud, like he could tell he was lying. "I'll be right back." Harry said leaving the room. "Going to call her?" Abby asked him. "Maybe..." He mumbled blushing. We all just laughed again. About 5 minutes later Harry walked back in the room,with his phone in his hand. "Can she go?" I asked. "Who?" Harry asked trying to act like he doesnt know who we're talking about. "Harry.." I said. "Yes. Gissel can." he told me. "Thank you."I told him. "Wait, when are we going?" Liam asked. "I dont know. Perrie is coming around 2, so proably somewhere around then. Why do you have plans?" I asked. "No, i was just wondering." he told me. I nodded. Good. Everythings planned.

Abby's Pov:


I left the boys downstairs, while i went upstairs to get ready. I took a 15 minute shower. Than picked out a simple pink dress with a light blue jean jacket over it.(Not really fancy) I kept my hair down, but i straightened it. I picked out some white Toms with it. By the time i was done it was already 10:24. I guess i took a little too long picking out my outfit. I grab my phone and check Twitter. Nothing really new. Except theirs Harry and Gissel. None of us met her yet, not even the guys. She seems pretty cool from what Harry says. Guess we'll find out today. Me and Niall are still all over too, their still all the hate tweets, and the nice ones. Which i appreciate. I dont really read the hate tweets. Well i dont try too. As i scroll through Twitter i get interrupeted by someone calling me. It was my mom. I actually havent talked to her in awhile. We talked on the phone for about 20 minutes. We talked about everything going on, here, and back home. I wasnt really the type of person to get homesick, so i was fine. When i got off the phone i walked downstairs and the guys were still on the couch. They were all ready, they must of gotten ready while i was. They are WAY faster than me.  "So, what're we gonna do till the Fair?" I asked sounding bored. "We can watch movies."Liam said with a smile. We ALWAYS watch movies. Well they had like every one, so why not. "Sure.." I told him. I sat next to Niall. The first movie we watched was Bridesmaids. Which was REALLY funny. We all laughed so much. We watched a few more and then their was a knock on the door. Zayn jumped off the couch. "ILL GET IT!" Zayn shouted excited. "We know." Harry said laughing. It was Perrie, obviously. Zayn right away gave her hug, which caused her laugh. They kissed and than talked for a minute. "Hey, boys!" Perrie said. They all said hey and each gave her a hug. "Hi. Abby, right?" She said to me. "Hi, and yah." I told her with a smile. "Im Perrie, Zayns girlfriend." She told me. I stuck out my hand, but she pulled me into a hug. We all talked for a bit. Perrie was pretty cool. It was about 3:00 now. "Well, should we get going to the fair?"  Louis asked. We all nodded. "Im gonna pick up Gissel first, we'll meet you there." Harry said. They all nodded, and we left. I rode with Niall. After about 2 minutes after he started driving, we started talking. "Excited?" He asked. "What, for the Fair?" I asked. He nodded. "Its just a fair, i've been to actually quite a few." i told him. "Yeah, but you havent been to one with me." He said grinning.  I laughed. "Okay, now im excited." I told him. A few more minutes than we were there. We all parked next to each other.  Excpet Harry, he isnt heere yet. But once he gets here, im sure he'll find his way. We goot out of the car and walked over to the boys, and Perrie. We walked over to the the booth where you pay to get in. I pulled out my walet, but Niall put his hand over it. "I got this, love." He told me. "Niall, i can pay for myself." i told him partually laughing. "Well, you're not gonna." He said laughing, than paid for both of us. "thanks." i told him. "Dont worry about it." He said with a smile. We walked back over to the guys, cause we were the last ones to pay to get in. They were sitting on a bench near there cars, probably waiting for Harry. "How long does it take him to pick up a girl?!" Louis complained. "Appearently not too long." Zayn said laughing, and pointing to Harry's car, as he pulled up into the parking space. "Hey, guys. This is Gissel." Harry told us. She was wearing a light floral dress, with a simple brown belt around it. She wore borwn flip flops with them. Her hair was up in a bun. I liked her style. & that sounded weird, but whatever. We all introduced ourselves, and Harry and Gissel walked toward the booth to get in. We all waited for them, so we could figure out the plan for what we were doing. "Okay, so lets all get with someone and rome around, so Perrie and Zayn will go together, Abby and Niall will go together, Harry and Gissel will go together, and i guess that means me and Louis will go together." Liam said. "Oh, and we'll all meet up at the food area in about an hour, okay?" Liam added. We all agrees, and went our seperate ways. "So, where do you wanna go first?" I asked Niall. "Well, we could goo to the games?" He asked smiling. I gave him a smile and nodded. We walked over to the games, and we stopped at one of them. It was one of those games where you see how many bottles you can knock down with a ball, kind of like bowling, but you throw the balls, instead of rolling them. "Wanna play this one?" Niall asked. "Sure, why not" I told him. We each got a turn to play, so i went first. Me, thinking that I would be good at this game, thought wrong. I didnt even knock down one. I looked over at Niall, when i was done, him laughing. "Oh, like you couldnt do any better." I told him laughing. "Wathc and learn, love." He told me picking up the balls. He knocked down all of the bottles. I looked at him with shock. "Told you." He said sticking out his tongue. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever.": I told him laughing. He grabbed a big Teddy Bear from the man and handed it to me. "Awh, thanks." i told him. "What, i just wanted you to hold this for me." He told me laughing and taking the bear away from me. I laughed. "Kidding." He told me, handing it back to me. I let out a a little laugh. We played a few more games, untill it was time to go meet the rest of the guys and their girlfriends in the food area. Me and Niall were the first ones there. I guess Niall was hungry. Like always. I smiled for a second. We waited at one of the tables only for about 2 minutes before Harry, and Gissel got there. We talked for about 10 minutes. Gissel seemed really cool, and seems like someone i would hang out with. Like the type person thats not too full of herself. We were already kind of friends, Finally 10 minutes later, the rest of them get here. "Hey, you guys were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago.." Harry told them. Them as Zayn, Perrie, Liam, and Louis. "Sorry..We didnt keep track of time." Liam said.  He nodded. "Well, how about we get some drinks." Louis said. Everyone agreed. "You girls stay here, we'll go get them." Zayn said. With that the guys left. "So, you guys liking the Fair?" I asked, trying to make conversation. "Its been fun.. Well for me. How about you guys?" Gissel said. "Yah, its been fun." I told them. "Same. Pretty fun." Perrie said. We all just laughed. It took the boys 10 minutes to get the drinks. We were talking the whole 10 minutes. We even made plans to hang out. Probably go to the Mall, just us girls. Im sure we'll see each other a lot, considering, im with Niall, Perrie is with Zayn, and Gissel's with Harry. Well i think they're together. "You and Harry are like, together. Right?" I asked. "Well, i dont know. We've been on a few dates. And honestly i really like him." She told us. "Well, he really likes you too. He talks about you ALL the time." I told her. She smiled. Perrie was about to say something, but the guys came. "What you girls talking about?" Louis asked us. "Oh, ya know. Girl Stuff." I told them looking at the girls. They started giggling. All the boys looked at each other, then looked bacm at us. "mmhhhmmm." Harry said sarcasticly. "Well, we got drinks." Niall said, trying to change the subject. "Thanks." We all told them. A little bit later, we all got our food, and after that we planned on going back in our pairs, and stay at the fair for a little while longer.


Gissel's Pov:

We all just finished eating and we paired back up, and went our seperate ways. Me and Harry decided to go on a ride. They had a few rides, so it wasnt hard to pick. We decided the Ferris Wheel. Im not really a big fan of heights, so i was kind of scrared. I think Harry could tell i was, cause he started holding my hand tighter. Once we got to the top, and it stopped. I would only look in front of me, i havent looked down once... and Harry noticed that. "Gissel,just look down. Its really cool from up here." He told me. "W-what do you mean. I have been looking down." I told him, obviously lying. "Really? I've been watching you. You havent even looked down once." He told me. "Fine." I told him giving in. I slowly turn my head and look down. Oh god. This is really far up. "I really hate you for making me do that." I said turning to face Harry. "No you dont. You like me." He told me. "I know." i saoid smiling. Just then he kissed me. I was shocked at first, but than i kissed him back. We finally stopped for some air. He smiled at me, and i smiled back. "Gissel, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. Honestly i wasnt shocked. "Of course." I said with a smile. Then the ride started moving again. Soon enough we got off. We did a few more rides, then we went go catch up with the rest of the 'crew'. I need to tell Abby about this. She seemed cool, and i could see us coming good friends, i mean i feel like we are friends, even though i only knew her for a few hours. Perrie seems cool, too, but i dont think too much of becoming good friends with her. I guess we'll find out, though. We meet up with the rest of them, and go to the cars. Harry drives me home, and it was about 6:25. I had plans with Harry onTuesday, and the Mall with Abby, and Perrie on Wednsday. Today, was Sunday. I dont have really any plans, untill a few days, so who knows what im gonna be doing till then.

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