The Neice

Abby is an ordinary girl, untill her aunt calls her (Lou Teasdale) calls her to see if she could come stay with her for a few months, to help with Lux and have some gilr time. Once Abby arrives to her aunts house, Harry and Niall are all over her. Which one gets the girl? READ TO FIND OUT :)


23. Concert.. & A Date.

Abby's Pov:


"Abby, will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked breaking the silence. I cant believe he asked me. FINALLY. I've been waiting for this. "Yes, I'd love to be your girlfriend, Niall." I told him. I was probably blushing. But i dont care. I really like Niall, and now, we're dating. He smiled at me. I smiled back. "YAYYYYYY" All the boys scream and start to tackle Niall. I just laughed. I got up partually cause i didnt want to get attacked by the guys, but i was going to get some water. "I'll be right back." I told them and walked off to the kitchen. I grabbed a glass, and started filling it up with water. "BOO." I heard some one say in my ear as he tased my sides. I jumped. That really did scare me. I turn around to face Niall. We both start laughing. "A simple hey, would've been better." I told him laughing. "Yah, but then you wouldnt of gotten scared," He told me. I laughed. "So Abby,so theirs this Ed Sheeran concer tomorrow tonight." Niall said. I nodded for him to go on. "And would you like to go with me.. as a couple.?" He asked nervously. "Dont be nervouse, of course ill go with you." I gave him a smile. "Yah." He said with a tone of relief. We took eachothers hands and walked back out to the living room where the guys were all sittting, trying to find a movie. "What should we watch?" Harry asked. "TOY STORY!" Liam screamed. "But we just did a few days ago," Louis complained. "But Abby didnt." Liam said looking at me. "Fine, if Abby wants to, than we will." Zayn said. Liam looked at me with big puppy eyes. I cant say 'no'  to him. "Um, sure why not." I said laughing. "YAYYY" Liam screamed.We watched the first Toy Story, than the second one, than the thrid one. Well i didnt make it all the way throught the thrid one. Sometime during the second movie, i rested my head on Niall, and during the third movie i fell asleep, still laying on Niall.

The next morning i woke up in Nialls arm. Their was a blanket on us, and Niall was still asleep. He was cute when he was asleep.. and when he was awake. I lift up my head a little bit, trying not to wake up Niall. But that didnt work cause i felt him move, "Good morning." he told me in a groggy voice, which was extremely cute. "Good morning."I told him. "Sorry, i think i woke you up." I told him. "No,  i would've woke up soon anyways." He told me. I smiled. "GUYS THE COUPLE IS AWAKE!" Louis yelled talking to the other guys. I just started laughing. "We're making breakfast right now, it'll be ready soon." Liam said walking in."FOOD?!"  Niall said jumping. Which made me move a little. "Sorry." He said to me. "Its fine" I said laughing. We both got up and walked to the kitchen to see Zayn putting the breakfast on a plate, They made pancakes. We all sit down and eat. We all eat 2, except Niall, who ate 5.  Jeez that boy could eat. After we all finish, i go up to my room, and take a shower, and find some clothes. I pick out skinny jeans, a black shirt, with a desighned dark green jacket. I put my hair into half up half down pony tail.I put on just a little bit of make up and look for some shoes. I hear a knock on the door, "Yes." I call out. Then Niall walks in. "hey, beautiful." He says. 'Hey, handsome." I tell him back. "So, Ed Sheeran concert is tonight, and is it okay if we leave around 9-ish?" He asked. "Yah, sounds good." I tell him. He smiled and then left. I quickly grabbed my shoes and went downstairs.

Harry's Pov:


We were all in the kitchen talking. Mainly about Abby, and Niall. I got bored.. Fast. I start thinking, and then i thought about Gissel. We have a date tomorrow. I dont think i can wait till tomorrow though. I wanna see her. I quickly grab out my phone and text her.

To: Gissel

Hey. Excited for our date tomorrow? (:

From: Hazza Bear


She replied quickly.


To Hazza Bear

Yes, actually i am. Missing your jacket? :)

From Gissel


I laughed at her text and replied


To Gissel

Yes, not as much as i miss you. I wanna see you!

From Hazza Bear


To Hazza Bear

Too bad you'll have to wait till tomorrow! :)

From Gissel


I sighed and put down my phone, back to the 'fun' conversastion.


Niall's Pov: (Tonight)


I wait for Abby downstairs. We're going to my friend Ed 's concert. I wasnt sure about it at first, ya know paparazzi. But he said he got it under control. Abby finallly got downstairs. She was a black short dress, and black converse. "You look.. beautiful." I told her. "Thanks." She said blushing. "Should we go?" I asked. She nodded and we walked to my car. ~Skip Car Ride ~ It took us about 10 minutes to get there. When we got there it was packed. Literally people everywhere. I get out and run over to her side and open the door for her. "Thanks." She said, i nodded. I took her hand we walked in the crowded building. I lead her inside. When we got there, i dont think anybody noticed me. Which is shocking, I get spotted EVERWHERE. Not too long after when we got to our seats Ed started singing. He was really good. Ed was like our best friend. When i say 'our' i mean me and the guys. It looked  like Abby was enjoying the concert too. By the time it was over,  it was about 11. So we get to car, and start talking about how amazing he sounded. We get to my car and i started driving. "Thanks, Niall. That was really fun." Abby told me. "Thanks for coming with me." I told her back. I got out of the car and i went over to Abby's side and opened the door. "Thanks." She said with a smile. I smiled back. Once we got to the door, I didnt know what to do, it was a date, but i mean we were both about to walk through the same door. Am i suppossed to kiss her or something? We both stopped at the door. "Well, thius was an amazing night." She said. "Yeah. It was."I told her. I didnt care any more, i just went for it. I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back, and i was relieved. When the kiss was over, she blushed, and i bet i did too. We got into the house, and everyone must of been sleeping, cause they werent downstairs. We  both said our good nights and went off to our rooms.


Harry's Pov: (Next Morning)


I woke up and the next morning, around 10. It was finally the day i had my date with Gissel. I've been waiting for this forever. Well not forever, but it sure felt like it. The date was later on this afternoon. I decided i was gonna take her to dinner. I quickly got up and took a 15 minute shower. I got out, and looked for something to wear. I grabbed some black skinny jeans and a plain white tee shirt. Thats what im gonna wear on the date too. I walk downstairs and see everyone eating breakfast. I usually cook a lot for breakfast, but i woke up too late. This time Abby was.. Uh oh. She told us that she wasnt really..expierenced in cooking. "Good Morning." I tell them with a smile on my face..I cant stop thinking about Gissel. "What you so smiley about?" Liam asked laughing. "nothing" I mumbled obviously lying. "Harry, you suck at lying." Louis said laughing. "I have a date tonight..." I told them. "ooohhhhhhhhhhh" Is all i got from all of them, untill Abby interupted. "Its ready." She said proud. She set down a plate with some kind of blob on it.. "It looks....different." I told her. "It looks like shit on a plate. "I told you guys i cant cook." She said. We all laughed. "Yeah, & you werent lying." Louis slipped in. We all laughed at his comment, except Abby. You could tell she was trying not to. She pretended pout, but it didnt last long, cause she started to laugh. "Yeah.. I know... Pancakes are just not my thing." She said. "Wait, these were supposed to be pancakes?" I said laughing. She started laughing. "Maybe.." She said laughing. "Hey, its the thought that counts, right?" Niall said laughing, but trying to stick up for her at the same time. "Fine."  Abby said grabbing bowls. "You guys can have cereal." She said and started laughing. She grabbed all the cereal and milk and put them on the table. "Fine with me." Niall said grabbing cereal. We all laughed. After breakfast, we all decided to watch a movie. We ended up watching The Purge. I sat next to Louis and Zayn, then it was Liam, and of course Niall and Abby. The movie was pretty scary. After that movie we watched a few more. Nne of us had plans to do, well except me. My date. Which was ALL i could think about it. Just a few more movies, than it'll be time. I smiled at the thought of Gissel.


Gissel's Pov:

It was now 6:30 and im freaking out! I have NO idea what im going to wear for my date with Harry, which is 30 MINUTES! I literally have been looking in my closet for like an hour. I quickly call my best friend Lily who lives on my floor. I live in an apartment, A quite nice one actually, and its kind of big. Its perfect for me. Right away i hear a knock on the door. She just walked in anyways. She always does, but i really dont care. "Hey! Whats the emergency?" She said out of breath. "I dont have anything to wear on my date!" I told her. She paused. "You called me and told me their was an emergency. I thought you were like dying, the way you sounded!" She said laughing. "I will die if i dont find something to wear." I todl her. "Okay, okay. Calm down." She told me. She looked in my closet and 5 minutes later she pulled out a few outifts. She picked up the first one and showed me. "No." I simply told her. "Okay, how bout this one?" She asked picking up a different one. I shook my head 'no'. She picked up the other one. "PERFECT!" I said looking at the dress. It was a black dress, with a lace over it. It had long laced sleeves. It was absolutely perfect. I quicky ran to the bathroom and put on the dress. It fit good too. I walked out to Lily. "Stunning." She said smiling. "Thanks.. Can you help me with another thing too?" i asked. "Yes, ill help you with your hair." She said smiling. I started laughing.  Lily quickly curled my hair, and then helped me with my make up too. She's an amazing best friend. She put a little bit of cover up, then some eye liner, and mascera, and to finish it off, simple lip gloss. All of that in just 20 minutes. "Thank you SOOOOO much!" I told her. "No problem. Now i gotta get going. Call me after your date!" She said. WIth that she left. I totaly forgot to tell Harry my adress. I quickly grabbed out my phone and send him my adress.

To: Gissel

Thanks love. On my way now.

From : HazzaBear


I immediately get nervous. Harry's gonna be here any minute. I hope this goes well. Fingers crossed.


Harry's Pov:

I text Gissel, and then headed to my car to pick her up at her flat. It isnt that far away, just about 7 or 8 minutes away. Once i got there, i quickly knocked on the door. She answers it instantly. She looked beautiful. I could tell i was blushing. "Wow.. You look beautful." I told her. "Thanks." She said blushing. "Shall we go? I got us a reservation at" (Some really fancy place) I told her. She nodded and grabbed her purse, and walked out. I put my arm around her should, and she looked at me and smiled. We walked to my car and i opened the car door for her. It took us about 10 minutes to get the resturaunt. ~Skip Car Ride~  Once we got there, the waitor got us a table for 2. "Wow. This place is nice." She said. "I know." i said agreeing with her. "Hi my name is Samantha, i will be your waitress today. Do you guys know what you want to drink?" The waitress asked. "I'll take a mountain dew." I told her. "Sprite for me. Thanks." Gissel told her. Not too long after the waitress came back with our drinks. We both ordered the steak. Me and Gissel talked and ate for awhile. I know so much about her, and now she knows a lot about me, too. We also have A LOT in common. It was perfect. She's perfect. After about an hour, we went to my car. ~Skip Car Ride Again~ We got to her apartment building and i walk her up to her flat. "Well Harry, that was really fun." She said with a smile. "So fun that you'll go out with me again?" I asked smiling. She giggled. "Yes.. I'll go out with you again." She said. YES! "I'll call you tomorrow, yeah?" I asked. She nodded. "Good night Gissel." I told her grinning. "Good night Harry." She said smiling.  WIth that she walked into her flat. Leaving me there grinning like an idiot. God i really like this girl.



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