Marcel (19), Harry (19), Hannah (16), And Hallie (3) .
Marcel - My Mum Tells Me I'm Cute , Nerdy, Funny, And Smart. But I Don't Believe Her.. Why Am I The Only M?
Harry- My Mum Says I'm Very Cute,Flirty,Fun,And Funny.I Believe What She Says About Me Most Of The Time.
Hannah- Hello I'm Hannah. Bye I'm Hannah.
Something They All Have In Common Is They Love To Perform On Stage.
=) =] ~Amaya<3 Please Dont Copy! Coming Soon.


5. Chapter 1

Hallie's POV

I swung on the wooden swing kicking my legs as high as I could. I looked at the grey sky giving me a warning it was going to rain. The wind picked up and it started with little droplets of rain. 

"Hallie come on or your going to be late for your first day." My mummy called out to me.It started pouring rain and I quickly stopped the swing. I hopped off and made my way to my home.Everyone was in the doorway waiting for mummy and I. I brushed my light brown hair out my face.

I made sure to hug Robin and get my bag contain pencils,crayons,erasers,paper,and my lunch.

"Bye Hale" Robin kissed my forehead. My nickname is Hale. I followed everyone out and jumped into the car.I leaned my head on the window watching everything go past. Rain droplets falling everywhere. I wish I could go out and play in the rain but I have preschool so I can't.

I was going to be the first one dropped off since my preschool is only 3 blocks away.

"Bye Hannah.Bye Marcel.Bye Harry.Bye mummy." I said kissing each one of their cheeks. I hopped out of the car and looked back. Harry was smiling.

"I'm scared , Haz" I said looking him deep in the eyes.

"You will be fine, Hale." I nodded believing him. I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to see mummy. I smiled and grabbed her hand. I didn't know she was coming.Let the day begin.

Marcel's POV

I watched as Hallie was going into her school. Her class was in the front so I saw her smiling with a small girl as we were leaving. Her head snapped towards us before we sped of and she waved. I waved back at her and smiled. Hallie is sure growing up fast. Mum arrived at our school and we piled out of the car. Once we got out we went our separate ways. Harry going with his popular group. Hannah leaving with her friend , Ella and Belle. And I going by myself. 

I wished to see Hallie's face right now.She was a stress reliever. Her smile and laugh was contagious. She could always make me laugh. Even if it meant slapping me.I smiled at the thought of my little sister playing with me. My smile faded when I saw the jocks coming towards me.

Beating #1.

Hannah's POV

I hummed to "Only Girl In The World" by Rihanna with Ella and Belle by my side.

"What class do you have first ,Hannah?" Ella asked me.

"Uhhh... I have gym."

"Me too." said Ella.

"I do too!" echoed Belle.


"We all have the same classes except for Math ." I said looking at our schedules.

"That's awesome! " Belle said high-fiving Ella and I.

I nodded. The bell rung signaling it was time for gym class. I wonder how the others are.

Harry's POV

I made it to English class with my girlfriend , Rosie.I listened to Mr.Fielder blabber about what I think was Shakespear? Whatever. I watched as Rosie listened to everything he said. If that makes sense. She was a good girl. I'm not bad it's just this isn't my type of stuff.

"Mr.Styles are you listening?" Mr.Fielder asked looking at me.

"Yes Mr.Fielder , I am"

"No you are not I can sense when teens are lying." He said folding his arms.I laughed.Oops.

"What's so funny?"  He asked.

"You remind me of Hallie , my little sister."



"Office! Now!"

"But-" Before I could finish what I was about to say I felt an hand on my arm.

"Harry just go." Rosie whispered. I nodded and left the room. Won't mum be happy to hear this?

Not. -.-


Coming Soon To A Website Near You.... See What I Did There? No? YES YOU DID!  ~Amaya


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