Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


16. Sixteen.

Katerina's P.O.V.

"I know mom! I know!" I chirped excitingly. 

Today, my mother, Maria and I were organizing Justin and I's wedding. I was getting so go damn excited since it was only a week from now. Justin, Ryan and Chaz had their fitting sessions today and I was rather jumping in excitement. 

"I can't believe you're getting married before me." Maria chuckled, smiling brightly. 

After I moved in Argentina, we got back in contact. She's still the big sister I never had. I laughed along, smiling as we finally got out of the car to the wedding planner, Jennifer. Apparently the best. 

Presently, we're in Bahamas, where Justin and I had decided to marry each other. We only had our parents, the bridesmaids and guy of honours... or whatever you call them. 

We decided to come early for vacation, since we needed some kind of rest from work. Dr. Montez, the chief, understood and let me go for the month. We're getting married in two weeks, I'm just bubbling in excitement. 

"Did you think about theme colours?" The planner asked, smiling widely. 
"We were going for turquoise." I nodded. 
"Excellent choice." She approved, writing it down. "Your dress fitting is in fifteen minutes, right down the hall." 

I thanked her, smiling like a fool. I could not be in a shitty mood in this instant, I was feeling like a pure princess, screw that, I was feeling like the Queen of England. 

We left her office, walking down the colourful halls, I just love Bahamas right now. It gives you such a good vibe, just the mood for a wedding. 

We walked in the small shop, my smile growing instantly. I hadn't chose my dress yet, we're choosing today and doing the fitting. I feel so excited, like I'm going to burst in happiness. Nothing can describe how I feel. 

"Welcome to our shop, may I help you?" A petite lady smiled. 
"We're looking for my wedding dress." I grinned, the bridesmaids dress for Maria was already chosen. 

My other bridesmaid was Carsyn, a friend of mine back in University. She gladly accepted and told me her dress point since she wouldn't be able to come until three days before. 

The young lady brought us where the multiple racks of beautiful dresses were, making my smile grow. We looked for hours, there were just so many, I didn't know where to look. It was so overwhelming, but I finally set my eyes on one, a beautiful one. 

The chest part was heart shaped. It was strapless and had a cream coloured lace tissue over the bright white one. The rest was white, not too flowy, just enough. You could tell it was a wedding in South. 

"I found it!" I shrieked. 

My mother and Maria came rushing to me, smiling at the beautiful dress in my hands. We searched for my size, finally finding it. I went to try it on, it's like it was made for me. I'm pretty sure God dropped it from the sky. 

I walked out of the fitting room, my mom covering her mouth, small tears in her eyes. She smiled brightly as she pulled it away. 

"You look beautiful, honey." She whispered, her hands hovering her purse. 

I thanked her and saw Maria coming black with a turquoise dress, it had spaghetti straps and was made in silk. Her eyes snapped towards me, a small smile on her face. 

"You look beautiful, Kate." She grinned. "How about this for me and Carsyn?" 
"Try it on, if you like it, we'll buy one for Carsyn." I smiled. 

She went in the cabin as I looked myself in the mirror once more, smiling big. I loved it, I simply was in love with it. 

I changed back into my short jean shorts and tank top. Maria liked the dress so we bought her and Carsyn one, thanking the petite lady who had helped us during these past hours. My excitement was about to explode. 

I was skipping as we walked back to the hotel, my brown curled hair bouncing in many different directions. My mother and Maria were simply laughing behind, slowly trailing the same path. We finally reached the fancy hotel, my smiled growing as I was about to see Justin. My love was growing for him, if that's even possible. 

Finally stepping on the twenty-third floor, where the suites were, I grinned sheepishly. The rest of our families were down on the sixteenth, Maria and the best mans were on the eighteenth, we were spread around the hotel pretty much. 

I inserted my card in the hole, opening the door to a fresh sent, which meant the maid had passed by. Justin was laying on the bed, shirtless. He was in a pair of sweatpants and you could see his boxers a bit. 

His gaze snapped towards me, a small smile on his face. I took my shoes off and walked to him, crawling on the bed on my knees and hands. I finally got to him, pecking his lips. He pulled me on top of him, that idiotic grin on his face. 

"Did you have fun?" He murmured. 
"I did." I chuckled. "Your fitting with Chaz and Ryan?" 

I sat up, straddling him. He placed an arm behind his head, lacing his right hand with mine. I blushed the slightest, smiling. 

"Fine, but you weren't there." He pouted. 
"Because I'm not supposed to." I laughed. 

He nodded in realization, I kissed his cheek, he's just so cute. 

"You excited?" I asked. 
"More than ever." He smiled brightly. 

So am I.... SO AM I!


WHOOP! WEDDING IS COMING... IT'S COMING ;) Sorry, but school is such a handful. I'll update on weekends mostly, if I can :)


-Audrey :]

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