Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


17. Seventeen.



Katerina's P.O.V.

"Come on baby, you have to leave." I sighed, standing up from the cozy bed. 

The wedding is tomorrow and Justin has to leave for the night, but he's presently half dead on the bed, which practically meant he was tired as hell. I gently shook him, making him shift, but not wake up. 

"Come on, Jay." I murmured in his ear, kissing his temple. 

Groaning, he sat up, rubbing his eyes and forehead. Looking at me, he stood up slowly, pulling a green t-shirt over his head. He tried to smile at me, and kissed me on the lips, his forceful movements taking me by surprise. 

"Nah-ah." I sing-sang, pulling away. "You have to wait." 
"Fine." He grumbled and kissed my nose. "I love you, and I'll see you tomorrow, miss Bieber." 
"Didn't I say I wanted to keep my last name?" I raised my eyebrows. 
"No." He smirked. "Not according to the legal papers." 
"Justin Drew Bieber." I playfully slapped him, gasping. "Get your sorry ass out of this room!" 
"SEE YOU TOMORROW!" He shouted. 

I shook my head, laughing lightly. I watched him walk out, seeing his hot back tensing as his muscles were apparent, making it even more entertaining. 

We're getting married... tomorrow.


Pulling my dress on, I grinned sheepishly as it fitted perfectly. Today, I felt beautiful. My happiness and bubbling actions were different then usual, I was nervous but somehow, I found comfort in the fact I was going to marry him. The man I love. 

"You look beautiful, honey." My mother smiled, a hand covering her mouth. 
"Thank you, mom." I grinned, hugging her. 

My hair was in beach waves, and I had a braid crown with small ribbons in them. I had natural makeup, and I had white flats. I didn't want to wear heels. Carsyn and Maria were as beautiful as ever, and I felt like nothing could be anymore perfect.

"Who are those cute boys over there?" Maria asked, pointing at Chaz and Ryan. 
"Chaz and Ryan." I smirked. "Justin's best mans." 
"Which one's that." She asked, staring intently at Chaz. 
"Chaz." I whispered.

She nodded, keeping her eyes on him. Smirking, I slowly walked away, seeing Carsyn socializing with Ryan. So, other weddings planned for the future? I'm totally up for it. We got in place, the small music starting. My father placed his arm in mine, smiling at me. 

"Ready, mia?" He whispered. 
"Never been as ready." I nodded, grinning. 

He placed a kiss on my forehead, and my father and I walked in the white sand. Everyone stood up, my mother smiling foolishly, fresh tears running down her face. I couldn't help but smile and mouth her a 'it's alright'. My eyes then drifted to Justin, his eyes on me. He suit fitted perfectly, his hair spiked up as always. His eyes finally met mine, a huge genuine smile appearing on his face. The summer breeze made me inhale deeply, everything feeling perfect. 

My father let go, a grin on his face. I stood in front of Justin, my hands in his. Both of our eyes were set in each other's, his caramel honey brown eyes entertaining me to a very high point. We told our wishes, the men saying everything he had to. 

"Do you, Katerina-Samantha Baeza-Rivierra, take Justin Drew Bieber as your husband?" He finally asked. 
"I do." I smiled. 
"Do you, Justin Drew Bieber, take Katerina-Samantha Baeza-Rivierra as your wife?" He repeated.
"I do." I felt somewhat relieved after this. 
"You may now kiss the bride." I grinned sheepishly. 

He kissed me sweetly, a big smile on both of our faces. We were now married, and much to my dismay, I was Katerina-Samantha Bieber. 

The rest of the night was simply unforgettable, I had the best time of my life. Justin made me happy, he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and that wish has been exhausted. 

Love Remembered Us. 


Alright guys, this was the last chapter :( I won't be doing a sequel, I'M SO SORRY! I just lost every single inch of inspiration for this story. Just know that I have other ideas in mind, and I promise I'll try my best to make a story you guys'll like. 

Katerina and Justin are now married. 

Goodbye, until next time... 

-Audrey :]



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