Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


9. Nine.

Katerina's P.O.V.

I came in work at five in the morning, like usual.
Last night, I dreamt about Justin a lot. It's crazy how he found me, but he didn't come for the reason I would've liked. 
I dropped my bag in my office, heading out. 

"Mr. Bieber is asking for you." Jake said, concentrating on the computer. 

I sighed, I dug my hands in my coat pockets. 
He's already awake, like seriously? It's a bit early for him. 

I knocked on the door quietly, walking in. 
"Hello Mr. Bieber, you asked to me?" I said unsurely. 
"Can you call my fiancé?" He pleaded. 
"I don't know, it's a bit early. You need to rest." I murmured, sitting on the chair next to him. 
"Well, can you keep me company?" He said, desperate. 
"Of course, I don't start until eight." I smiled softly. 

I stayed with him for the next three hours. We laughed, and talked. We 'learned' about each other, even if we already knew everything. 

"Would you like me to call future Mrs. Bieber?" I teased smiling lightly. 
"Yes please." He teased elegantly. 

I chuckled and went to the reception. I dialled her number, waiting patiently. 
"Hello?" Someone yawned. 
"Excuse me, it's Dr. Rivierra, I can call later." I said. 
"Oh no, it's fine!" She exclaimed. 
"You can come, your fiancé is awake." I muttered. 
"Thank you, I'm on my way." She told me, before hanging up. 

I sighed, I'll never have a chance if I don't even tell him it's me. But, I can't just break a couple, it's so heartless, I'm happy for him. I guess.
If he's found happiness, I can't destroy everything he's built. 

I sat in my office, thinking about everything. I'm such a mess, I'm idiotic and selfish. And he's getting married. 
All of this because I ALMOST got kidnapped. Well, I kind of had a reason to react like that, but maybe I went too far. 
A gentle knock pulled me out of my thoughts. 
"Come in." I called.

Diana came in, an envelope in her hands. 
I smiled gently at her, motioning her to sit down. 

She closed the door behind her, sitting on the uncomfortable chair.
"How may I help you?" I asked quietly. 
"Uh, I wanted to thank you actually." She smiled unsurely. 
"Oh, why?" I asked curiously, putting papers away. 
"Justin told me you were a really great doctor, and that you were the first to be that nice to him. So, I'm not forcing you, but here. And, please think about." She pleaded and left. 

I looked at it suspiciously, it had 'Justin & Diana' written on top. 
I opened it slowly, looking at the card. 

"You're invited to the union of Justin & Diana..." I read aloud. 

I slapped my hand over my mouth, gently breaking down. I cried silently, tears spilling on the invitation. I could care less. 
But I have to go, I support his choice. I'm happy if he's happy. 

I wiped all the tears, deciding that I'd tell them I'll go. 

I walked towards it, fiddling with the card. 
Knocking gently, I waited for an answer. 

"Come in." I heard Justin's voice. 
I walked in, the envelope in my hands. 
"I would be honoured to come." I smiled softly. 

Diana hugged me, and I hugged Justin who was laying down. It felt like everything came back, it was so saddening. 

"And, I would like you to be one of the bridesmaids." She smiled delicately. 
"Wow, thank you. I really appreciate." I said, shocked.

I just met the girl yesterday. 
"We have a trying tonight, at six-thirty." She explained. "I can pick you up, since you probably don't know where it is." 
"Thank you, and yes please." I nodded. 

I gave her my number, smiling. 
"Now, Mr. Bieber has to eat. So you can come back in an hour." I told her. 

She nodded and left, saying goodbye. 
"You remind me of someone." I heard Justin say. 
I froze. I cleared my throat.
"Really? W-Who?" I stuttered. 
"Her name was Katerina too." He smiled softly, a tear slipping down his cheek. 

He's crying. Oh God. 
"Can you please be my confident, I really need to talk about this." He whispered. 

I nodded slowly, a ghost of a smile on my face sadly. I was going to cry. 
"Tell me from the start." I whispered, I wanted to hear our story. 
"Well, I used to be in a gang, I know, not the best thing. But still, we were having a fight behind the mall, where she worked. She was walking home that night, I didn't see her at first, she was around the corner. And my dog tag flew out of my neck, towards her. She took it, and when we noticed her. I couldn't help but feel something weird. I told her to keep my necklace, because the town feared me. So if she had it, no boys other than me would have her. I started spending time with her, and I went to her graduation. And one day, she called me, she was home alone. She told me she was scared, and thought someone was in the house. I didn't believe her, so she called again later. My worst enemy was in the house, and tried to kidnap her. I came just in time, but she left afterwards. She told me, that if I find her, then we'll be together, and if I don't... that she'll always love me. But I never did, and I met Diana. She was nice, and I liked her, but I'll never love anyone in my entire life. She's the one I loved and the one I'll always love." He finished shakily. 

My eyes were glassy, as I held onto his hand for support. 
"Well, I have a story too." I whispered. 
"Go for it. I made you listen." He chuckled softly. 
"One night, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I had already met the guy, he was the bad boy of town. I was taking a walk, and I heard him talk to others. So I eaves dropped for a couple of minutes, and when he was about to come towards me, I ran. I tried to hide in a dark alley, but there was a gang of boys. One slapped me, and tried to rape me. So I screamed his name, and he came to help me. From that day, I knew I'd always love him, but I left because of one stupid thing. I moved to Argentina, and tried to rebuild my life. But I realized that, he's the only one I'll ever love." I smiled softly, tears spilling on my face. 
"We're extremely messed up." He whispered. "What would you do if you found that person?" 
"I already did, and he's getting married." I whispered softly. "What about you?" 
"I'd go back to her, because she's the one I'll ever want." He smiled softly. 

My heart stopped at his words. 
Should I tell him or not?

I can't break Diana like this, so I won't, for now. 
This is my decision for the present, maybe not the future...


Thanks for reading :) 
Is she gonna tell him soon? Hehe, surprise ;) 

-Audrey :]

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