Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


14. Fourteen.

Katerina's P.O.V.

It's been about six months since Justin's back, and soon it'll be his birthday. I organized him a surprise party, he actually made friends here. I had to make him learn a bit of spanish, though. 

"Everyone, hide! He's coming!" Dr. Lopez shouted. 

Practically al of us jumped behind the couch, knowing there was no other place to hide. The front door opened, revealing a hot looking Justin. 

"3,2,1..." I whispered. 
"SURPRISE!" We all shouted. 

He jumped back in fright, his eyes widening with a smile plastered on his face. He started laughing and everyone greeted him, wishing 'Happy Birthday'. 

I went over to him and gave him a smirk. He pecked my lips, chuckling along with me. His arm draped tightly around my waist. 

"Nice way to give me a heart attack. Do you want me in the hospital, again?" He teased, pouting his lips lightly. 
"At least, I tried." I went along, playfully shaking my head. 

He kissed me once more, smiling brightly. His hand slipped in mine, sending a tingling sensation down my spine. The things he does... 

"Who wants some cake?" I shouted. 

Everyone cheered, indicating I had to get the cake. Justin sat down, his hand slowly untangling from mine, which I didn't really like, but on the other hand, we're about to eat cake. 
I got the ice cream cake, I purposely took it ice cream flavour because it's my favourite, everyone knows that. 

"Happy Birthday to you..." Everyone started, singing along. 

I slowly placed his cake in front of him, the lights dimmed and the only light being from the small candles. I snapped a quick picture of him, the fire reflecting in his honey brown eyes. 

"Make a wish." I whispered in his ear. 

He closed his eyes, blowing out the candles. We all clapped and I started giving out pieces, handing them to the different guests. 

After everyone was served, Justin and I took our own pieces, his smirk indicating he knew why I took the flavour. 

"Isn't this supposed to be my birthday?" He chuckled, taking a bite out of it. 
"It's not like you don't love me for choosing it." I shrugged, engulfing my cake. 

He pulled me down on his lap, so I was now sitting on one of his legs. He kissed my cheek, leaving ice cream on it. 

"Justin." I whined, quickly wiping the sticky substance. 
"Katerina." He mimicked me. 

We continued with our cake, everyone harmonizing. It was really fun, I'm guessing it's time for the presents. 

"Presents!" Justin shouted childishly. 

Everyone laughed, his childish behaviour lightening the mood. He received money, mainly, clothes, all that stuff. 

"My turn." I smirked. 

I gave him the box, chuckling lightly. He tore the paper off, practically throwing the lid off. His face dropped as he looked at the shirt. 
I laughed loudly. It was a picture of when he had an allergy, his face became extremely big and I took a picture with him while he was sleeping. 
'You know you love me.' was written on it too, making everybody laugh even harder. 

"Some chance you have that I love you." He shook his head, pecking my lips. 

I did have the chance...


SORRY FOR THE WAIT! It's just that I'm starting school wednesday, I had to double check everything and BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just came back home from an extremely long day out, so sorry for taking so long. 
I know it's short, please don't comment pointing out the obvious... 


-Audrey :]



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