Love Will Remember.

Katerina was just a simple girl. Sweet, innocent and absolutely beautiful.
Justin Bieber was no where near there. He's arrogant, cheeky and not-so-nice.
She finds herself seeing what she wasn't supposed to, what will the consequences be?


4. Four.

Katerina's P.O.V. 

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. 
A strong arm was wrapped around my waist, making me freak out inside. 
I couldn't see him because my back was against the unknown person's chest. 
I turned my head slowly, scared, only to find Justin's head resting in my neck. He looked so cute and peaceful when he was asleep. 

It made me smile, honestly, I wouldn't mind waking up like this every morning.

What the hell? Am I serious?

I removed his arm delicately, scared to wake him up. As I looked down, I was still wearing his hoodie. I smiled and inhaled his scent. He smelled really good. 

I'm doing awkward things...

I quickly left the room, walking downstairs. 
I still get easily lost in this house, so I tried to remember my way to the kitchen. After about five minutes, I finally found my way to it. 

I looked through a couple of cabinets, before finally finding what I was looking for. Cereal. 
I chose Lucky Charms, smiling at the thought of it. I was so hungry, I just couldn't wait to eat them. 

I poured milk into them and started eating them. I smiled in delight. So damn delicious. 

I heard footsteps come downstairs. A sexy looking Justin appeared in the kitchen, shirtless with messy hair. God damn hottie. 

Shut up Kate.

I smiled at him, waving slightly before returning to my delicious food, since I was starting to get distracted by his abs. 

Very distracted.

I think he noticed, because the smirk plastered on his face made me think otherwise. I quickly took out my phone, blushing furiously. 
I don't usually blush, but this time, it's different.

What's happening to me?

I checked Facebook, scrolling through my news feed.  
A post caught my eye, making me wide eyed. 

Bieber's girl.
*Insert picture of ME here*

It's freaky, how does every person in this town knows? Changing thoughts. 
I looked at the time, and freaked out, I have University today.

"Shit." I mumbled.
"What's wrong?" Justin asked, in some sort of sexy morning voice.

Turn on.

"I have school today." I muttered. 
"You're still in High School?" He asked, his eyes wide.
"No. Do I look that young?" I asked, huffing. 
"You look sixteen." He chuckled.
"Well big boy, I'm probably older than you." I smirked. 

I brought my dishes to the sink, dropping them gently. 
Justin was looking at me confused. 

"Eighteen." He said.
I shook my head.
"Seventeen?" He said unsurely.
I shook my head, laughing. 
"I won't tell you, you can find that out with your creepy superhero powers." I giggled, walking upstairs. 

I changed into yesterday's clothes, keeping pulling his sweatshirt over my outfit. 

Too comfy to let go.

I slowly trotted back downstairs, Justin playing with his phone. He had put a shirt on. I don't know why, but I'm mad at him for putting a shirt on.

Katerina-Samantha Monica Baeza-Rivierra, get your mind straight.

"Are you driving me?" I asked.
"Sure, where?" He asked, standing up. 
"University." I smiled. 

He nodded, smiling.
His smile was to die for, it's so beautiful. You can't help but copy his actions when he does that, it's attractive.

Very attractive.

He drove as we held a conversation, he would try and trick me to tell how hold I am. I would just shake my head and change the subject, laughing. 

We arrived and I had ten minutes left. Shit.

"Can I pick you up?" He asked.
"Sure, I finish at noon." I smiled.

I rushed in, making sure to run fast enough. I realized I still had his sweater, making me grin. Everyone was looking at me in fright, obviously. I got used to it, I guess. 

I walked in my first class, with Mr. DiCaprio. 
I took a seat in the auditorium, alone. Nobody dared to even approach me, which made me chuckle. 

"Good morning class." The teacher exclaimed.
I heard a few mumbles in response. Including me. 
"Has you know, some of you will have your diploma sooner than others. For them, they will graduate next week. I will name those students." He started to name a few.
"Katerina Rivierra." YES! ONLY A WEEK LEFT.


I smiled as the bell rang, I was practically jumping on the walls. I'm graduating early. It's so awesome, I don't have another year. 

I skipped happily towards Justin's car, smiling like a goof. His sweater was dangling from  side to side making me smile even wider.

"What's with you?" He asked, smiling.
"Only a week left." I sigh in relief. 
"I did my research today." He smirked.
I laughed.
"You're so creepy." I mumbled.

We drove to his house in a happy mood.

It's the first time I've ever seen him like this, I like it that way.


Thanks for reading :)

-Audrey :]

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