You live my life *complete*

One Direction is the biggest band in the world. Well, it used to be.
It's been one year since the band is over. Niall and Harry had an argument which causes the end of the boys band. But what if Niall and Harry meet again one day, at random, and they end living each other's life? Could the weirdest incident ever fix their friendship?


6. Acting like Harry


Niall's POV

I went into the shower. Maybe, I will wake up after showering. I looked at all the bottles standing on the shower's side. There was two shampoos and one after shampoo and a soap. Why does he have so much things for his hair? I'm sure Zayn has less stuff for his.

I finally finished showering thirty minutes later because I had to wait for each shampoo to take effect. I walked out of the bathroom and went to his closet. I tried to dress like Harry usually does, so I took jeans, a blue shirt and converse shoes. I put these clothes on. How can he wear jeans so tight? I know it fits to his body but I can't bear it! I want my jeans back!

After looking at Harry's reflection in the mirror, I walked down the stairs and looked for the kitchen. I'm starving! I searched for food in the cupboard. I found a few things and ate. But it wasn't enough for me. I have to go and buy more food. Harry's cupboard are nearly empty. How can he eat so little? I walked back in the bedroom and searched his wallet. I found it in the pocket of his jacket. I was heading to the front door when I thought I shouldn't  buy food if he hadn't told me I could. But, after all, I don't know how long we're going to stay like that. I need to feed myself! And then, I walked out of the house.

I went into the first supermarket I saw and bought a few stuff. Well, maybe not a few. Just enough for a week for someone who loves food. The ckech-out assistant looked at me agape when I went to the cash register. I paid and quickly walked back to the house, hoping no one recognized Harry. Once in the kitchen, I put the food away but kept some to eat. I ate them while looking around the house. All the room were white and there only were a few paintings on the walls. The atmosphere was cold. It was impersonal.

I walked in the living and noticed a picture on a piece of furniture. I took it and smiled. Even though it is over and he hates me, he keeps a picture of the band. On this picture, we both were side by side and he had his arm around my shoulders. What we lived for three years still means something to him. I was still looking at the picture when the phone rang. I picked it up.

"Hey! Ready for that afternoon?" Louis' voice echoed in the phone.

"Hey! Of course," I answered, uncertain.

"So, I'll come at 2 pm! See you!" And he hung up.

Ok, so Louis is going to come. Great! I just have to found what for. Hang on... I will have to try to act like Harry when he is with Louis. Oh my G...! He will know straight away there is something wrong!

I began pacing around the living room. I have to call Harry. And then, I froze in the middle of the room. I forgot to tell him I was supposed to work today! Wait, Sally might have come and look for him. Everything is fine, then.

I took the phone to call him but it rang. I almost had a heart attack!

I looked at it and picked up.



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