One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


3. Zayn & Deajah *Movie night*

Deajah's POV


You rang the door bell. You were invited by Louis to come over at his place at 8 to have some fun with the lads and their girlfriends this evening. You couldn't reject this opportunity, your chance to finally have an evening together with Zayn after their tour, the guy you really liked the second you met him. 
You were a bit late, it was already 8.30.

Louis opened the door, and smiled. ''Deajah, great you made it!''

You just smiled back as he hugged you.

Louis brought you to the rest in the living room, ''Deajah is here guysss!''

''At last.'' Harry smirked.

You just smiled and didn't know what to say. Eleanor came to you and hugged you. ''Happy you're here!''
''Yeah me too.'' you said as you hugged her back.

You waved to all the other guys, but couldn't find Zayn.
''Where's Zayn?''

‘’He’s late, too. For a minute, we thought you were together having a good time with just the two of you leaving us unhappy!’’ Louis joked.

Then Zayn came in. ‘’I’m a bit late, am I?’’

‘’You were not the only one…’’ Liam chuckled.

Louis had the idea to watch an horror movie. You hated horrors, but agreed since Zayn agreed as well. When you took a sit on the floor with a blanket, Zayn joined you. He smiled at you and you just smiled back a bit shyly.

After half an hour, things were getting pretty scary, and Louis just laughed his ass off all the time. Damn, how could he love this? You couldn’t take it anymore, and so you put your hands in front of your eyes.
Then suddenly, you felt an arm around you, and when you looked at them, you found out Zayn cuddled up.

''Don’t worry, Deajah, I’m here.'' He whispered, his voice sounding save. I smiled and leaned on his chest the rest of the movie.

When the movie ended, he brought you home and gave you a kiss on your cheek, saying ''I hope I'll see you next time...''

Yes this was a good night.



~Hope you liked it Deajah! ~M<3

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