One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


1. Niall & Eline

Niall's POV

There she was. The girl I always think of. The girl who was there in my dreams every night. I couldn't stop thinking of her for the last few days. You know, we've been friends now for awhile, but now I consider I'm falling for her. Bad, bad, bad Niall...
The lads always thought of us as a couple, because we were pretty close, but then I told them every time we were nothing more than friends. Ugh.

Eline and I were planning on a movie night this evening, just like every other Friday evening. The only difference now is, I'm starting to have feelings for her. Should I say it tonight?

''Niall, hey, what's up?'' Eline asked me, while I was still staring at her. Oh, how long have I've been staring?

''Uh, nothing. So you're ready for some scary movies?'' I tease her. She hates scary movies. She's more a romantic and comedy type of girl, which I like.

''Yeah, you know how much I hate them Nialler! You better have something else in mind.'' She says. I laugh.

''Okay, wait, I'm going to the kitchen to grab some food, you can just go and sit already, I'll be right there!''

''Okay.'' She walks to the livingroom while I walk my way to the kitchen.

Then the door bell rang.


Louis' POV

There I stood. In front of Niall's appartment. I knew she was there. The girl Isecretly fancied for awhile. I always thought she and Niall had something, but Niall denied it several times, so I guess I can like her right? Eline and I had a good time yesterday at the park. We had a picknick there, we were laughing all the time, making silly jokes and yeah, I then kinda said I liked her... I think she didn't get it exactly, because she was still giggling like I was making a joke, so I sort of laughed too to stop me from embarrassing myself even more. I couldn't think of anything else but her. Tomorrow I'm off to Newcastle and I knew she would be here tonight, so I really wanted to ask her now. When I rang the bell, Niall opened. His face surprised.

''Louis? What's up mate?''

''Nothing much... Is Eline there?'' I carefully ask.

''Yeah. Uhm. Come in.''

I close the door behind me.

''Hey who's th-''

Eline walked into the hall with a surprised expression on her face when se saw me.

''Hey Eline, I was wondering, uhm... Can I talk to you in private?''

''Yeah sure.'' Niall looked a little awkward but then left the hall.

When he closed the door behind him, Eline asked me, ''What's up Lou?''

''Look Eline,...''


Eline's POV

''I'm so sorry... I don't know what to say...'' Tears were filling my eyes. Louis just told me he really liked me, as in like like. I really thought he meant something else yesterday in the park. We were having a crazy time together, and out of nowhere he said he really liked my jokes and the way I was, but I didn't know he was saying he liked me in that way! I told him I really love him, but don't have the same feelings as him. I felt bad, but I just can't lie to one of my best friends. I have to stay honest with myself. Since the day I met Niall, I really liked this guy. I tried to put that feeling aside, but I just couldn't help it. We became even closer, but every time I got those butterflies in my stomach, some of the lads asked us if we were something, and Niall always said no. I never denied it though. I don't want to be heartbroken by my best friend I secretly like. We're together every Friday to watch movies together, and then we cuddle up and are having a good night.

''I better go... I'll see you around, dear.'' Louis softly whispers.

''Okay Lou... Take care. I'll see you...'' I say awkwardly.

When I walk into the livingroom, Niall looks up.

''Did Louis left?'' He asks.


''Hey, what's wrong? What happened?''

''Louis... He... He told me he yeah.., he liked me.''

''Huh, really? Uhm... How did you react?''

''I told him I loved him, but only as a friend. I don't want to bring any illusions. It was tough...''

''I understand...''

''It's also because there is someone else...''

''Really? Do you wanna tell it to me?'' He asks me. Oh, if he only knew.

''Well, that would be awkward...''

''Why? Just tell me Eline. You can trust me. Then I will tell you my secret...'' It seems he really wanted to know it. Man.

''You sure..?'' I asked him once again. He nodded and looked me in the eyes, with his beautiful blue eyes. I stared in them, and it felt like they were taking me to another demension.

''Niall...'' I still look him in his eyes but then he looks away. Does he really want to know? He seemed so uncomfortable.

''It's you...'' His head turned to me, his eyes full of surprise meet mine.

''I know you always said you didn't liked me in that way, but I can't help it... I'm sorry... I...''

''I like you too Eline... Very much. It's been quite a few days now. I was a little afraid because of our friendship...''

''You like me too?'' I say surprised. I was speechless.

''Yeah...'' His eyes stared into mine all this time, and we were only inches away from each other.

Then he came closer and his lips met mine. I felt fireworks and it was just amazing. This was gonna be a good night...


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