One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


11. Louis & Samantha *Please wake up...*

''Thank you so much for tonight, honey,'' you say, as you kiss his cheek.

''My pleasure, babe.'' He takes your hand and kisses it. ''I love you.''

You start to blush. ''I love you too, Lou.''


As you walk to his car, he opens your door and you get in. And so you drove away.


You turned the radio on, and ''I've had the time of my life'' came on. He looked in your eyes, and started singing, with a deep, low voice:


''Now, I've had the time of my liiife
No I never felt like this before
Yes I swear, it's the truuuth
And I owe it all to youuu...''


You started laughing, and he did too, as the woman continued to sing on the radio. Now you had to wait for the traffic light to turn green.

''You seriously made my day, Lou,'' you say, when your giggles are gone.

''Thanks to you. You made my life beautiful,'' he says.

He looked into your eyes and then leans in. Every time he kissed you, you felt you were the luckiest girl in the world with the best boyfriend on your side.

''Oh, Lou, it's green.''

''Huh, what?''

''The light, you silly.'' you giggled.

Louis started driving, but then, from the right, a car drove in your direction.

''Lou! Watch out!!'' you scream.




Heavy. Your eyes feel so heavy.You had so much pain.

You can hear sirens. Why?

''Wh-Where am I? Wh-''

''It's okay, miss, you're gonna be fine.''


*Another blackout*


You open your eyes, seeing your mother holding your hand and her eyes filled with tears.

''Oh honey, you woke up!"


"Ssht, it's all gonna be fine Samantha. You will recover. I'm glad you're awake.''

''Mum... Mum.. Lou... Wh- Where...'' you try to ask your mother, but can't make yourself clear.

''Calm down, honey, don't worry, everything's gonna be fine. You have a concussion and a broken arm... But you can come home in a few days.''

''Lou... Louis...''

Your mother squeezes your hand even tighter. You look at her, waiting for an answer. But she won't look at you. There was a long silence.

''Look, Samantha, it's all gonna be okay, don't you worry child. It's gonna be okay.''

That was still not an answer. Where was Lou?

''Honey, eh, please don't get scared or freaked out, okay? But Louis... Louis is in a coma... I'm sorry.

Your eyes filled up with tears, but you couldn't move. You wanted to scream and cry and go to Louis.

''Is there anything I can do for you?'' your mother asked you, but you shut your eyes, to make her clear you wanna be alone.

''Maybe you can get some rest. Call me whenever you need me.''


*A week later*


''Louis?'' You walk into Louis' room, finding him on his hospital bed, unconscious. You got a call from the hospital today that Louis woke up out of his coma and was unconscious. He had bruises everywhere, just like you, but those from him seemed worse. He did not only have a broken leg, but also bruises, a major concussion and a broken arm. It wasn't anything like the old Louis.

''Oh, Lou.'' You sit on his bed, holding his hand.

Then, he suddenly squeezes his hand. It must be a sign he's letting you know he's there!


He opens his eyes, very slowly.

He looks at you and you look at him. He smiles weakly.

''Oh, Lou...''

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