One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


4. Liam & Jadyn *The Interview*

 Jadyn’s POV

‘’Good luck guys!’’ You said to your boyfriend Liam and his band mates. They had another interview today, and this was the first one where Liam wasn’t single anymore. They were all excited. You were planning to watch it on tv, together with Eleanor.
You pecked him on the cheek as he smiled at you.

‘’Don’t miss it, beautiful. I’ll be thinking of you.’’

‘’Aw, that’s sweet baby, love you.’’

‘’Love you more.’’ Liam leaned in. You were about to kiss each other, when Louis interrupted us.

‘’COME ON LOVEBIRDS, WE’VE GOT AN INTERVIEW TO DO!’’ They all laughed and El slapped him on his arm. ‘’Ouch, that hurt.’’ He pouted towards her. ‘’You just interrupted a very cute moment. I thought you deserved it.’’

As they were leaving, El and I turned the tv on and grabbed some snacks and drinks.


After an hour, they were on. I couldn’t wait any longer to see them.


‘’Guysss! Good to see you!’’ The interviewer, her name was Stephanie, welcomed them. They all said hi and stuff and sat down.

‘’So thank you for meeting us. Have you all seen the new video on YouTube from Kayla? She’s a huge fan and dedicated her last video to you guys.’’

‘’Yes, we’ve seen it. We loved it.’’ Niall said. I knew he barely knew what this woman was talking about.

‘’Great! Well, she’s here and has some questions for you guys!’’

Suddenly, Kayla walked in and sat next to Stephanie. ‘’Hey guysss!’’ She said excitedly.

They all said hi back.

‘’Well, Kayla, shoot.’’

‘’Did you guys really like my vid? I mean, I was really nervous about what you guys would think of it...’’

‘’Yeah, we thought it was lovely.’’ Liam said politely.

‘’And I know Louis is been dating Eleanor for a while, but I’ve heard you, Liam hooked up as well?’’

‘’Well, yes actually. She’s just very-‘’

‘’I’ve seen pictures of you two guys, but the first thought that came in my mind was ‘Oh my god, really?’’’

‘’What do you mean?’’ Liam asked.

‘’Well, let me tell you this. She’s not gorgeous. I mean, Danielle was even more beautiful. And she had more class. I thought you had better taste.’’

Liam looked like he was slapped in his face, twice. He was speechless.

‘’Don’t you think you’re being very rude about our friend and his girlfriend?’’ Zayn asked. ‘’You don’t even know her, and she-‘’

‘’I don’t know why you’re saying such things like this, I mean, if you would know her, you would love her. Maybe she’s not perfect in your eyes, but she’s perfect to me. I love her smile, her green/blue eyes,  her character and just the way she is. I gotta go.’’ Liam left the room. Harry followed him.

I turned the tv off. El and I looked to each other. We both didn’t know what to say. I’ve never seen that one coming.


After an hour, Liam came home, and hugged you tightly. ‘’I’ll never let anyone else give a slight opportunity to talk b*llshit about you again. I love you.’’

‘’Thank you, baby. I love you too.’’


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