One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


8. Harry & Rose *Please, don't leave me*

Rose's POV

''No Harry! I'm sick of it!,'' you say.

''Please, hear me out!''

''I've had enough of that, Styles. Get out.''

''But... What... No, you can't do that. This is our house!''

''Leave. Please.''

He looks at you, hopeless, his eyes filled with tears. You feel a tear rolling down your cheek.


Harry's POV

She wanted me to leave... It broke my heart in a thousand pieces. I couldn't leave her like that. I made a big mistake.

Rose and I were together for more than a year, and I loved her so much.
I couldn't imagine a life without her anymore. But I've hurt her, I could see it in her eyes. I felt so guilty.

I just felt I couldn't leave her. Here alone.


Rose's POV

He didn't leave.

The love of your life, the only person you cared most about, stood still and didn't listen to you. 


''Look, I... I...''

''I'll go.'' You said, as you walked towards the door. Your eyes filled up with so many tears, that you couldn't even see. You closed the door behind you.
You sat down on your doorstep. You just couldn't believe he cheated on you. He promised he would never do that, that he wasn't that kind of guy. Oh, you felt so betrayed, and you were sick of it. You loved him too much to hate him for this, but it just hurt you. It hurt you to think you weren't enough for him. That he needed more. And you were already unsure about yourself sometimes. But everytime, every single time, he told you you were his everything, and couldn't be more perfect.


Now you really started to cry.

An arm was placed on your shoulder. ''Rose...''

You saw it was Harry, and you pushed his arm away from your shoulder and stood up.

''I'm okay, just leave me alone, I...''

''No, Rose, for once, listen to me.'' Harry said to you. You turn your back to him, so you couldn't see him.

''It hurts me so much to see you like this. You have no idea. I can't imagine how much I've hurt you. I can't believe I did this to you. This was the last thing I wanted to do to you. And... And I'm sorry it happened.'' 

He took a deep breath.

''Rose. There is no reason to think you aren't good enough. Because if there wasn't someone good enough, it would've been me. Like I said before, you can't be more perfect...''

''Then why did you cheat on me? Why did you need another girl?!'' You snapped at him.

He waited for you turn around, but you didn't, so he continued.

''I was drunk. It was the most stupid thing I've ever done. And I know it's a bad excuse. I just... Oh God. How can I make it up to you? I don't wanna lose you. I know I've been so worng. I would react the same way as you do. But I...'' His voice cracks and I hear him cry.

''I love you, Rose. I would be a mess without you... Please don't leave me... I love you.'' He whispers through his tears.

You turn around, facing him. His eyes are red and his face is wet. He seems so helpless and hopeless. You just couldn't 'unlove' him. Him seeing like this broke your heart.

You tried to look at him, as he sobbed. When you try to give him a reassuring smile, he walked over to you. He pulled you in his arms and smashed his lips on yours. He kissed you passionately, your lips moved in perfect sync. He placed his hands on your face and you placed yours on his. You knew what he had done, but you couldn't leave the man you love.

After the kiss he looked at you. It felt like forever, before you could say: ''I won't leave you.''

He smiled a smile full of hope and happiness,as he kissed you once more and said, ''I love you Rose.''


~Hope you liked it Rose! ~M<3

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