One Direction Imagines

An imagine/preference with your boy from One Direction? Just add your name, description of yourself, your boy and the situation, and I'll work on your story! :)


5. Harry & Karen *Surprise!*

Karen's POV

You take your seat on the front row, waiting for the guys to come on stage. You were in the audience of One Direction's concert, the band your boyfriend, Harry, was in. You never attended one of his concerts before, and he didn't know you were here somewhere in the audience.

You were excited to see him perform, watching him doing things he loves to do. He often sings for you, but you were wondering how he was on stage. You had a big sign with you that said ''LOOK HARRY, I <3 YOU''. 

When they finally came on stage, everyone around you started screaming. Man, you almost regretted you didn't bring your earplugs with you. But it was wonderful. They started with Up All Night, and everyone sang along. After the song, they welcomed and thanked everybody who came here today to see them perform.

After a few songs, you put your sign up during the song 'Change My Mind'. Louis began, and everybody waved to the audience. When Liam sang ''...but we dance along...'', Harry found me in the audience, looked me straight in the eyes, and we made eye contact. I smiled brightly and so did he. He began singing his part and kept his eyes on me. The others followed his gaze and saw I was standing in the audience. They all waved and I waved back, smiling like crazy.

Some girls turned around to see me, then gasped. ''Oh my god, isn't that Harry's girlfriend?'' I heard one of the girls say to her friend.

They all said and yelled things to each other or towards me.

''Yeah, thought her name was Karen or something. Awkward.''

''Why is that bitch even here? That gold digger stole my Harry.'' Wow, ouch, they can be harsh.

''Look how Harry's looking at her! So cute!''

''I love her and Harry. Lucky she got him. She's gorgeous.''

I smiled after hearing some comments and watched the boys perform the rest of their song. At the end, Harry added, while looking at me: ''Thank you baby for being here, I love you.''


Hope you liked it Karen! ~M<3

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