Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


22. The Twitter Drama

We put our phones back in our pockets and I take his arm. He leads me around the city. Though I've been to London before, it feels new as if I've never been. We first walk to Buckingham Palace, "Now, I can be considered a Brit since we're seeing the palace."
What I remember from when I came is how beautiful the palace is. The luxury of it fascinates me. Though, it would be weird to have people touring your house everyday. After going through security, we walk in to the art exhibit. There are scientists drawings of the human body's insides. To be honest, those pictures were a little creepy, but not as creepy as the 3D models of the body's insides, "D-doesn't this …make you want to puke?"
Liam gives me a puzzled look, "No, not really, it's actually very interesting."
"Tryin t-to be Mr. Science?" I ask him. 
"Yup, I'm Mr. Science, so y=mx+b," Liam says. 
"That's math…duh," I say punching him with my free hand. 
"I'm not the one in school right now," he reminds me. All I can do is laugh, shouldn't he remember something that was taught in eighth grade? Though the drawings were a little creepy, they were amazing, even better then my drawing of different colored dots in first grade art class. Those dots were pretty amazing, though they looked more like squares. Once we finish, we go to tour the palace. The paparazzi are taking pictures of us and people are yelling at us, but I don't care, I only see Liam. We look at the different readings describing each room. I look at my phone and it has been three hours in here and I have PLENTY of Twitter alerts. I ignore them for now. After, we go to The Buckingham Palace Cafe where we both get tea and mini sandwiches. We were able to find an empty table with two seats, but two soon turns into several. Fans come and sit with us. Again, don't get me wrong, there were very pleasant, but it's strange having them with you twenty four seven. I sipped my tea as we talked to some fans, Lexi, London, Hope, Natasha, Dylann, and Tylar. All the girls asked me questions and that's really strange, I guess. 
"Kady, are you dating Niall or Liam?" the girl Tylar asked in a British accent. 
"Liam. T-the pictures… of me and Niall…was just him d-dropping me off at my house," I say. It's strange because all the girls were older than me. Tylar was really pretty, she looks like she just came off of America's Next Top Model. She had pin straight blond hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. 
"Liam, is it strange dating a younger girl?" Hope asked. She's pretty, but not as pretty as Tylar. I almost choke on my tea when I hear the question. I start coughing and I take a second sip. 
"Well, I guess because she's so mature, and I'm so immature, I think it works out," he says. Natasha is twirling her hair around her finger, "Do you think you could give me Niall's number?" 
Her eyes are huge and full of hope. But, Li is a seasoned pro at saying no, "Um, if you meet Niall I'm sure he will give you his number since your so pretty."
I feel bad that Liam has to flatter all these girls when he says no or he will be in a magazine for "being mean," "It was great meeting you girls, but we must go."
Li follows them on Twitter and we take pictures with them. 
"Thank you," they all say in unison. Even though they must be like seventeen, for some reason I feel like I'm older than them. It's just a strange feeling. I put back on my gloves and we walk besides the garden on the way out. It is a perfectly manicured lawn even though it's December. 
"I'm sorry birthday girl, it's hard when fans are pushy," he says to me. 
"It's fine…the girls were w-wonderful, expect maybe …Natasha," I say. Liam nods his head, "Well the rest of the day is just for you," he says kissing my forehead. We stroll into the park and we go over to the ice cream cart. 
"What flavor would you like?" Liam asks me. I look at the sign with all the different ice creams and Popsicles, "A ChocoTaco."
He says to the man, "One ChocoTaco and one Batman Popsicle."
The man turns around a hands Li the two treats as he pays. When we turn around, Liam hands me my chocolate. 
"So what do you like better chocolate or pancakes?" Li asks. The fact I have a taco in complete chocolate, may show I love chocolate. It's not too noticeable. 
"Chocolate chip…pancakes," I say. Liam laughs, "That's not an answer, Kads!"
He opens his Batman Popsicle and puts it in his mouth. I squeeze his right hand with my left. There's a fountain to my right and Li lifts me up on the edge. I walk on the side of it while I still hold Li's hand. I laugh as the cold water from it splashes on my jeans. It feels like everything is in slow motion, me pretending to kick him and him almost pushing me into that decoration filled with water. I get to the edge and I jump off. We find an area in the sun where we go and sit down to finish our food. The grass is a little wet. Once we finish the food, we just lie on our backs and stare at the sky. 
"Look that one looks like sunglasses," I say pointing to a cloud in the sky. 
"And that one looks like a 1D," Liam says. It takes me a few seconds to find the cloud. Sure enough, it is a clear 1 then a D. I take out my phone to take a picture of it, it was almost like a sign. I flick up the camera and take the picture. But, on my home screen there were well over three hundred text messages and Twitter alerts. I turn off my phone and I put it next to me. 
"I'm so sorry it came to you having to tell the world about you and me, I just want you to have a life and I feel like a complete asshole because that's what the rest of the world thinks about me," Liam says. I go onto my right side and I look him directly in the eye, "I-I don't care what the…world thinks of…you, I l-love you for you and…I feel bad about…the Niall stuff, so basically…this was m-my fault."
Liam shakes his head, "No, it isn't, but we still have places to go."
He helps me off the ground and he offers me his arm. I loop my arm through his. We walk at the same pace as Liam takes me to an unknown place. 

We end up going into the heart of London and we stop by the Thames River. 
"Still haven't gotten down the art if putting on a beanie?" Li teases as he pulls my beanie down over my face. I put the beanie back on the crown of my head and I lean into kiss him. I put my arms around his neck as we made contact. I bend my left leg behind me which I do when I'm happy. We pull away, but I leave one hand around his neck, "You know…I love you, right?"
"I hope you do because I love you. I'll miss you so much when I leave for the tour on January 10th," Liam says. Oh, I forgot that Liam was leaving for tour. My eyes dropped because I was hoping he would be the one I came home to every day after school, my shoulder to cry on. Liam lifts my head up, "But don't worry Kads, I'll talk to you almost everyday on Twitcam, I can help you with school work or not stuttering with your maid of honor speech."
"Thank you s-so much, but…why would I ask…you for help with homework?" I ask. 
"Gym homework," he corrects himself. 

We end up going to a modern Japanese place for dinner. They seat us in very futuristic chairs while we wait for a stove to be ready. American football is on the TV, "Now…this is something I c-could get used to!"
The Kansas City Chiefs are playing against the Denver Broncos. Li stares at the TV with a puzzled look, "I don't get what everyone likes about American football."
"It's…a bunch of g-grown men tackling each…other, what's not t-to love?" I ask. The truth is, it's sad that we Americans get pleasure out of watching people get hurt on live television. Liam checks his Twitter feed. He looks under what he reposted about me. There are so many insults there's two timer, cancer girl, snowman skin, and slut just to name a few. There are though a few nice fans and others that just ask about what's going on with me and Niall. I feel like crying. A few magazines even comment on the picture. Liam chooses one of the magazine's Twitters and looks on it. There are several pictures of us, us by the fountain, us by the Thames River, and one of me looking at Liam's phone at a Japanese restaurant. Wait, that's right now. Liam must have made the connection because he too is looking around the room for a pap taking pictures of us. This is a little creepy how up to date this thing is. We have our dinner, but I'm extremely self conscious the entire time, I guess I have camera fright. 

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