Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


4. The Talk

He grabs onto my arm and pulls me down any alleyway that was next to us and gently pushes me into the wall. 
"Yes, I do have better places to be right now, but I want to know why you're acting like you don't know who I am," he says gently with a large exhale at the end. His gloved hands hold either side of my face and his big eyes stare into mine.
"Why…do you… think I've been… avoiding you. Maybe… because you…  ditched me when … I, I needed you the most, and you,you completely forgot… about me?" Tears started to well up in my eyes at ditched. Liam's eyes were still staring into mine and his thumbs were making small circles on my cheeks. We were so close to each other that I could feel his heart pump and the in and out of his breath. Liam just shook his head, "It's complicated, it's just hard okay?"
"Because…I'm different now? I'm… not an ideal… person?" I felt betrayed, he and the boys were some of my best friends. I continued, "You're just, just like everyone else… how's Leona?" I said through my tears.
 Liam looked alarmed, like I don't know about her. I just needed to look at one magazine cover at CVS to find that out.
"We broke up two weeks ago," Liam said quietly. Soft snowflakes started to fall but Liam didn't seem to notice, it's like he's in his own little world. "I'm so sorry," he continued. Tears spilled down my cheeks as Liam wiped them away. I turned my head away and took a sip of my Starbucks. When I looked back at him he had a truly sad look on his face, but I'm not letting him get away with it.
"What can I do to make up for it, I truly care about you," he said, before one of those sentences would make me forgive him, but not now. I sighed, "Liam, I don't …think you can." I broke his gaze and walked out of the alley without looking back. 

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