Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


11. The Party

Once we arrive at the hotel, there aren't any paps, but there are loads of fans waiting outside. Not many cars are parked in the parking lot since the party hasn't started yet. It's about half an hour before the party starts. I run into the hotel to get the people there to help us bring in the food, since we only want to take one trip up due to the fans. I get about maybe four people to help. I carry up six platters since the real problem is the soda, there must be at least twenty-five bottles with two liters each. As we walk in, the hotel people have to push back the screaming fans. Me, Lou, and the hotel people bring up the food and drinks. We set them down on the sofa in Lou's room where Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry already are. One man asks, "Are you having a party or what?"
I say, "No…N-Niall just eats…a lot."
Then Niall says, "Says the girl who ate twenty pancakes in less than ten minutes!"
Niall starts to giggle and the hotel people leave the room. I help the boys set out the sandwiches and drinks. It was really simple, food on the tables, soda in cups on the mini tables, and alcohol/beer in the coolers. There was a music system and Zayn was creating a playlist for the party. Guests start to come ten minutes before the party starts. Josh stands at the door, only letting in people who were invited. Perrie and El come in first and they help out with last minute preparations. Those "preparations" are putting out whatever dressing Niall wants on his sandwiches. The doors connecting the five rooms together are open so guests can roam freely around. I look at El and she has on the blue dress with beaded detail I saw at Lolly's Boutique. El has always loved east-coast clothing and shops, maybe Lou took her there. Guests pile into the hotel room. The boys greet them with a short conversation. I put in a few more beers into the coolers. I see people I recognize, the Little Mix girls, Ed Sheeran, and Olly Murs. Liam pulls me aside for a minute, "Surprise! This is your birthday party!"
I'm speechless, all of this for me. I stand on my tip-toes and I hug him. He lifts me off the ground and I put my legs around his waist.
"Thank…you s-so much …Payne," I whisper in his ear.
"No problem, we'll be in England on your birthday so I wanted to have a party with your friends."
He sets me down on the ground. Hazza pulls him away saying something like, "Dude, Cher Lloyd actually came."
Liam gave me an apologetic glance. I Cry by Flo Rida was playing and I grabbed myself a water. I went into Harry's room where Eleanor was, "Hey El!"
"Hey Kads, what's up?"
Everyone calls me Kads and I guess I've been getting used to it since I respond to it now, "Not m-much, is…your dress f-from Lolly's?"
"Yeah, Lou took me shopping there how did you know?"
"I was…there earlier, m-my mom's getting…married in March I,I got a …maid oh honor d-dress there."
"Oh congrats! Will I be invited?" She asked jokingly, she is just so perfect for Lou.
"Yes a-and my mom…is like 'b-bring the family!'"
El laughed, "Thanks so much, I'm going to get a beer and talk to Lou if you need me!"
I wandered around the rooms and having small conversations with the guests. Many wished me a happy birthday. No kids from school were here, but still people my age such as Baliee Madison, Chloe Grace Mortez, and Frankie Jonas. The other Jo Bros were not invited, and I think they understood. I couldn't believe so many people showed up just for me. I was also able to catch up with old friends who I haven't been able to see in a while such as Paris Jackson and Sofia Richie. I walked around for a while, then I heard the music turn off. Then Perrie said, "A one, two, three, four!"
Little Mix was performing! Everyone crowded into Lou's room where they were singing. They sang Wings, DNA, and a few other songs. Liam came over and over the noise said in my ear, "Having fun yet?"
I nodded my head, it would be too hard to understand me and my stutter over the music. Little Mix seemed to be having so much fun, thank God the walls were sound-proof and we were the only ones on this floor, and maybe even the hotel. A large hotel is just across the street, and everyone loves it there. Everyone was dancing and having a good time, it seemed like something out of a Pitbull-Bud Light commercial. Liam lifted me up and swung me around, the move from Dirty Dancing. It was the move Harry always did with Taylor Swift when they were dating. A small crowd formed around us wooping and hollering. I'm pretty sure Lou and Eleanor were in that crowd. I looked into his deep brown eyes and he gave me a wink. He put me down laughing. Other couples tried it too, but I'm sure Liam and I had them beat. There was something electric between us. When Little Mix finished, the playlist started to play again. Liam took my hand as we walked around. He seemed surprised that I didn't pull away. Next, Ed preformed. Harry came over to us, "The hotel is to ourselves, no one is staying here and the staff left. I paid for them to come back tomorrow at two, I rented the hotel. We are free to use the pool and the speaker system."
"Yah!" Liam said. All the rooms were unlocked now, so we could stay overnight. I'll stay overnight, I'll just tell mom we couldn't get out because of the fans. Josh went down to the main entrance where he could let guests in, all the fans left for the night. After Ed finished A Team, Harry tapped him on the shoulder and told him what's going on. He then repeated it to the crowd. Everyone was smiling at everyone else, a whole giant hotel to yourself for one party. After Ed said the announcement, he sang Lego House. Couples were starting to slow dance. Lou was whispering something in El's ear and Zayn was moving Perrie back and forth to the beat of the music. Liam offers me his hand and I gladly take it. He puts his arms around my waist and I put my arms around his neck. He says to me, "I've always wanted to do this with you."
"Same," I say and he looks down at the ground, then at me. He nervously inches near me and I do the same. When our lips meet, there's electricity going through me. We kiss softly at first, then we kiss deeper and deeper as he explores my mouth. When we pull away he mutters, "I am sorry."
"Don't be," I say and I pull him close. He smells nice, I can't place me finger on it though. Ed finishes and everyone claps. Next Hunter Hayes performs. 
"How …the hell d-do you get…all my f-favorite people to…come?"
"Don't ask."
"I love…you."
I press my forehead to his and my fingers play with his hair. I hope everyone else isn't taking pictures of us, usually celebrities know about privacy.

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