Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


15. The Date

It's Saturday around noon when I wake up. Shoot. I have to get ready for my date with Liam in one hour. I groan rolling out of bed. My feet are still freezing from yesterday when I took off my shoes and ran through the snow to get away from the fans. I put on boot cut jeans, a Snoopy top, and brown boots with wedges. I examine myself in the full length mirror. There was something missing, so I put a white bow in my hair. Perfect I mouth to my reflection. The doorbell rings. I race down the stairs and open the door. Liam's standing there. He's wearing a navy blue north face jacket, jeans and converse. 
"Ready to go?" he asks and gives me his hand. 
"Yup," I say and I close the door behind me. There's no car or any mode of transportation. 
"Where…are we g-going?" I ask.
"Christmas shopping and for Lou's birthday. Don't get me anything, your gift is in England." he rubs his nose against mine. 
"I…don't need a-anything. And I've …already gotten y-you a present," I say and he squeezes my hand. We walk down the sidewalk. I don't actually have a present for Liam yet. I make a mental list of what I need to get:

Lou: Socks, foot Febreeze and Forrest Gump DVD
Zayn: ?
Liam: New Halo video game
Niall: Nando's gift card and Obama's autobiography
Harry: Abercrombie and Fitch gift card and a new ihome
Perrie: Covergirl makeup
El: Kardashian Kollection nail polish

Zayn was the hard one. He's so mysterious. I push the thought to the back of my head as Liam and I walk into CVS. I can sense people staring at us, thank God I live in a private town where paps are not allowed and it's rude if you ask for an autograph. We walk over to the gift cards first. I grab the Nando's and Abercrombie and Fitch gift cards, "For Niall and …Harry."
Liam grabs a TGI Friday's gift card, "For Zayn."
Why didn't I think of that? Zayn loves Friday's and always begs for me to take him there. Next, we go to the books and movies section. I put Obama's autobiography and the Forrest Gump DVD in the basket. Louis' copy of Forrest Gump just got scratched and he's freaking out. 
"I can guess who those are for," Liam says with a twinkle in his eye. He places a Lauren Conrad style book for El in the basket as well as a copy of David Beckham's autobiography. Lou read half of it before his dog ate it. 
"Where to next?" Liam asks.
"The clothing and hygiene rows," I say. Liam gives me a puzzled look. We go over to hygiene first. I automatically spot Pear Foot Febreeze and I drop it in the basket. Liam starts laughing, it's obviously for Lou. I pick up the socks for Lou, Kardashian Kollection for El, and a pack of Covergirl makeup for Perrie. Liam gets Harry a Family Guy clock and a Topman gift card for Niall. In the process, I find an ihome, so I pick it up for Harry. As we're checking out, Liam insists on paying for the gifts I'm giving. I turn him down by saying, "I'm Kady Brown if you haven't met me."
It was said in a joking way, just like what Liam did to me when I wanted to buy my own plane ticket. All my presents together ended up being around $400. I'm not mad about how much it was, I want to spend my money on people I care about. As we walk out Liam says, "Lets go to Shoes N' More, I want to get Perrie some new kicks."
"Yeah…m-maybe I'll find something for… Zayn," it's so cold out I'm physically shivering even though I'm wearing a coat. Liam hugs me because of the temperature. My hands are numb, my head feels heavy, and my toes feel like they'll fall off any second. We walk into the store and it's even colder in here than outside. I'm surprised there isn't ice and snow on the shoes. Liam picks out a nice pair of pink converse for Perrie and I find boots with buckles for Zayn. Liam tells me he's a size nine. As we're paying for the shoes, the idiot in my grade, Gillian Kane, comes in with Freia and Gigi. I try to avoid eye contact, but they've already spotted me. Gillian yells, "Hey, it's Liam Payne and the dyslexic girl!"
I want to scream. I'm not dyslexic, and they call me dyslexic to my face almost every day. No employee will says anything to anyone because I'd they say something, they will appear as intolerant. I march right out of the store to wait for Liam. They say stuff like that to make themselves feel better. 
"Just back off, she may be different, but she's more nice than you'll ever be," I can hear Liam say. At least I have someone on my side. He walk out with the shoes and is really steamed. Liam hold my hand, "I'm so sorry."
I roll my eyes, "Stop throwing…me a p-pity-party, but thanks I'm used t-to this…kind of stuff."
"But I will never let anyone take advantage of you," he says. I put my head on his shoulder for a second out of the corner of my eye I see Gigi mouthing bitch at me. I feel like giving them the finger, but it is not worth my energy. 
"Where are we going next?" I ask.
"The cinema," Liam replies. He reaches into his coat pocket and hands me a ticket for Catching Fire. I have not seen it yet, but I really want to. We walk three blocks to the movie theater. The entire way there Liam keeps cracking jokes. There's something magnetic about him. We'd walk a few steps, then turn around to see our footprints in the snow. As we walk in, my nose is greeted by the smell of the salty popcorn. There are advertisements on the wall for movies such as World War Z, The Internship, and The Lorax. This theater keeps up all their old advertisements. 
"Kads, I'll get the popcorn and you get two back row seats," Liam tells me. 
"Kay," I say, giving his a quick peck on his lips. I show the guard my ticket and he lets me in. I walk to the left side of the theater. I choose the back row's two end seats. I sit in one and I take off my jacket. I put my jacket over Liam's seat. I then text Lou:

To: Lou Tomlinson
From: Kady Brown

Happy bday!! C u in 2 days 4 ur bday bash!

To: Kady Brown
From: Lou Tomlinson 

Yeah thx. Cant wait 4 the melting pot yum

The Melting Pot is a super-expensive chain restaurant. You cook your own food, but the prices are crazy:

To: Lou Tomlinson
From: Kady Brown

How many ppl r goin b there should i dress fancy or casual?

To:Kady Brown
From: Lou Tomlinson

You me liam nialler Hazza Zayn Perrie and el so 8 ppl. Dress fancy were goin back 2 the hotel to have a sleepover, like when we were 8

To: Lou Tomlinson
From: Kady Brown

Should i bring anything?

To: Kady Brown
From: Lou Tomlinson

Just every1s Xmas gifts

When I look up, Liam is walking in with two jumbo popcorns, a cherry slushie for me, and a Pepsi for him. I walk over to the door to help him with the load. I take my popcorn and drink and we make out way over to the seats. I take my coat off of Liam's seat as we sit down, "I think the cinema may be to ourselves Kads."
Liam got his wish, when the movie started, we were the only two. He puts his arm around my shoulder. When Peeta says Katniss is pregnant, Liam leans in and kisses me. It wasn't a French kiss, but it was long. When we pull away, I say, "Thank God Harry d-didn't see…that."
Liam nods and returns his arm to where it was. 

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