Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


28. Thanks!!


Thank you for all the support on this book! I will be writing a sequel to this book called, Learning To Trust. It will be about the issues about the future and having the fear of being unwanted and forgotten. Life will throw Kady curveballs, but she will be able to overcome some, but not others. The next book will be up in fifteen minutes tops and please read!!!

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