Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


12. Special Guests

Everyone is jumping around to the music. It has gotten so sweaty that a few guest have chosen to go out to the hall and party there where there is space and beer. We hooked up whatever music was playing or whoever was preforming to the hotel speakers. Some people went to the pool for skinny dipping, the lights for the indoor pool were off. Some couples went into the unoccupied rooms to make out. And some couples just made out in front of everyone. 
"Thank y-you so …much," I can't stop telling Liam thank you. He's about to respond when eight other girls walk in. I feel like hiding as they look around. They call out my name as they look around the crowd of people. 
"Why?" I ask.
"It's for the best," he says. 
Lena notices me first, "Hey Kads!"
Lilly, Lucinda, Ellie, Allie, Katharine, Melinda, and Jana walk in my direction. All I can do is wave. Liam gives me a small push forward. A million thoughts are rushing through my head. All the memories we've had together, pranks, late night phone calls, and field hockey. Just by looking at the eight girls, one could tell they came here together.
"How have you been Kads?" Jana asked putting her arms around me. I look back at Liam for help. He gives me a blank look.
"H-hi, um…good," my stutter is worse than before. These were my field hockey teammates, we were the best of the best in the country. Lena and Jana are on the reserve list for Rio, just like I was. They acted like I was still the same person, which is a change. 
"Happy birthday," Lilly says. I nod my head. "Sorry we haven't talked to you in a while, coach didn't want any distractions, so he took away our phones."
Oh, I completely forgot about that. Erin was going to take away our phones because she didn't want them to distract us from field hockey. She also made sure we never had boyfriends, though I kinda broke that rule-twice. I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I open up my clutch and I take my phone out, "Can…I have a-a picture…with everyone?"
I give Liam my phone. He has been standing behind us the entire time. We line up then he snaps the photo. 
"Go…have f-fun," I say to the girls. They smile and go to where Hunter is performing.
"Awkward," I say, not explaining why I might talk to them. I bet Liam figured out I must have forgot about what Erin said about the cell phones. Wanted was being sung. 
"Isn't this your favorite song?" Liam asks. I nod my head. He twirls me around and I laugh. When I get twirled into him, he whispers, "You know you'll always be wanted by me."
The words are enough to send a shiver up my spine. I place my clutch on the table so it will be easier to dance. I'm so glad he's sober, so he really means what he's saying. I look around and couples are drunk and grinding against each other. While dancing, I can see Liam wanting something out if me. After one more spin, when I'm against his chest, he grabs my hips. He makes me go in a grinding motion. I don't argue. Though I don't know why he's doing it, those other couples are drunk and Liam has not had anything to drink. At that moment Niall comes in rolling something on a cart he yells, "Happy Birthday Kady!"
An announcement made by Harry is made to come back to the rooms. 
"Over here, Kady," Niall yelled motioning me over. In front of me is a very expensive buttercream cake big enough to serve maybe hundreds, it's huge! Niall gives me a big bear hug. It is embarrassing when everyone gathers round to watch me blow out candles and to sing Happy Birthday. Liam stands a few feet away from me. Niall takes a lighter and lights the candles. Everyone sings Happy Birthday and I can feel my face turning red from embarrassment. When everyone finishes, I hold my ponytail over my left shoulder, and I blow out the candles. When I finish everyone cheers and I start to cut the cake. I can feel all eyes on me and pictures being taken of me for Twitter. My cutting is incredibly messy and I feel bad because the cake looks so expensive. Liam comes up to me and kisses me on the cheek, "Happy birthday Kads."
I keep cutting and putting the cake on plates. I'm also really slow, but no one seems to mind. Zayn starts the music playlist again. Avril Lavigne's Here's to Never Growing Up starts to play and I want to dance to it so bad. I mouth along to the song. 
"You want me to cut the cake?" Jana comes up and asks.
"A-are you sure?" I ask. Jana nods her head. I mouth thank you to her as I hand over the knife. Liam whisks me away. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist, just like earlier.              He kisses me passionately. Our bodies intertwine with each other. I feel like my dress is riding up on me and I may be flashing my undies, but I ignore it.
 "Let's go to the pool," Liam says in my ear. When he carries me out of the room and I say, "I-I don't …have a… swimsuit."
"We have a gift shop with them."
We ride down the elevator with me still in his arms. When we get to the gift shop, there are swimsuits. I pick out a blue string bikini. I put twenty five dollars by the cash register for the bikini. I go into the bathroom and I change. When I look in the mirror, the bikini was more racy than it appeared. It looked like something you'd borrow from a member of the Jersey Shore. It showed off my curves, medium sized breasts, and barely covered my ass. I sigh, heels, dress, and clutch in hand. When I walk out of the restroom, Liam is waiting for me. His eyes grew wide. I walk over to the first hotel room I see and I put my clothes on the bed. I put an occupied sign on the door, so guests know the room is taken. I walk out and I take Liam's hand. He leads me to the indoor pool. We open the door, and we are greeted by pitch darkness. I hold onto Liam's a little tighter. He seems to know where everything is. The floor is slippery, so we walk slowly. I feel something pick me up and throw me into the water. I come up shrieking and I hear Liam cracking up. I can put my feet on the bottom of the pool and I feel like an idiot. Liam slips in the pool. He comes over and kisses my neck lightly. I run my fingers through his hair. He slips my bikini straps off, but that's as far as he goes. I arch my back in pleasure. He stops and flips me. I laugh in being tricked as I jump on his back. He tried to shake me off, but I was stuck to him like glue. It was hard to stay on, his biceps are so big. I wish my life had been like this.

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