Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


10. Shopping for that Dress

We pull up to this boutique. As we walk in, we're greeted by a teenager. She has blond hair, tan skin, and overly bleached teeth. Mom says we need a maid of honor dress. 
"Long or mini?" The teen asks in a southern accent.
"Mini," I reply. This was like being on Say Yes to the Dress Bridesmaids. She took us down many winding hallways until we got to the size one minis section. The price tags were outrageous, like $1,200. I went crazy looking at dresses, they were all so beautiful. In the end I found four dresses, a strapless purple one, a blue one, a silver, and another blue one but it was strapless and had beaded details. I tried on the plain blue one and walked out. It was very tight around my hips and it was unflattering. I walked into the room where Mom, Samara, and the sales lady were. Mom's smile disappeared, "Can you move in that?"
"Does i-it look…like I can?"
"Okay, next dress."
Once I get out of the dress, I put on the other blue one. It fits well and I love the beaded details. I walk out of the changing room and I hand the sales lady the plain blue dress. Mom looks at me thoughtfully, "It's nice, I really like that dress."
I smile. When I'm back in the changing room, I take one glance at the silver dress and it looks awful. The neckline is really high and it's below the knee. Instead of putting on the silver dress, I put on the purple one. I feel like a princess. It's a royal purple, strapless, and it ends mid-thigh. I walk out with the silver dress in hand, "I,I didn't like…the silver one, it…was v-very tight."
I lied. I just don't want to explain to Mom that it looks like a turtleneck with a skirt.
"I love this dress on you, Kady," my mother says.
"Is it this one?" salesgirl asks. I nod my head. When I get back to the changing room, I take a picture of myself and attach it onto a text to Liam:

To: Liam Payne
From: Kady Brown

How do u lik my moh dress?

After I text Liam, I notice Niall's texted me also:

To: Kady Brown
From: Niall Horan

Heard melanie got engaged!! Do u want 2 come over 2 Zayn's hotel room 2night there's a party 

I think I stopped breathing for a second, a party?! I thought I'd never be invited to one again:

To: Niall Horan
From: Kady Brown

Sure wat time

To: Kady Brown
From: Niall Horan

Around 7 c u there

I undress and put on my regular clothes. When I get out, Samara's trying on a flower girl dress.
"I'll buy this one, Camille," my mom says to the salesgirl. After we buy the two dresses, it comes out to be $1,500 all together, we head home. Mom seems satisfied with the purchases. When we get home I rush up to my room to get ready for the party. I realize I have no one to take me to the party, my mom's motto about parties is, 'if you can get someone to take you there, be my guest.' I guess I can't go, so I text Zayn:

To: Zayn Malik
From: Kady Brown 

Sorry 2 cancel but i cant go 2 ur party my mom wont drive me sry

I feel awful about canceling, I want to go and spend time with the boys, but Mom will not move, she's very opinionated:

To: Kady Brown
From: Zayn Malik

Lou can pick u up @6. Ur house is on the way back from where we're pickin up food ull just have 2 b board while u wait 4 the party 2 start

To: Zayn Malik
From: Kady Brown 

Thx so much idk what id do without u boys :)

Now I'm going to the party! It's four thirty now so I get ready. I like the natural look, so I just put on mascara and lip balm. Samara wanders into the bathroom where I'm getting ready, but today I don't care. I put my curls into a high ponytail. I put a white ribbon around the elastic. Samara helps me pick out a light blue, Abercrombie dress. I put it on and I spin around. Samara claps her tiny hands together. The dress is incredibly short, not for December, but I don't care. It has a bow around the waist and a floral pattern around the hem. I put on a pair of tan, strappy, heals. They make my huge size eight feet look tiny, I love that. I spritz on my favorite perfume, Forever Paris and I'm ready to rock. I walk downstairs to where Mom is making grilled chicken for dinner, "Why are you all dolled up?"
"I'm …going t-to Zayn's …party."
She shook her head, she doesn't really understand parties but she goes along with them. 
"Who's picking you up?"
"When do you expect to come home?"
"I d-don't know."
Mom gives up on asking questions. She puts the chicken on the grill which is on the stove. I open the fridge and pour myself a glass of water. My mom looks at me, "I like your earrings." 
She goes back to chopping the cucumbers and zucchini . I was wearing teardrop diamond earrings. I touch my K necklace which was a gift from Liam last Christmas. All I wanted was to see him right now. I stalk the clock. It's five fifty-five, five fifty-six. It seems like an hour between each minute. After what felt like five hours, it was six. I stand in front of the dining room window where I have a clear view of the driveway. Lou comes driving up and my heart races. I go into the family room until he rings the doorbell so it doesn't look like I've been stalking. When the doorbell rings, I walk casually to the door. When I open the door, Lou greets me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Hey Kads."
"Hey Lou."
Mom walks up to the door and says hi to Louis. 
"You two better get going," she says with a grin.
"Yes, we have a lot of food to pick up," Lou says. We walk to his car and I get into the passenger seat. As Lou starts the car, I take my iPhone out of my tan clutch. 
"You look pretty tonight," Lou says. It's dark out, so the paps will less likely be able to see us, "Thanks…you d-don't look bad…yourself."
He seems surprised that I'm even talking to him. 
"You've changed, haven't you?" he says at a stoplight.
"Um…yes my s-stutter is …different," I say.
"No, something else," he says. We arrive at a deli and we both get out. This was Louis' favorite place for food when he visited. Lou ordered ten different platters of sandwiches and at least four liters of almost every soda they had.
"How…many people d-did you invite?" I asked. Each platter had at least twenty sandwiches on them.
"A lot," Lou said briefly. I helped him take the food to the car. It took many tries to get everything into the buggy. In the end, I had four platters on my lap as we drove, all the soda was in the trunk. 
"No a-alcohol or …beer?" I teased. Lou laughed as he drove off, "It's already in the hotel rooms. I didn't want to say this at the deli, but a little  more than a hundred people were invited. See, because of our fame, we got the biggest rooms in the hotel. All five of our suites are connected together, so roughly ten people are in a room. Each suite has two rooms and the walls are sound-proof." 
"Woah, you can do math?!" I joked and Lou burst out laughing.

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