Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


18. Presents and New News

We head back to Lou's. he just recently bought a house in New York that is on the Connecticut boarder. I haven't actually seen his house before. In the limo everyone, including me, is laughing like nothing happened. It's not like we called the paps to come and start a fist-fight. After about twenty minutes, we arrive at a mansion. At least it looks like one. There's at least like four floors, a balcony outside and a swimming pool. He stops right at the front door and opens the trunk. Everyone must carry their own gifts into the Family Room where there's a seven foot tall Christmas tree. I take Harry, Perrie, and El's gifts in first. El and Lou's gifts to everyone are already under the tree. I find an unused section and place the three gifts there. Then I come back out to retrieve the other four gifts and I place them under the tree. El's in the kitchen making hot cocoa and Lou's upstairs getting something. I look around the room, there's a crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and floor length windows. There's a Union Jack carpet underneath me and very modern white chairs and couches to sit it. Liam walks in with the lasts if his present. As he puts them down, he looks at me, "Hey, aren't those the shoes I got you?"
I wiggle my foot around, "Yeah…from my birthday."
I throw myself down on the couch and Liam sits next to me. El comes in with a tray of hot chocolate, "Thanks…El."
Liam and I both take one steaming mug. Niall runs in a takes a mug, he never misses out on hot chocolate. One by one everyone grabs a mug. When Lou comes back down with a cardboard box, he takes the last one. Niall raises his mug and says, "To Lou's twenty second birthday."
Everyone raises their mugs and we talk a sip. The liquid burns the back of my throat and I cough a little. We go straight to presents. Since it's Lou's birthday, we have him open his birthday presents first. I go to the tree and take the wrapped gift I got for him. He first takes El's gift. She gets him new Toms. He kisses her cheek, "Thanks so much babe."
I can't help but being a little annoyed, when Liam and I kiss on the cheek, Hazza goes into freak out mode. I just ignore it for now, it is Lou's day. El also gets him a phone case of him and her. Its absolutely adorable, it's when the two of them are in their coca cola pajamas.  I hand Lou my gift to him next. He's careful when tearing the wrapping paper. When he sees the Forrest Gump DVD, he says, "You actually know me! We can watch this later tonight, I've been having a withdraw from not seeing this movie!"
He's talking really fast and all I can do is laugh. Next I hand him the Christmas gift. He examines the shape before he opens it. I have out my old iPhone, the one with the Justin Bieber case on it, to capture his reaction. His reaction is priceless. He puts his head back and starts laughing. Everyone leans forward to see what it is. Once they see the socks and foot Febreeze, they get it. 
"But you…have to promise m-me one thing…you must use i-it now," I say scrunching up my nose. He has his dress shoes off and it smells like dead pig in here. I get more pictures of him putting on socks and spraying the Febreeze in his socks. This one must go up onto Instagram and maybe Twitter later. Next Lou gets David Beckham's autobiography, an alarm clock, a whoopy cushion, new toys for his dog,  iTunes gift card, a watch, an One Direction mouse pad, ALOT of Yorkshire Tea, and a Manchester United shirt. 
"Oh, wait, I forgot something," Eleanor says in a worried tone. She hands Lou a rectangular box. He takes his time unwrapping it. He folds back the tissue paper and his face goes pale, "What?!"
He yells. Tears stream down El's face, "I'm so, so sorry."
She puts her hands in her face. Lou cups her face with his hands and she looks up, "Don't be."
He picks her up and swings her around and she giggles, "I'm so happy El, you have no idea."
I look over into the box. There's a light blue t-shirt saying, #1 Dad.
"El's pregnant!" I yell. Everyone rushes over to congratulate her. They pat her abdomen. Lou looks the happiest. He's always wanted a little boy, but more importantly to be a father. Perrie and I hug El and say she'll be a fantastic mother.
"Back to the presents!" El yells. We sit down and give El her presents next because, well, she's going to have a baby. Louis hands her his present first. It's a carrot costume. El holds it up to her body, "I should get a matching one for the baby too though! I think I can rock this outfit and make it on the best dressed list this week!"
Lou laughs, I bet he has his own carrot costume himself. Perrie gives El new ballet flats. They're super cute and I wish I had them. They're a pale green with little bows on the tips of them. Zayn got her a customized shirt that says 'Sass Masta From Manchesta.' Liam got her Lauren Conrad's style book and I got her the Kardashian Kollection nail polish. 
"Sorry, if I'd known you were going to have a baby, I would have gotten them their very own copy of the book," Liam joked.
"It's fine," Eleanor said with happiness. She also got a heart ring from Niall and a new preppy dress from Harry. 
"Liam should open his gifts next," Lou says and hands him a box. Liam opens it and it's The Perks of Being a Wallflower book and DVD.
"Now you cannot be noticed everywhere you go, especially in England," Lou says raising his eyebrows up and down at me. I start to laugh at him, his face looks like a duck's. 
"That's …what sunglasses…are for," I say.
"And they are super cute and are in right now!" El jokes and all the boys groan. El gives him a Batman hat, "I couldn't figure out how to wrap a hat, have you ever noticed hats are really strangely shaped?"
"Umm, no," Liam says with a grin. Niall gives him a Live While We're Young singing toothbrush and Harry gives a One Direction coffee mug. I would gladly take that mug if Liam doesn't want it. Perrie gave a fan that sprays water and Zayn gives him new converse. Lastly, I had over Liam's gift, "I thought we said that we weren't going to give each other anything." 
He takes my hands, "I guess…I'm a r-rule breaker."
He undoes the wrapping and he hugs me tightly when he sees the gifts, "Lets see these pictures."
He puts in the flash drive, "There a-are a lot …of pictures from m-my phone, the…ones I didn't want anyone s-seeing."
The frame comes to life as everyone crowds round. It's like one big family reunion. The first pictures were if me and the boys when I first met them at their concert. I looked so young two years ago. My old friend, Julianna, had gotten a picture of Liam giving me his phone number.
"I remember that day," Liam whispered. It was the best day of my life. I could remember how Niall said I was so beautiful without makeup on. The next pictures were the boys performing the concert I went to. They looked so young and innocent at the time. I even got a picture of Liam pointing at me. After that, Julianna and I freaked out. Now it came to the more recent pictures, ones from my party. There was Liam and me taking photos with the guests, then me blowing out the candles, then cutting the cake. Their were selfies of me, El, and Perrie together, nothing stood in the way if our friendship except the fame. Liam and I kept our relationship private and the paps haven't found out yet. After a while, the slide show ended and I felt teary eyed. When I was in the hospital, the boys weren't the ones that cut me out, I cut them out. I put my arms around Lou and Liam who are next to me. I never noticed how much I loved these immature boys. 
"I think Kads should open her gifts next," Niall says squeezing my shoulder. I take the carefully wrapped gift from Niall's hands and I unwrap the turquoise paper. It's the One Direction perfume and a gift card to the One Direction store. 
"So…I can s-smell like you wherever…I go?" I ask. 
"Exactly," Niall says and I roll me eyes. I place the gifts on the ground by my feet. Next, Harry hands me a box, it's not wrapped. I lift the lid off and there's a one shoulder red dress. It clinches the waist and is very graceful, "Thanks…so much H-Hazza."
I hug him. His curls tickle my cheek. When we pull away, I take a sip of my hot chocolate. Lou eagerly hands me another box. It's small. I open it and there's a white beanie, "So we can be twins!"
I laugh at the thought of being twins with Louis, it's just so strange. We sort of look alike, but no, never twins. I put the beanie on my head. It's warm and comfy. I keep it on as I open Eleanor's gift. It's One Direction dolls, "This helps me when they're touring, they'll never be apart from you."
I hug El, it's a really thoughtful gift. I put it on the ground with the rest of my presents. Perrie hands me her gift next. I open the little box and there are pearl earring. They're so classic, yet modern. 
"Thanks s-so much Perrie," I say. Zayn hovers over me and places my present in my lap. To my surprise, it is assorted One Direction makeup products, "The only makeup I'll ever let you wear."
It's true, Zayn is very protective of me and acts as an older brother. All the boys treat me as if I'm their little sister, but Zayn would be the oldest, the one sticking up to bullies for me and making sure I don't date the wrong guy. When Liam places a gift next to me, I'm a little shocked, he usually keeps his promises. The box is huge and it takes me a while to unwrap it. There is a cardboard box, so I open it up. I cannot believe my eyes at what I see. The first thing on top is three One Direction tour tickets. I put them on my lap. Next, there are assorted Claire's hair bows, the ones I've wanted more than anything. I would put one on if Lou's beanie wasn't on my head. I put the bows down. There are many other things such as a two year subscription to Teen Vogue, a bow necklace, a Union Jack ring, a turtle iPhone case, a plaid shirt, a batman sweatshirt, a West Bromwich shirt, knee high socks, Kansas City Chiefs fleece, a pillow with his face on it and a new camera. It was more than I could ever want, "Liam…this is t-too much and you h-have more stuff…for me in England."
"You know I love you and I would bring down the moon for you," he says. Everyone else opens their presents and I just can't stop thinking about how lucky of a girl I am having a perfect boyfriend like Liam. 

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