Different from the Rest

Kady used to have a normal life. She loved to shop, listen to music, and play field hockey, she was on the reserve list for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. She was even lucky enough to meet One Direction at one of their concerts and she kept in touch with them. Liam and Kady developed feelings for each other and started casually dating. That was until Kady discovered she had a life-threatening sickness. She was in the hospital for months, but overcame the sickness. But, the illness left her with a learning disability and now all her dreams are shattered and she has to rebuild her life. She must go from black to white but must learn there are shades of grey in the middle which are needed for healing.


26. Don't Always Believe What you Hear

I put on a blue top that flows and a white feathered mini skirt. Underneath the skirt I put on skin tone tights and one could not notice them. I put on Liam's black pumps and pearls earrings in my ears. I don't do anything with my curly hair, but I bring it all in front of my left shoulder. I walk out of the bathroom, "Bathroom's free!"
I yell. Liam walks past me into the bathroom with a pile of clothes in his hands. It's five pm and we are still in our pajamas. We are getting ready for the New Year's celebration in the park. They have a giant screen that broadcasts what's going on in New York City and there's a party that started an hour ago. Anyone can come and they have food and a DJ to help welcome in a new year. I go into the living room area and I crouch down to fill up Scooby Doo's dish with food and water. When I stand back up, Liam's behind me, "Did you text Eleanor yet?"
"No…but I'll do it r-right now," I say and I take my phone off of the arm of the couch. 

To: Eleanor Calder
From: Kady Brown

U ok after the thing on E!?

Liam looks over my shoulder as I type everything to El. 

To: Kady Brown
From: Eleanor Calder

Yea i guess but they got it wrong im eight months preg. I lied 2 u guys that my modeling was showing loose clothing. My manager went along w/ it and also I must be havin a small kid because there's barely a bump

To: Eleanor Calder
From: Kady Brown

Do u and Lou want 2 join me and Li we goin 2 dah park 4 nye Zayn and Perrie in nyc

To: Kady Brown
From: Eleanor Calder

Sure thx ill b there in a few min

I turn off my phone quickly. I don't want to be tempted into looking at what people have to say about me, "Your wearing my shoes again beautiful!"
"I only w-wear them on s-special days," I say and he kisses the tip of my nose. Li opens the door for me, "After you."
I walk through the door into the hall of the hotel. I stop as Liam closes the door behind him and I wait for him to catch up. I am gripping my phone so tightly that my knuckles are turning white. Liam catches up to me and we walk outside. 

This party is wonderful, all the tables are connected and little Christmas lights are strung from the trees. I take a picture of it and send it to Mom, she could do something like this for her wedding. There's a big smart board type thing that you can't touch showing what's going on in New York City. It's now about six and me, Li, Lou, and El are talking at a table while we eat the Subway we picked up a few minutes ago. I touch my K necklace and I move it between my fingers. I love how it feels for some reason. 
"Earth to Kady," I put my focus back to reality. Louis is moving his hand in from of my face. 
"What?" I say startled
"I asked, what are you going to do while we are on tour?"
"Ummm…miss you? I'll also…see how well those d-dolls work El," I say. I think Eleanor just smiled for the first time this evening. Lou said she's been taking it real rough because she hates Miley Cyrus and thinks she's an immature brat. And she's been called the equivalent to her. 
"You okay El?" Liam asks rubbing her back. 
"Yea," she says but it's forced. She's breathing heavily and it looks like her eyes are about to close any second. She hasn't touched her food, unlike the other three of us that devoured it, "I'm going to the bathroom."
"I'll come with…you," I add in. I take Eleanor's arm and guide her to the bathroom inside the mall which is next to the park. We get into the bathroom and she rushes over to the sink and grabs on with both hands. 
"Are you o-okay?" I yell. 
"The baby…is coming…tonight," she says between gasps of air. 
"D-did your water b-break?" I ask concerned. 
"Yea…a few minutes…ago."
"But your baby…isn't due f-for another three weeks. I'm t-taking you to…the hospital!" I take out my phone and I text as fast as my little fingers will let me:

To: Liam Payne 
From: Kady Brown

In bathroom in mall, El's water just broke come in ASAP she needs 2 go 2 hospital. 

To: Kady Brown
From: Liam Payne

Kk Lou and I r coming and he already got a cab 2 wait 4 us so el can get to the hospital

I try to help El in any way I can. I take a cup of water and fill it up in the sink and I hand it to her. She takes small sips forcing down the water she needs. When she took a sip, her face would become all twisted as if she just drank a jar of room temperature pickle juice. Liam and Lou came running in with Lou in the lead. He picks her up bridal style and runs out with her to the cab. Lou runs faster than both of us even though he's carrying Eleanor. Just as Liam said, a cab was waiting right outside of the doors for us. Lou, El, and I are sitting in the back while Liam is in the front of the cab. 
"Driver, please take us to St. Charles Hospital," Liam says. The cab moves without the driver having to say anything. I scoot as far to the right as I can on my cushion until I hit the door. Lou is trying to lie El down, but there simply isn't enough room in the cab. Lou also moves as close to me as possible so she can have as much comfort as possible. At this angle, her baby bump is huge. I don't know how she managed to hide the fact she was pregnant for seven months. Looking back, we were so dumb for thinking her manager made her parade around in baggy clothes when she wasn't working. And also, when did she find out? 
"It's twins," she whispers with her last breath to Louis. 
"Twins?!" Louis is excited and really surprised. We arrive in front of the hospital, thank God. I let Liam, Lou, and El go in while I pay the driver. 
"Good luck," he says. 
"Thanks," I reply. Before I go into the hospital room, I take a stop at the gift shop. I buy two yellow ducky blankets, so two girls, or two boys, or one girl and one boy can use them. I quickly pay, but it's a new salesperson and it's taking them forever to give me my change of sixty seven cents. I tap my foot quickly, hoping they'll hurry up. After like a million hundred hours, the man hands me the change. I start to run and I slip a little. I don't fall, but that's when I remember I'm wearing heals. I go to the front desk and I say quickly, "What room is Eleanor Calder in?"
Somehow I mange not to stutter, I guess when I'm nervous, I don't stutter. 
"What is your name sweetie?"
"Kady Brown."
"Okay, Eleanor said that you can come in. You must sign in and she's on floor eight in room 680," she says. I fill out the visitor sign in and she puts a visitor sticker on my top. I smile, but I don't say anything and I speed walk to the elevator. I press the up arrow. After ten seconds, the elevator doesn't come to I press it over and over and over again. After about thirty seconds, the elevation comes. I dash in and hit the floor eight. Then, I press the close doors many times. The old ancient elevator takes forever. The need one of those elevators that they have in NBC studios in New York City. What if a patient is dying, huh, and this old elevator is too slow and can't take you to the patient before they die? That is a good valid reason. Thankfully, when I get out of the elevator, room 680 is the first room on my left. I knock three times and a deep male voice says, "Who is at the door?"
"Kady Brown."
"Come in Kady."
I walk in and it's one of the smallest rooms I have ever seen. Eleanor is on the bed in nothing but a hospital nightgown. There is a young doctor next to her on a stool. Louis is pacing back and forth across the room and Liam is slouching in a chair nervously drumming his fingers. 
"You may say a quick hello to Miss Calder, then you must leave Kady and Liam, the baby is due any minute now, the only reason why Mr. Tomlinson can stay is because he's the father," the doctor says. I take El's hand, "It'll be alright, okay El."
When I let go of her hand she screams, "The babies are coming!"
Liam and I rush out and close the door while Louis rushes over to her. We go over to the eighth floor waiting room. We are the only two in the room, but we don't speak. We can hear El's screams from outside, "What's in the bag?"
"Blankets for the babies," I say lifting them out of the bag. 
"Your stutter stopped."
"After scientific studies, I concluded I don't stutter when I'm nervous. Now I'm Mrs. Science," I say. Liam laughs at the joke that I made to him in Buckingham Palace two days ago. For the rest of the time, we stay silent. 

After about five or ten minutes, the screaming stops. It is dead silent except for the tapping of Liam's fingers. The door opens and the doctor comes in, "You may see Miss Calder now."
Both of us are a little nervous. I take the lead following the doctor. When we get in, Lou is by the bed and El is in the bed she is holding two babies, "Say hello to Michael Ian Tomlinson and Kensington Mae Tomlinson."

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