My Life

Rebecca Is 17 and live a normal teenage girl life. But will the new kids in school make her life upside down or can she keep it normal?.


1. Summerbreak Is over

I have been writing a story on my computer and have been really happy with it so far. So I wanted to share it and get some opinions about it :). I need to cut the story into chapters and translate it from Swedish to English so It can take a while, and I might have to do a couple of Changes in the story because of that but I hope I don't need to. I'm not done with it yet but I will try to update as often as I can.

I hope you guys will love the story and read It. Please comment what you think about if you enjoyed it or about the caracters in the story and so on. Xoxo BraveJ :)


The sun shine in from my bedroom window, so the room got really warm.

"Honey, time to get up!, It's a wonderful day".

The voice reached my ears but all that came out from my mouth was "mmm".

"Rebecca!, it's time for school get out of bed!". She pulled my blanket and snapped me on the forehead. I flew out of bed so fast that I got really dizzy.

"Mum!, what have I said about that?", I mumbled and rubbed my forehead with my hand.

"Sorry honey but you cant be late today, I have called Jimmy too". "Jimmy? why!?". Soon after she left the room and I followed. Down the stairs and in to the kitchen, it was really quiet.

"But he Is you're best friend Becky, and you haven't talked to him at all on the summer break".

Mum was right, I hadn't talked to him on the summer break. Since he got drunk on that party and took all my Money to give Tess, we was like strangers now.

"Can't you just tell me what happened?", she asked while she poured the tea water in a cup.

I had a chair next to me that I sat down and rubbed my tired brown eyes. "I've already told you, we had a fight on that party", I answered while a took a bite on my sandwich.

Mum sighed and put a tea bag into the hot water.

"Anyway I need to get ready", I said and left the room. Honestly I don't know why I got a little mad at my mum for calling Jimmy, he was my best friend after all and it was about time we started to talk again.

My room floor was covered with clothes,I found a grey shirt and I matched that with a pair of black shorts. On the wall infront of me I had a huge mirror, "Yeah it's good enough". I said to myself. My black leather bag stood beside the door and I took it with my hand then I ran downstairs. "Rebecca, Jimmy Is here!", mum shouted from the kitchen. I almost fell on the stairs cause I was so stressed. I putted on my shoes fast and ran out to Jimmy, who sat in his red Volvo.

"Hi", I said while I was breathing heavily. "Hi", he answered and smiled. Jimmy backed out of the driveway.

"Hey about that party, everything went wrong that night", he continued while he had his eyes on the road.

"I know and i'm so sorry for not answered you're twenty phone calls under the summer break", I answered.

He smiled at me and started play our favorite song in the car, Faydee with FML. We really loved that song, it was our song.

"I'M GONNA LET IT GO AND LEAVE IT ALL BEHIND", he sang and smiled at me. I laughed at him, it felt like we never had a fight. Everything was like normal. I punched Jimmy a little easy on his arm and smiled. "Have you really dyed you're hair Jimmy?". "Yes from blonde to Brown, you like it?". He sounded really nervous, I couldn't blame him though. I would also bee nervous if I were him. "Yeah it's nice, Brown hair, green eyes. Really cool", I said and smiled.

"I have really missed you Becky", "And i have totally missed you too Jimmie". We started to talk about what we had done under the summer break, we laughed and maked fun of each other. Yeah I totally loved our friend ship.

Minutes past and Jimmy parked by the school. We looked at the school and both me and Jimmy sighed.

Jimmy turned of the engine and we got out of the car. "Oh my god, Becky and Jim!", said a short girl with light red hair. She ran towards us and gave us a big hug. "Penny?", me and Jimmy asked.

She stopped hugging us and stood between me and Jimmy, so she could keep her arms around our shoulders.

"So you're summer?, was it good?", she asked and smiled.

"Yeah", both me and Jimmy said while Penny took us inside of the school. "Do you know what?", Penny stood now infront of us.  "It has come 3 new students to the school". She looked so happy and excited. She loved when it came new students, especially boys. "Not because I looked it up or anything but it is two guys and one girl", Penny said happily.



So thats the end of the first chapter, Sorry that it was kinda short but i'm going to start with chapter 2 tomorrow :). Anyway I hope you liked the first chapter and that you're excited for chapter 2!. Xoxo BraveJ







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